Want To Complement Your Sales Team? Here Are 5 Popular Chatbots

Want To Complement Your Sales Team? Here Are 5 Popular Chatbots

Marketing Bot- What is it?


Since time immemorial, there has been a lot of changes in technology which has only benefitted marketing and its attributes. Again, there is one consideration in artificial technology, which is becoming a hot topic to support online marketing. – the Bot.

Bots and chatbots are emerging as an integral part of automated technology, which are way too appealing to perform simple tasks with ability to respond as a human and interact like them.

Marketing ‘ChatBot,’ as the name suggests, is an interface integrated with channels like Slack and Facebook to revert to any customer query related to products. Rather than making customers wait for all day long for the revert, ChatBots can make it quick and real-time. This is not the end – the Bots can also collect and save the data for future insight of the customer and its behavior.


Who all are using Chat Bots?


Service-oriented companies which are looking for serving their customer queries in real time are using the chatbot. The prominent industries to name some are- travel industries, ecommerce industries and many more.

So, if you are willing your company’s marketing sales to be benefited with Chat Bots too, here are top 5 Chat Bots to consider.


5 Popular ChatBots To Learn From

Top 5 Chat Bots in Marketing


1. ManyChat

These days, Facebook has become a great deal for businesses as 75% of consumers are using it. So, if you have a Facebook Page of your company then ManyChat is the option for you. It will help you respond instantly to any Facebook query. You can also set auto-responses with keywords and post management on your page as well.

Other benefits

  • 2 minutes required to set it up
  • No coding is needed
  • Targets only genuine news to your subscribers
  • Automatically adds subscriber and updates everyone



SurveyBot also works on the same interface as ManyChat does. With this bot, you can create marketing surveys to collect useful data from Facebook messaging. It behaves like a real human by using Answer Piping, re-engagement and conversational logic; it also uses 12 question types to put up right questions.

Other benefits

  • Behaves more like a real human
  • Collect information from subscribers
  • Analyze survey results
  • Build lead generation


3. MotionAi

With an amazing visual interface, Motion.Ai stands out as one of the most powerful bots. This bot is easy to set up and allows you to draw your own flowchart and chat diagram. Motion.Ai allows you to get bot templates and additional apps to get you started.

Other benefits

  • Minutes to launch the bot
  • Owns a bot store to choose templates
  • 2 bots can be built
  • 1000 messages per bot

5 Popular ChatBots To Learn From4. Chatbot

Mr. Chatbot is specifically designed for ecommerce industry, which uses Chatbot technique of Facebook Messenger. It basically uses AI (Artificial Interactions) to drive sales. So, create your ecommerce Chatbot with Mr.ChatBot and see the difference.

Other benefits

  • Responses within a few seconds
  • Language usage according to users
  • Signed up users will get Newsfeed and special promotions


5. Assist

Assist has a big name as it is used by Hyatt, one of the customer services oriented companies. This chatbot offers a platform for all types of conversation, doing away with the pre-defined scripts specifically for the travel, shopping, and hospitality domain.

Other benefits

  • Fast working platform without pre-defined scripts
  • Natural language processing
  • Realistic interaction with customers

These chatbots signify everything that is right with the user experience delivered by way of engagement with the customer. When you are building a chatbot, the above 5 products would emerge as stellar examples of how a chatbot should be devised, designed, and deployed.

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