“Congratulations! You Failed” – TEDx talk by Vishwas Mudagal

“Congratulations! You Failed” – TEDx talk by Vishwas Mudagal


Here we bring to you one of the most inspiring and straight to the heart TEDx Talks ever, delivered by GoodWorkLabs CEO and the author of best-seller Losing My Religion, Vishwas Mudagal. Watch him talk about an unusual yet incredibly relevant topic called “Congratulations! You Failed!”.

Don’t miss this as it will connect with you and take you to the journey of failure, passion, and success.


Here’s what TEDx wrote about Vishwas Mudagal and the talk:

“Is failure too bad as it seems? No. It brings forth an opportunity to disrupt yourself. From bankrupt to becoming a CEO in the span of 24 hours, watch Vishwas Mudagal delivering an inspiring talk and sharing his success mantra- failure.

A resolute and enthusiastic Vishwas Mudagal started Infovision Computer Academy at the age of eighteen and thus began an inspiring journey – the journey of a successful serial entrepreneur, a visionary and a master storyteller. Mr. Mudagal currently serves as the Co-founder and CEO of GoodWorkLabs and has announced himself in the field of literature with his bestseller – ‘Losing My Religion’.”

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