Ruby On Rails – The Developer’s Dream Or Nightmare?

Ruby On Rails – The Developer’s Dream Or Nightmare?

The web development arena has undergone a massive transformation over the years. Developers are utilizing leading frameworks for creating functional and scalable websites. Ruby on Rails happens to be a worthy inclusion in this list of functional frameworks. With a majority of developers opting for it, Ruby on Rails has long enjoyed great popularity in the tech world.

That brings us to a major point of discussion. Do developers like Ruby on Rails? Or they don’t want to use it? Here are our views on this topic.

Ruby On Rails - The Developers Dream Or Nightmare

Understanding the framework

Ruby on Rails is beneficial in ways more than one. Compared to some of the most popular and widely-used frameworks, Rails seems to be a much better option. Check out the following aspects to know about what makes Ruby-on-Rails so effective.

1.     Mature framework

We all know the importance of a robust framework for a web development project. Ruby-on-Rails is based on reliable, robust, and solid foundations. If you are working on solutions built on strong codes, Ruby-on-Rails will act as the perfect support system.

The mature framework ensures other benefits too. Developers will enjoy access to open-source and powerful freebies that cut down costs to a great extent.

2.     Creating robust and powerful codes

Ruby-on-Rails is a dynamic framework which helps you create strong codes. Unlike PHP, Rails offers a dynamic yet strict coding structure. While making alterations or scaling up the program, developers won’t have to deal with bugs or other issues.

3.     Not-so-easy-to-learn

Now, that’s confusing! When a particular framework is tough to learn, developers won’t like to work on it. However, things are a little different here. Every developer can’t master the art of using Ruby-on-Rails. The ones that can do it successfully are high in demand.

If you are comfortable working on Rails, you will emerge as a highly efficient, skilled, and credible developer. That’s a huge boost to your image and portfolio!

4.     Clean and elegant

Developers like to use Rails as it has a clean, uncomplicated, and elegant coding structure. It is extensible, which is the key to creating scalable codes. If you are working for a client, you can be sure of delivering highly scalable, clean, and extensible codes.

Ruby On Rails - The Developers Dream Or Nightmare

5.     Reduced development time

With reduced development time, developers can execute numerous projects within the shortest time span. You can handle bulk projects at a time, thus delivering quality work to your clients.

6.     A strong community

Ruby-on-Rails receives the best maintenance. A community of skilled and dynamic developers make Ruby on Rails the best framework to work with. With an expressive language, pragmatic framework, and active community, Rails has everything that a developer can wish for.

Final thoughts

There’s no denying the value that Rails provides for your web development project. With numerous users relying on this framework, it is surely heading towards a bright future. As of now, we can say, Ruby-on-Rails is far from being a nightmare. At least, not for developers!


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