GoodWorkLabs successfully awaits the launch of iRAP’s Android App – a FedEx Initiative

GoodWorkLabs successfully awaits the launch of iRAP’s Android App – a FedEx Initiative

GoodWorkLabs developed an Android Tablet App for iRAP

We have some really awesome news to share!

Few months ago, we started working on a very meaningful project with iRAP to develop a system of Star Rating for schools based on the road safety standards. We have successfully completed the development of this Android Application and are super excited about its launch in October!

The purpose of this app was to create a safe environment for children and enhance road safety around schools. This project has been funded by FedEx Cares, the charitable outreach leg of the logistics giant – FedEx.

Android Tablet App for children

More about Star Rating Android Tablet App for iRAP

The app will deliver a quick and easy measurement of road safety risk for children’s journeys to school. This will support the identification of unsafe routes that can be considered subject to further investigation by the local road authority. The process of rating will depend on various surveys along with pictures that will describe the safety of the roads around a particular school. Each school will be given a rating between 1 to 5, where 5 is the safest and 1 means the most unsafe. Based on these ratings, government officials will be able to improve and enhance the road safety measures.

Launch of Star Rating For Schools App in London

GoodWorkLabs has been the development partner for iRap and over the past few months, we have made rapid progress in developing the android tablet app for data collection, and its partner website. The Star Rating For Schools is all set to be launched at ‘Every Journey, Every Child’ international conference in London in October.

In a few days’ time, road safety experts from 15 countries around the world will get together at FedEx’s headquarters in Memphis, USA for a two week capacity building program. The delegates will test the beta model of the app which will help in delivering safer journeys to school for children worldwide.


GoodWorkLabs – The core technology partner for iRAP

GoodWorkLabs is proud to be associated with the noble cause of allowing every child in the world access to a safe road to the school. The amount of lives that will be saved and impacted is huge and we have ensured that our design and development team understand the same.

We are eagerly looking forward to the release of the application that is set to change the way we look at Children’s safety standards!

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