How to Choose the Best Mobile App in Any Category?

How to Choose the Best Mobile App in Any Category?

The last time we checked Statista; there were 1.6 million apps in Google’s Play store while Apple’s score was at 1.5 million available apps. Even if all these apps were free to use (they aren’t) and you could try them before buying, it would be a tough ask for both, you and your phone. So how do you choose the best app in any category? Well, we have some staples like WhatsApp, Skype or Instagram that the world recommends and without a good enough alternative. However, what if you are interested in the best “photography app”, or say, the “best Weather” app? Here’s our take on how to choose the best app under a given category – 

How to choose the best app in any category

1.     Firstly, the “Top Lists”

Both the Android and iOS app stores have handy charts to help your search for the best app. if you are on an iOS device, search for “Top 25” and you will get to see the current top sellers across categories. Though, top selling apps are by no means the best pick for your needs, this is a good place to start with. The Play Store too has a “Top Chart” helping out new smart phone users.

If you don’t find the relevant app in these “top” lists, it’s time to navigate to the “categories” section. The Play Store has a helpful demarcation of all kinds of categories you would normally seek an app in. find your area of interest and generally, the top users are features ahead in these “categorized” lists.

2.     Reviews

Customer and user reviews are invaluable when looking for an app. at the first glance, anything that has acquired more than 4 stars would be a good app and anything under 3 stars would be worth avoiding. Further, the reviews of users would lead you to the specific advantages and disadvantages that people are enjoying/facing with the app. Browse through all the details to ensure that your device is compatible enough to give you the features you are looking for.

3.     Featured

Featured Listing is another handy place to start your search. Since neither Apple of Google receives payments for these features, the apps in there can be believed to be the best in what they are promising.

4.     Ask around

Well, if you are seeking something niche-specific, it’s also a good idea to ask around. Going back to the start of this article, if you have been looking for the best photography app, it would be helpful to reach out a photography community in Facebook. Your colleagues and friends too can advice on your pick.

The above should do the job, but you should again understand if you really need an app. Apps certainly are the driving features in smart phones but maybe, you don’t need some Afterall. Some apps like Facebook eat up a lot of RAM and if you aren’t going to browse too frequently, it is advisable to look into the mobile version of your Facebook ( profile when required.

The app stores love to flaunt their size and say that the choices are close to being limitless. But having hundreds of choices will also mean more stress and more complicacy. Choose only the ones you really need to add convenience to your life.

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