Apple Watch – A Dream or A Distress?

Apple Watch – A Dream or A Distress?

If you are tired of holding your smartphone all the time, the Apple Watch will offer a welcome break. Just wear it on your arms and stay connected to the rest of the world, without reaching for your iPhone every time an email hits the inbox. With close to 50% share in the 2015 Smart Watch sales, there is no ignoring the popularity of this device.

You might ask why such a title has been provided to this article. Well, it is largely to do with Apple’s latest offering, the Apple Watch 5.0. You will love it as much as you hate it, all at the same time!

Apple Watch - both a dream and a distress

There is simply no denying the fact that this offering from Apple is undoubtedly one of the high-end tech revolutions today. And the makers surely had user experience in mind while designing it. Even then, Apple Watch 5.0 seems to be a not so pleasant experience for many. Here’s why.

Nightmarish feelings

One of the prime reasons is perhaps, the constant updates on your health goals and workout performances. The device seems to be the perfect option for fitness freaks. Say, for instance, fitness bands and meters provide you with an idea of your weekly or daily workout performances. The Apple Watch takes the entire experience to an entirely new height by adding a few more things:

  • With this unique tech device, you will get to know about how many kilometers you ran, or about the number of minutes you exercised.
  • If you wish to know about a number of calories burnt by you, it will also be available.
  • What takes it ahead of everything else is its power of measuring your stationary time. With Apple Watch 5.0, you will come to know about the number of times you stood.

Why is it so stressful?

There is no running away from truth. And Apple Watch is nothing but truth personified. You are always getting true, real-time updates on your health objectives. And that can be quite stressful at times. Every individual needs to work for a living. And there are numerous job sectors that considerably differ from each other.

An editor needs to sit at the desk, and she can do nothing about it. On the flip side, a player needs to work out on his body, and that’s nothing but a part of his job.

So, the constant monitoring of health goals might prove to be quite depressing for individuals without a proactive life. Getting to view depressing calorie burning counts will be nothing short of a nightmare.

The brighter side   

Apple Watch 5.0 also happens to be a dream for many. With unique apps for shopping, booking cab rides, paying for coffee and social media games, this smart device spices up your daily life to a great extent.

The device also seems to offer the right amount of excitement and enthusiasm to fashionistas. Although its aluminum case is not sleek, and the face is large, you will have the liberty of putting your customized, designer, or personalized case on its face. Now that will make the device no less than a stunning accessory to your beautiful apparels.

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