Why Developers Love Xamarin?

Why Developers Love Xamarin?

Xamarin- The Developer’s Best Buddy


It is highly likely that your user base will be using multiple operating systems to download, view, and use mobile apps. Be it iOS, Android, or Windows, your company needs to create separate apps for each OS type. The immediate disadvantage for your company is apparent – late time to market and prohibitive costs make this a loss-making proposition

This is where cross-platform app development comes in as a savior. Apps from cross-platform development platforms like Xamarin are compatible with mobile, tabs, iPads, iPhones, and Blackberry. Now that’s an amazing USP to pitch to any customer organization, right?

Why developers love Xamarin

Why Xamarin?

Xamarin is a technologically advanced cross- platform mobile app that offers the user native like experience. It also provides the developers advantages like fast coding, cost-efficiency, and a lot more. No wonder that Xamarin has emerged as a hot platform with 1.4 million developers across 120 countries. It is the favorite for 15,000 companies in diverse fields like hospitality, energy, and media.

Features that make it worthwhile for developers


  • With Xamarin apps become easy to update

One of the greatest benefits of Xamarin is its ability to make the required changes and updates in a relatively easier manner. The new features (support for pre-compiled screens, preview support for Universal Windows, Android Material Design) provide the user a truly native experience to the users.

  • Xamarin has a huge user base

Xamarin has a huge community base. Community expertise and availability of anytime support lower down the complexities involved in the project and make it successful. Therefore, it is a current preferred app development platform for app developers.

  • Provides seamless integration

For third party interface, API is important and Xamarin is capable of binding various API and UI using its different technologies. Moreover, it has a portable class library that enables the developers to share code across the different mobile platforms in a hassle-free manner.

Why developers love Xamarin

How does it benefit the web developers?


Xamarin makes the task of web development easy and stress- free. Here’s how:-

  • It offers the benefit of C#

Managing code for cross- platform apps is not a cakewalk. The task requires domain knowledge and expertise with native mobile app development. Fortunately, Xamarin supports C# language for programming, which itself is a native language for Microsoft operating system. It helps to utilize the advantages of native UI and access to device- specific features. It also enables native performance, thus, driving up the user experience of a mobile app user.

  • OS-agnostic app logic

Multiple app logic components like web service calls, input validation, and backend- frontend interaction are coded just once in C#. As much as 2/3rd of this code can then be used across multiple mobile OS. This helps in providing advantages in terms of shorter development cycle, lesser iterations due to bugs and errors, and faster time to market.

Developers are increasingly relying on Xamarin for their cross- platform mobile app development needs. In an age where Gartner predicts almost 268 billion app downloads in 2017, cross- platform app development through Xamarin is certainly the correct path to take for developers and business owners alike.

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