3 ways how Chatbots can provide better Customer Service

3 ways how Chatbots can provide better Customer Service

How Chatbots can help with Customer Service

The road to high sales goes via the street of customer experience. Customers desire a quick and easy solution to their problems. Hence, companies are expected to fulfill this demand.

The rise of chatbots has improved communications between businesses and brands. While customers leverage self-help, businesses can build stronger relationships and increase sales.

Here, in this article, you will find 3 fundamental ways how chatbots are improving customer service.

Chatbots in customer service industry

1. Responding quickly and engaging with customers

Businesses are avoiding delays in responding to customer’s requests. The goal for businesses is to resolve a query immediately. And a live chat assistant helps in achieving that goal. Customers are notified about the chat availability to resolve their queries at any time.

Wells Fargo uses a Facebook chatbot to resolve issues of their customers. Customers get to ask questions regarding credit cards, deposits, transactions and the locations of ATMs.

Similarly, the Bank of America has their own digital assistant. Customers are allowed to choose text or voice messages to ask their queries.

Chatbots use a pre-decide pathway of conversation. However, if the query is not according to the program, they can direct customers to the FAQ section of the platform. So, customers at least get a quick response to their queries.

Engaging customers is also an essential part of customer service. Experts think that chatbots can become operational in brand engagement as well. Engaging consumers allows them to become a customer of your business.

A consumer can learn about a brand or product during a chatbot conversation. Businesses are using chatbot to promote their updated products or new products. Whole Foods is using chatbot to provide upcoming recipes to their customers. A user can select an ingredient emoji and find recipes that include that ingredient.

2. Answering simple questions and reducing customer service cost

Most questions asked by customers are simple. But they all take time, which is why businesses are required to pay their service agents. Chatbots are capable of reducing that cost for good. There is no need for a large team of representatives. A single chatbot is enough to resolve simple queries from hundreds of customers.

Chatbots bring accuracy and cost-effectiveness to customer service. You can program a chatbot with simple questions and their responses. This way, customers get immediate engagement and the business gets to save money.

3. Being available 24/7 for customers

Every business presents customer service with continuous availability. A business that is available 24/7 is more reliable for customers. But with human representatives, you require a vast team to accomplish continuous assistance.

However, chatbots can stay available all the time. They stay active all the time and engage customers. Hence, you can have a small team of support staff and handle a vast group of customers.

Final words

If a customer is unsatisfied with your service, you can sell anything to him or her. In fact, you lose more customers due to bad service. That is when chatbot comes into the picture to improve customer service and enhance your ability to sell products and build a reputation.

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