Bill Gates appreciates Nandan Nilekani’s digital project – EkStep

Bill Gates appreciates Nandan Nilekani’s digital project – EkStep

Bill Gates appreciates EkStep

GoodWorkLabs has been fortunate to be a core technology, design and gaming partner of EkStep Foundation, which aims to benefit 150 million students in the next 5 years. During Bill Gate’s recent visit to India in November 2016, he had the opportunity to catch up with Nandan Nilekani, one of India’s dignified entrepreneur and innovator where he learned about the EkStep Foundation and their technology innovations in the Education industry.


Bill gates appreciates Ekstep


In one of his recent speeches, he appreciates the pioneering efforts of EkStep in creating a Digital platform for Education.


The digital revolution has not yet changed education, but it will! The idea that young children can play on low cost cell phones, try out their numeric skills and play games that are helping them with their literacy is an exciting vision. The idea to provide the best content and the best lectures on a digital platform at a low cost is a very noble one.

With pioneers like EkStep who are building a technology platform to bring all of this great content in one place for young children is a huge step for Digital India. This will be the beginning of a global community who aim to bring together education software.


You can watch the video of Bill Gates addressing India’s top policy makers to get a wider perspective and




Also read more about Gate’s views on Nandan’s vision of a Digital India on his blog Gates Notes.


More on EkStep’s giant Tech leap:

Nandan Nilekani’s EkStep Foundation is all set to democratize the learning process in India. Their aim to provide access to high quality content to children in government schools and not restrict them to the text books alone. EkStep is addressing these learning challenges by building a technology platform such as Gamified apps that will help students learn high quality content in multiple languages.

Language will no longer be a hurdle for students who wish to learn and nearly 10,000 government schools are using EkStep platform to enhance the learning levels of children.

Recently, the Maharashtra government tied up with Ekstep to collaborate and exchange e-content to enhance the learning experience of students.


GoodWorkLabs congratulates EkStep:

The team at GoodWorkLabs congratulates and applaudes Nandan Nilekani vision and also the team at EkStep. We have had the privilege to work with and develop a product to help revolutionize the education industry in India. We are extremely excited to see how various schools across the country embrace EkStep’s technology and fully support their vision.




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