GoodWorkLabs at the Google Mobile Academy

GoodWorkLabs at the Google Mobile Academy

The event hosted some of the most eminent names from the web and mobile technology sector who contributed their on-field industry expertise to the Google knowledge bank. GoodWorkLabs CEO, Vishwas Mudagal, was invited to be a part of the panel discussion at the event to help understand the state of mobile web in India. As a web and mobile technology thought leader, Vishwas spoke about the future of mobile web and conveyed the need for rapid advancements and knowledge sharing in the mobile web technology sector.

Click here to read Vishwas Mudagal’s Panel Discussion at the Google Mobile Academy!



GoodWorkLabs stall at the Google Mobile Academy Event


Stall Vishwas and Sonia GoodWorkLabs

GoodWorkLabs was invited to be a part of the event to extend our expertise as mobile web technology experts


Goodworklabs stall google

The GoodWorkLabs team was present at the Google Mobile Academy event as Google Developer Agency Partners


Google mobile web event 2016

Experts in the field of Mobile Web made their presence felt at the event.


Vishwas Mudagal Google Event

GoodWorkLabs CEO, Vishwas Mudagal was invited to share his opinion as a technology thought leader.



The panel discussion was aimed at understanding the future of mobile web in the Indian market.


Vishwas Mudagal Google Event

Vishwas Mudagal spoke about the importance of fast and accessible mobile web technology and the need to accelerate this tech.


GoodWorkLabs Stall at Google Event

GoodWorkLabs is a market leader in providing rapidly deployable and beautifully developed Mobile and Web Applications.

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