Economic Times Impressed By Vishwas Mudagal’s Ethical Thoughts

Economic Times Impressed By Vishwas Mudagal’s Ethical Thoughts

Economic Times Features GoodWorkLabs CEO


Our CEO Vishwas Mudagal’s LinkedIn article got picked up by Economic Times recently. The post he wrote on the pitfalls of not being truthful in interview process received massive response on Linkedin and social media.

ET Wealth ran the story yesterday which re-emphasizes the fact that lying in an interview will not take you far in your professional career.

In the article featured on Economic Times he reiterates his belief of being completely honest in an interview. He recalls one of the interviews he took on Skype where the interviewer was constantly searching for answers on Google.

Vishwas goes on to say that an interview is a two-way decision-making process. We should be using the opportunity to understand as to how the parties will benefit mutually. If we are not honest with each other, then the interview process seems pointless.

Being successful in an interview with fake attributes might get you the job, but sooner or later the truth will catch up with you.

Employers would eventually verify your credentials after the initial interview. They may possibly contact your previous employers and references. You definitely do not want to be caught lying about your professional history. The consequences are horrific and may lead a black stain on your journey as a professional.

Click to read his entire article on Economic Times.

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