CEO Vishwas Mudagal speaks at TEDx Bangalore

CEO Vishwas Mudagal speaks at TEDx Bangalore

GoodWorkLabs CEO Vishwas Mudagal was an esteemed speaker at the TEDx event that happened in Bangalore, organized by Symbiosis Institute of Business and Management (SIBM). He spoke on a catchy topic of “Congratulations! You Failed.” The talk was appreciated by one and all.

“From now onwards, whenever you fail – just congratulate yourself,” said Vishwas Mudagal, stressing on the importance of following ones passion rather than getting bogged down by failures or chasing a myth called success. ‘One should utilize failures to bounce back in life because failures are nothing but experiments which teach us to succeed in a bigger way,’ he said, sharing his life experiences about ‘Success & Failures’ at the TEDx talk, which had the theme of Carpe Diem.

Here are few pics. (video to be uploaded shortly)






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