Sesame Street: Sharing is Caring Game

Sesame Street: Sharing is Caring Game

Sesame Street is a New York-based world-renowned NGO which creates famous Sesame Street television series for children. They have an android and web application for children named – ‘Sharing Is Caring’. The game is fun to play and teaches children in the age group of 3-5 years the concepts of sharing. It also encourages children to manage resources efficiently and effectively (spending, saving, sharing) and stresses the concept of dividing in ‘equal parts’ from a whole.


How did GoodWorkLabs help Sesame Street in developing a gaming app? 

GoodWorkLabs is a leading game development agency in India, US, and Europe. They believe in developing interactive mobile and web gaming platforms with engaging UI/UX design. They have immense experience in building futuristic and immersive gaming applications for iOS, android, windows, and web.

While developing the gaming application for Sesame Street, GoodWorks design team used the power of strong visuals and storytelling to create game designs that are interactive, fun, and visually appealing to children. The game was designed for both mobile and website. The team at GoodWorkLabs ensured that the designs accounted for situations that encouraged children to manage resources efficiently and made “sharing” a second-nature for children.



What are the key features of the app? 

  • 2D and 3D designs
  • Enhanced UI UX for easy to use and understand
  • 130+ Sesame Street real-world game ideas
  • Integrated with Sesame Street’s Caring for Each Other online resources


During the end-to-end development of this application, we achieved:

  • Great response from schools, teachers, and children across the globe
  • One of the most successful fun learning application for kids


What technologies did you use to develop this application?

  • HTML 5


Download from Android play store or play from Sesame Street website.


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