5 reasons that make Ruby on Rails an awesome programming language

5 reasons that make Ruby on Rails an awesome programming language

Computer programming languages are quite the same as our spoken languages. There are several categories and each of these further includes logic based, object oriented, imperative or functional elements. However learning the second language in the same category is quite easier than shifting to a whole new category itself. In most cases however, learning that first language becomes difficult enough.

If you are in the programming and IT development field, you will have idea about Ruby on Rails to a certain extent. RoR is a full-stacked programming framework that integrates both front end and back end designing. It has been the reason why Twitter, Basecamp and 43Things are getting so much attention and scaling up seamlessly in line with their business growth. Even brands like eBay and Amazon are adopting RoR elements in their e-commerce projects for reasons such as versatility, user friendliness and high demand.

Ruby on Rails

In case you need to start on the path to a new programming language then its worth every minute of your time exploring Ruby on Rails. Here are the top 5 reasons why every programmer should learn Ruby on Rails.

1. Easy to learn / beginner friendly
The best thing about Ruby on Rails as a programming language is the cleanliness of code structure. Even a beginner would be able to start picking up the nuances early on. The interaction between front and back end is highly simplified wherein all the elements work in a perfect sync, making the experience enjoyable for the developer. While experienced programmers would be able to easily pick up RoR, it wouldn’t take a lot of time for beginners too. For a newbie, Ruby on Rails is the perfect language to start with.

2. Great for MVP
Ruby on Rails is a highly recommended framework for building prototyping web apps and minimum viable products (MVP). It is highly important for any tech startup to gain customer validation with proof. RoR will help in building quick prototypes and also roughly demonstrate the technical and project management capabilities of the startup within short period of time.

3. Cheap and dynamic
Learning RoR is relatively less expensive, with several free resources, boot camps and short term courses. All you need to invest is some time, depending on your experience level. What you gain is a reflective, dynamic and general purpose programming environment wherein you can lean on the “creative” with least frustration.

4. A dynamic community
Ruby on Rails has a great fan following worldwide. The language offers thousands on free online tutorials, tech help forums and FAQ sites like Stack Overflow. For someone looking to build a career in programming, RoR has helpful meet-up groups where members are bound to have some working solution to any particular RoR related query or doubt.

5. In demand
You not only get to learn a language that is easy but a language that is in high demand. As of now, RoR is the 13th most popular programming language and is experiencing incredible growth in all spheres. Not only among employers and web owners, but RoR is also becoming a commonplace in DevOps roles (Chef and Puppet). RoR supports complex web programming possibilities and is being used in all types of project sizes. It’s really an amazing experience for the developer.

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