3 Marketing Problems AI can Help Businesses Fix

3 Marketing Problems AI can Help Businesses Fix

How effective will it be to embrace AI as a marketing enabler in today’s organizations? What will be the key problems that can be solved with the help of AI? How can AI give sales and marketing the much needed competitive edge to sustain and run a thriving business?

Let’s take a look at these questions and get a quick overview of the problems AI can solve for your business’ sales and marketing division.

The rise and rise of AI

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has been gaining tremendous traction in recent times. Multiple disciplines such as NLP and machine learning have shown the business world the type of problems Artificial Intelligence can solve. Right from providing a substantial reduction in cost overheads to boosting employee productivity, the number of areas that can be impacted by the smart use of AI is abundant. One such discipline that is ripe for embracing AI is the sales and marketing team.

3 marketing problems that AI will help fix

Where do sales and marketing come in?

Throughout the customer acquisition journey, there are tons of routine tasks, documentation, and paperwork to be done. You may be surprised to know that only 20% of the sales rep’s time is spent on actual sales closing. The rest is spent on follow-up, monitoring, tracking, and support functions. It is these areas that can witness a dramatic surge in productivity with the help of AI. Let’s look at the three top benefits of having an AI system in your marketing team –

1. Qualifying leads

The leads qualification process is a tedious one. These include steps like

  • Deep research on the right fit client for your product or services,
  • Trying to phone or email the gate-keepers to find the right person within the target company,
  • Carrying out a detailed vetting process as outlined in your marketing strategy

These are the key areas where AI can show its maximum impact.

2. Lead nurturing

The golden “Rule of Seven” stipulates seven engagements with leads before they remember your brand. Many inbound leads collapse due to lack of lead nurturing, or untimely interaction. This is where AI can fit in. It can not only keep track of which stage of the buying journey a prospect is in, but can also send personalized messages at the right interval – a positive sales conversion potential.

3. The human element

Today’s sales funnel is highly automated and looks robotic. As a result, the human touch is sorely missing from the sales conversion process. With the smart integration of AI into the various marketing functions, the human touch can be brought into many interactions with the lead. This helps make a deeper connection with the customer and enable conversions of leads to sale at a much swifter pace.

Wrapping it up

While lead quality and sales conversion cycle may not be made fully hassle-free, with the introduction of AI, issues with follow up and human connection can be mitigated for faster sales conversion.

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