Apple Watch: Fashion vs. technology?

Apple Watch: Fashion vs. technology?

As the latest offering by Apple, the Apple Watch is creating quite some buzz in the tech arena. That brings us to unraveling the reasons behind its unsurpassed popularity. Since its emergence, this piece of innovation has created two major divisions amongst its followers. The first group has all the techies, and the second group belongs to the fashionistas.

Such groupings give birth to a major debate about the Apple Watch. The question we come across is whether it’s a tech innovation or just another fashionable item.

Apple watch

Simply put, does the Apple Watch give rise to the age-old ‘Fashion vs. Technology’ controversy?

Let’s find out.

The technological aspects

With some of the exceptional tech features, the Apple watch is no less than a revolution. Once you get hold of it, you can bid goodbye to your Smartphones or other devices. Some of the unique features of this device include:

  •      Wellness Tracker

The Apple Watch comes with a fitness tracker. If that sounds great, then the greatest is yet to be revealed. With this wearable on your wrist, you will not only know about your weekly fitness targets but also develop an idea of what you need to do to maintain it.

Quite intriguingly, the Apple Watch not only notifies you about the minutes you exercised but also about the minutes you stopped. Now, that’s a huge help for fitness freaks.

  •     Book your cab

You don’t require your Smartphone when you have the Apple Watch with you. Just a few taps, and you can request your Uber right at the time you need it.

  •    Paying for services

One of the prime benefits offered by Smartphones is the online payment facility. And that’s what you get with your Apple Watch too. Meet your friends for coffee, go on a shopping spree, and dine with your special someone. Your Apple Watch will help you make the payments instantly.

  •     Staying connected to the world

Whether it’s posting a comment or ‘liking’ something on Facebook and Twitter, things have become much easier with the Apple Watch. The device will also keep you updated on what’s trending in social media.

With that brief overview of the technical aspects, it’s time we move onto discussing the style and fashion part.

        I.            Spectacular appearance

With a splendid and stunning aluminum case, the Apple Watch will inevitably be any fashionistas dream. No matter what you wear to work, your Apple Watch will completely complement every outfit.

      II.            Personalized aluminum case

Since the device comes with highly durable and personalized aluminum case, you will have the opportunity to team it up with any of your looks. Other than that, the aluminum case is changeable according to user preference.

The rebuttal

Although the Apple Watch brings smiles on the faces of every fashionista, it is essentially a tech tool. And with all that features and functionalities, you simply can’t tout it as just another style statement. Rather, it would be perfect to refer to it as one of the most ‘stylish tech accessories’. Your Apple Watch combines technology and fashion, thus uniting its two groups of followers.

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