8 Tools to Implement Agile Methodology in Your Business

8 Tools to Implement Agile Methodology in Your Business

Agile Methodology Tools in Business

Timely delivering projects under a defined deadline and a set budget is a priority for those companies who wish to maintain their credibility, reputation, and prestige. Projects that get delayed give a hard time to the enterprises throughout their hierarchy because late project delivery has a significant impact on the morale, level of productivity and focus as well. To make matters worse, incorrect implementation of agile methodology might force the employees to leave the company due to excessive stress.

In such a stressful situation, the single best thing an employer can do is to take a step in the right direction at agile methodology, which is where the real tools of project management enter to play. The tools help in the identification of the actual status of a project, the expected tenure of a project and all its practical applications.

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Entering into the world of project management, one is a witness of the importance of flexible working methods while also ensuring the implementation of futuristic and latest techniques for gathering the results quickly. There are some project management tools which come in handy to assist in the implementation of Agile project methodology of management.

The eight best tools which we have for you to choose from are:

1. Trello

One of the most widely utilized tools of project management, Trello is renowned for its straightforward user interface (UI) and easy usability. The functioning of Trello can be figured out even by a beginner who does not have too much knowledge in the field of project management.

Trello gives you cards along with dragged columns. The primary columns are three of them that include To Do, Doing, Done. Pulling the map to the appropriate box involves the rest of the tool to plot and create new columns, a rapid and simple procedure.

The cards are objects which can be assigned to resources that are relevant and include the estimation, completion process as well as delivery dates of the projects underway. The reputation of Trello is evident from the fact that even Twitter makes the use of Trello.


2. Visual Studio Team Services (VSTS) 

If you love using Microsoft Stack, VSTS is the perfect tool for your needs. The device facilitates easy integration with Visual Studio, helping manage a technical project with maximum ease. Until five users, the option of using VSTS is free and some premium features that can be purchased. The best feature of VSTS is the mechanism to trace any changes in the code which is the best thing a developer can ever hope for.


3. JIRA 

When you talk about authenticity, Jira is that tool which lives up to your expectation in project management and is known for being the best tool for tracking the records of jobs done through Agile management. Be it small businesses, enterprises or big organizations, Jira is ideal for business of all sizes.

Just like Trello, columns and tickets are there for you to display the different phases of your work. These tickets can be made and then be attached to a resource. When you complete a sprint, the performance of each can be measured through pie charts and graphics representations too.



It is a software for an Agile project which is helpful in the identification of bugs in the project and then taking up an accurate Scrum framework to plan these projects. Axosoft has many tools which make the developers work conveniently and create features which are under the budget, on the right schedule and free of bugs.  

Agile followers are in love with Axosoft because of the way this software helps business through the creation of an Agile workflow. The progress report of each is very transparent, and Axosoft also keeps it centralized which ultimately results in practicing Agile methodology to a maximum extent in any team.



Asana is one among the best task managing software, and facilitates a team for planning, sharing and tracking the advancement of a project with the mapping of every resource’s performance within the organization.

The interface is pretty easy. You need to create a workplace, add the projects required for completion. It is easy to allot, track and organize the tasks thereafter. You can also add up notes, comments, and tags to be clear and expressive with the motto.


6. Zoho Sprints 

Zoho Sprints assigns you the authority for creating backlogs through a drag and drop feature. You can also stretch the stories of individual users with priorities, which is an added feature other than allotting tasks to a team.

Every work item can be noted duly in a time sheet that has budget control measures like the billable and non-billable hours for a particular piece of the project.



Wrike tool has dashboards, customizable workloads, and charts which boost a project in flowing freely. There are a lot of updating options where all kinds of scattered information that rests on your mail, images, and documents can be easily accessed. Simply put, WRIKE helps in streamlining the workflow that is relevant to the timely completion of a project.

WRIKE also features the collection of necessary information from the cloud, sending of emails and also seamlessly merges with applications like JIRA and Salesforce.


8. Velocity Chart 

This tool helps to have an idea about the value that is generated in every single sprint, helping you to estimate the amount of work which will be completed in subsequent runs. In other words, you can easily measure the velocity of your team’s work.

The Velocity Chart adds up the estimates for every complete and incomplete story. These estimates can be on factors like hours, business value and any other factors that can be assigned to a numerical value.

If you wish to include Agile methodology in your project management practice, the eight tools that we listed above can prove to be crucial to have quick and efficient project management. If you would like to implement agile methodologies to your project, you can contact us here.

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