Chat Mobile Application – UX Design

Chat Mobile Application – UX Design

ChatterBox is a cool new chat application concept for iOS and Android designed by GoodWorkLabs. It is a customisable theme that you can be used to suit your chat app requirements, be it integrating into your existing mobile app or creating a stand alone chat mobile app.




Here are the key features –

1. Sign up / Sign in with phone number

2. Invite friends / contacts to chat. Block users if required.

3. Profile picture, settings, get push notifications

4. Create group and have group conversations

5. Contacts – search quickly, add new, see recent conversations

6. Status – update status and broadcast

7. Share pictures, video, audio – with just few taps

8. Stickers – select cool stickers and add a dash of fun to your conversations

9. Settings – manage notifications depending on the group, contact, etc.

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