How IoT will influence customer lives in 2018?

How IoT will influence customer lives in 2018?

Outlook of Internet of Things (IoT) in 2018

The humongous connection of sensors, human beings, computing devices, and other things connected over the internet to pass information holds tremendous potential. This underlying principle of IoT can shape lives to be better than before and get proactive alerts rather than a reaction.

It is this possibility that is taking IoT to a whole new level of adoption across the planet. Consider the below numbers –

  1. The number of connected devices will rise from 15.4 billion (2014) to 30.7 billion (2020) and further to 75.4 billion (by 2025)
  2. The global spending on IoT (hardware, software, integration, monitoring, and analysis) was $737 billion. This will go reach a whopping $1.29 trillion by 2020!

This data proves that IoT holds substantial value in our lives in the coming years and businesses are already marshaling their resources to help take this technology mainstream.

How IoT impacts customer lives?

IoT provides personal assistance by regulating temperature, locking doors, activating burglar alarms, and so on. The continuous data flowing through all the objects connected over the IoT has provided a new dynamic in the world of AI. Companies are actively using IoT paired with AI to create interesting and useful products.

How IoT will influence customer lives in 2018

Here are some ways in which IoT will influence customer lives in 2018.

1. Voice Technology

IoT and AI paired together have provided people with a way of managing everything ranging from their personal to professional lives, through speech. Be it controlling AC temperature to turning on car ignition, voice assistants are fast becoming a part of everyone’s daily lives.

Ford has incorporated Alexa into their cars to enable easy radio toggle and accurate traffic updates which the user can ask for, through his speech. This will make driving safer. Alexa can also be installed into your home to act as a hub to control your personal gadgets and electronics.

2. Healthcare

The massive data collected by IoT can help determine diseases quickly and also provide accurate and relevant medications for the same. This is done by gathering information and insights on the disease from the internet.

IoT can help hospitals maintain patient records, manage workflow, and optimize appointments to help doctors carry out their duty more effectively. Using IoT enabled software to monitor blood pressure and heartbeat can help doctors recognize the cause by studying data provided by IoT.

3. Smart Refrigerators

Imagine if you were to be informed beforehand of a shortage of supplies in next 1-2 days so that you can fill in the grocery provisions easily? Yes, that’s what the IoT enabled refrigerator of the future would be capable of doing. It will generate a grocery shopping list based on which staple is running low on supply.

At the store end too, they can push notifications to your smartphone right when you step into the supermarket. They will alert you to add specific items on your list/shopping cart based on your past buying behavior or trends.

Thus, IoT as a tech trend has been advancing rapidly due to the immense value it has displayed across various facets of our lives. It will continue to grow and influence people in a positive way in 2018 and beyond.

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