B2B Mobile Apps – The New Branding Vehicle?

B2B Mobile Apps – The New Branding Vehicle?

Having a mobile app for your business is no more a choice but a requirement. Customers across industries and product lines expect brands to have a dedicated application that can be used to check products on the go and when required even place an order. Mobile devices have made life more convenient and it presents a great opportunity for brands to market their products and expose them to customers worldwide. The trend of mobile app development has been here for some years now. Most of the brands already have an app on either iOS or Android store but what will define competitive advantage now? Why are some apps getting more exposure and popularity than other in the same product genre? Answer lies in the quality and uniqueness of the app.

4-Why are brands investing more in mobile app development

B2B branding goes up a notch with mobile apps

Going by the statistics, 11% of global employees are using tablets and applications to improve sales, productivity, customer satisfaction, and gain a competitive advantage. Today, mobile devices have effectively been able to replace desktops and laptops. Technology ensures that end users are provided with a more powerful hardware and software for better device experience. Automatically, a smart phone owner spends more time on his mobile than he did when he carried a desktop system. Brands can create applications that can take the advantage of continuously improving battery life, cloud based storage, powerful chipset, faster network, bigger and better screen and better data security architecture.

The return on investment with a high quality mobile application has always been able to outweigh the development costs several times over. Mobile apps also have the advantage of attaching little or no maintenance or upgrade costs. It would be apt to say that the whole world has gone mobile and if you don’t have an app to represent yourself in this platform, you might as well have lost the battle.

Benefits of mobile applications

ü  On the go marketing: Visitors and customers can access you business and browse your product line from any place.

ü  Social advantage: It goes without mentioning that social networks like Facebook and Twitter have proved to be an engagement to the extent of addiction in some cases. Users are spending a lot of time in social networks and this gives the opportunity to the marketer to exploit the platform.

ü  Data capture: In this age of information, brands cannot succeed without a strong database of customers, users and clients. Mobile applications can be used to collect information that wouldn’t have been normally possible with a web platform or application.

ü  Engages customers: Creating a highly interactive mobile application not just creates brand awareness but also helps win the loyalty of your users. If you have been able to inspire a customer to download your app, there is negligible chance that he/she would opt for other alternative brands.

ü  Acts as guide: Customers are always searching for information, credibility and the reasons to trust a brand. Your application can be the exact tool to inspire these elements.

At the end of the day, mobile applications make life convenient both for your customers and your marketing team. It’s a win-win situation.

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