First Impressions of the iPhone X

First Impressions of the iPhone X

What to expect from the iPhone X

The new iPhone X was launched on 3rd November 2017, with a slew of features never seen before on smartphones. The bold lines and new look are captivating the fancy of every iPhone fan across the globe.

Here are all the first impressions of iPhone X that will blow your mind.

1. New face ID feature

Apple promised to provide a convenient face scanning locking system and delivered it very well with iPhone X. The new phone allows people with different beard styles, glasses and even a hat to easily lock and unlock the iPhone X with the Face ID feature.

It takes seconds for the phone to identify the person and unlock the phone. As soon as you pick your phone, it unlocks and opens the home screen for you.

We can safely say that this phone has the best Face ID scanning so far.

First Impressions Of iPhone X

2. Display

With a 5.8 inch, the display impresses users who like to watch a lot of video content on their phone. The size is not too big nor too small like the Plus version of iPhones. This one allows the user to hold the phone conveniently and offers better video experience as well. The length of the phone is top-notch that doesn’t make it seem very heavy.

3. No home button

This is probably the most visible change you can notice in the iPhone X. The home button has been replaced with a swipe up feature. You can swipe the bottom section up to explore the multiple tasks that it can offer.

This new feature allows the user to shift from one app to the other and then come back to the home screen by swiping back.

4. Wireless charging

Though this feature is not new in the mobile world, the wireless charging in iPhone X is highly impressive. The device supports the inductive charging based on Qi. This feature has definitely increased the convenience of using iPhone X to a whole new level.

5. OLED screen

Apple has shifted towards OLED with this phone. The display uses OLED that offers a good display experience. However, the display of Apple phone has always been exquisite. This time more vibrant colors have been introduced, which enhances the appeal of the wallpaper.

The phone is equipped to contain the OLED feature with certain steps to avoid screen issues. So, there is no need to worry about the threats you find on Android displays.

6. Beautiful design

The design of this iPhone version appeals so much to the eyes that you would not want to use a phone case. Apple has again done a great job in bringing an artistic appeal to their iPhone devices.

In closing..

Finally, the first impressions makes it clear that iPhone X is an incredible device with unique features. The device has taken huge leaps with the Face ID recognition and other specifications.

Do you know of any other feature that makes the iPhone X a truly one of its kind? Write to us and let us know.

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