5 Successful Branding Campaigns Utilising Augmented Reality

5 Successful Branding Campaigns Utilising Augmented Reality

Using AR for Marketing & Branding Campaigns

Augmented reality has been a fairly new concept in the world of branding and advertising. But in 2017, it seems like every single brand is leveraging this technology to maximize their marketing and branding results. The ability to impact the perceptive environment of the viewer with the virtual technology has opened new gates for the marketers across the globe.

Everyday a new brand is launched and companies are wrapping their head around new and innovative marketing campaigns to entice the customer. If you need compelling reasons about how much of an impact Augmented Reality can have on your marketing campaigns, then this blog is all you need to get your wheels in motion. This post showcases 5  very successful branding campaigns that utilized augmented reality in a smart way.

AR in marketing


  • Celebrating moments with AR – Starbucks

In 2012, the world renowned brand Starbucks used AR as their go-to technology for an innovative and interactive valentines day marketing campaign. The campaign required users to download the AR app and hold it against their coffee cup to send a unique romantic card to their special person. This interactive and engaging customer experience resulted in a huge footfall at Starbucks outlets and proved to be successful

Watch video to understand how Starbucks has used AR in its marketing and branding initiatives.


  • Environment Awareness with AR – Coca Cola

It always doesn’t have to be about business, some Brands aim to serve a larger purpose. Coca cola, a widely celebrated soft drink along with WWF used augmented reality to spread the alarming environment message of  global warming and melting of the Arctic circles. The campaign was made live at the Science museum in London where through AR, people were transported to the Arctic circle among Polar Bears and were given a real-time experience of the how the environment is being damaged.

This intelligent use of AR technology helped to establish an immediate connect with the audience and such an emotional yet important message was sent across in the right way.

Watch video on the Arctic home campaign


  • Augmented Brochures- Siemens

Augmented reality can be an excellent choice to showcase product demos. Siemens is currently leveraging the AR technology to present their new product range. The customers can effectively experience the simulation of AR and see the products in genuine sizes. This way, the product’s design and size are now available to the customers no matter where they are. The augmented reality approach allows the brand to highlight and market the features of their product in the most effective manner.

Watch this video to know more about the campaign


  • An Augmented Reality Car Race by Acura

The whole idea of using Augmented Reality in branding campaigns is to give the customer an unparalleled experience and engage him in a new way. Acura, set up an augmented reality race track where the drivers were given an AR helmet with unpredictable and unique environment challenges to drive the car in. In this way, the car was in real-time tested for safety and different road conditions and get a real-time experience of driving the Acura TLX.

This marketing and branding campaign by Acura was a unique way to make customers excited about their new product.

Watch the video here.

  • Media promotion with AR by National Geographic

With the new series called Genius, National Geographic has now entered the scripted show range. The media company decided to promote this Albert Einstein’s series through augmented reality. The technology was used at the SXSW festival 2017 where people got to go inside the virtual mind of Einstein.

The AR technology allowed the people to see the virtual networks in the mind of the genius that helped him in creating mathematical ideas and the concepts of physics. And finally, the ideas interacted with the visitors.

Watch the video here.

Thus, all these examples clearly show that AR is presenting some amazing opportunities for marketing. A versatile range of industries are leveraging this technology to enhance their engagement and personalize their marketing approach.

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