6 Compelling Reasons To Use Joomla

6 Compelling Reasons To Use Joomla

Joomla – The Easy To Use Tool

A remarkable, easily navigable, feature-rich, and powerful website is no longer a choice. It has turned into an irreplaceable necessity for business owners. Since a powerful CMS plays the pivotal role in the site building process, it’s crucial to choose the best one from a myriad of options. Of late, Joomla is gaining grounds and earning huge recognition in the professional arena. Site developers and website creators are relying on Joomla, for accomplishing site goals and dealing with operational challenges.

That brings us to the most significant part of the discussion. What makes Joomla so popular and almost indispensable for site development? Here are some reasons that explain it all!


Why opt for Joomla?


1-Extensive and innovative content management

As a highly popular CMS, Joomla lives up to its name. The presence of unique features and an innovative interface has turned it into a dynamic system for effective content management. The following features will tell you why:

  • Presence of menus, pages, and section makes it the perfect choice for beginners.
  • Perfect monitoring of 3rd party and built-in functionalities.
  • No additional plug-ins or codes
  • Creation, development, sorting, and publication of contents

Joomla helps developers streamline their operations. As a result, the site building process no longer remains an ordeal!

2 – Standardized functionality

With standardized controls and functionalities, it becomes easier for developers to work on Joomla. It is true that a multitude of features and operational controls lead to learning curves, but this CMS doesn’t make this curve steep. If you know the art of performing one particular task on the CMS, you will also develop crystal clear ideas of several others.

3 – Unique interface

While the innovative and exceptional features are potential reasons for its popularity, it’s the unique interface that makes Joomla a complete winner. With standard MVC-based programming interface, this particular CMS makes room for numerous integrations and customizations

4 – Perfect template control

Sites that require extensive and diverse design elements will love Joomla. With a multitude of diverse template options, this CMS allows designers to choose and install innumerable templates, alongside giving them the liberty to create multiple overrides. Template developers and creative site designers will surely have the time of their lives.

5 – International linguistic support

Linguistic flexibility is a prime reason for Joomla’s popularity. The CMS supports multiple language variations and developers can install it according to their linguistic preferences. Depending on the settings, a particular segment, section, or part of a site can be built with the help of the CMS. Quite naturally, it emerges as a global platform for site development and creation!

6 – ACL features and User Management

If your business site requires user registrations, content restrictions, and user account creation, Joomla will be the ideal option. Here’s why:

  • User Manager
  • User Registration System
  • Multiple Access Control Lists

Parting thoughts

The CMS chosen by you should comply with your design requirements. You simply can’t work with a Content Management System that doesn’t suit the site development process, and it is these factors that are compelling developers to opt for this innovative platform!

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