Choose The BEST DevOps Software For Your Business

Choose The BEST DevOps Software For Your Business

Google searches for “DevOps” has grown more than four times in the last half a decade!


DevOps has been enjoying increasing popularity as an approach to software development, management, and release. The acceptance of DevOps has doubled in between the years 2017 and 2018, speaking volumes about how popular and wide the reach and adoption has been.


Not just this, Google searches for “DevOps” has grown more than four times in the last half a decade. It is crucial to note that the whole prospect of DevOps is not limited to a single tool or process, which is why it is different in the context of differing businesses.

With more and more companies beginning to research and implement DevOps, there has been an increase in focus for the software and the tools required to execute some pretty complex DevOps processes.

For this, there are quite a lot of options which offer a range of benefits, be it the reduction in manual activities to limit the errors or getting the timeframes of software delivery to speed up while improving the visibility too.

Taking a final call on which software is the best for your business needs you to have a closer look on the types of software available in the market, and how well they mingle with your business requirements.

There are a few significant kinds and categories of DevOps software which you can choose from, and they include:

  • A functionality based software is having a small amount of highly- specialized attributes, like a source control management system, test tools or an artifact repository.
  • Some stage-based software that includes building software, deployment software and release software as well.
  • An open source and commercial software.
  • Various enterprise- grade DevOps platforms.

Factors to consider while making the right choice


It is evident that if things were working as per schedule in your business, you would not have felt the need to switch over to DevOps or look around for new kind of tools.

However, because the results have not been favorable at your end, your first step should be to identify the key issues you are facing presently, and what are you looking to achieve by bringing in DevOps into your business.

The problems you have and the overall business objective for your business will give you the best direction you need to take for choosing the right kind of DevOps software. If there have been errors in the development stages, you will get a lot of help from the software which focuses on automation and testing.

This type of software will help to reduce the manual tasks, which in turn will restrict the potential for human errors.

If you are concerned with outages, you will be best helped by the software which provides a lot of support for containers which put the errors into isolation, keeping the rest of the system in an entire working condition.

Here are a few types of software which can provide the perfect help with usual problems which a business experiences-

  • If the concern is a lengthy software delivery procedure, tools which encourage continuous integration and consistent delivery will offer the perfect solution.
  • If the processes in your business take up a lot of time, involve a lot of manual work, and are repeatable, you are in definite need of automation software.
  • If a lot of times, you face difficulties in diagnosing the exact problem areas, not to mention the trouble in rightly pointing at outage causes, your business requires tools of pipeline management and visibility.
  • If the releases are complicated, not to mention the problems in orchestrating these releases, you require practical release management tools for your business.

Several companies come to experience these problems separately or even simultaneously. If you face a similar situation, you should consider looking for a DevOps software which effectively encompasses different tools to solve multiple issues.

Because they help you provide a foundation on which you can build the procedures and tools, DevOps are great platforms. They help in addressing multiple issues along with a reduction in the tool sprawl and also in the costing to purchase several solutions as well.

Improvements in the process stage


A considerable number of DevOps tools get positioned in a way such that they can be of help for a specific stage in the delivery cycle. This stage has three critical focal points of building, deploying and releasing. You can filter out the kind of software you require by monitoring a step where your IT team needs to cover the most significant ground.

For the problems which cut through the development cycle, a good DevOps platform will be your best bet. When there are multiple problems in crucial areas, the DevOps platforms extend across various stages of the software delivery cycle, helping with the improvement to integrate every step in a more concise delivery pipeline.

You should also be aware that a DevOps platform is not going to take care of all your requirements on its own. Writing and creating code and its further testing may lead to the need for separate tools. And this is just an instance.

It is also usual for a lot of IT companies to already have their favorite tools to use despite selecting any new DevOps platform.

If such a case is present with you, make sure you have a platform which also includes integrations so that you can keep using the tools which your team is accustomed.

But..there’s a Catch!


For any DevOps software which you choose, always keep in mind that the software does not create significant processes. DevOps is a structure with the responsibility to bring your teams together to develop a more compact and cost-effective procedure which can improve the software development and delivery.

DevOps software is helpful to solve problems under these processes, making them more efficient so that your team can accomplish much more. For this though, you need to choose software which can make DevOps supportive for you and make it all a reality for your business.

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