5 Cool Websites developed on Ruby on Rails

5 Cool Websites developed on Ruby on Rails

Top Websites built on Ruby on Rails Technology

Ruby is an active, object-oriented programming language. Rails is a web application for framework development and Ruby is the language written in it. Now that we are clearly informed about the basics, let’s take a look at some of the amazing projects developed on it, shall we?


1.     Airbnb

Shocked? Me too. If you are an avid traveler, you will be familiar with this company. Airbnb is a platform for people to easily find accommodation in a location they are visiting. Now, these aren’t hotels but rather houses and apartments offered by the owners or agencies. Airbnb was founded 9 years ago when three guys went from renting mattresses to owning a $10 billion company.



Airbnb has been relying on Rails since 2008 (when it first started). Last year they improved their large-scale payment systems and as a result managed to have systems that have strong transactional integrity, a robust audit trail and very predictable failure behavior.



2.     Hulu

Hulu is a successful online platform showcasing movies and TV shows legally and for free- well initially at least. Some like to call it Netflix’s slightly less popular sister but what makes Hulu different from its huge competitor Netflix, is that Hulu receives its content much faster. The trade-off here is that Netflix has a wider range of content but for those who wish to keep up with the latest shows and movies, Hulu is the perfect choice.


At a recent conference, Hulu’s ex development manager explained how Rails greatly benefitted their company- “The ideals of Rails – convention over configuration, Don’t Repeat Yourself (whenever possible, reuse as much code as possible rather than duplicating similar code in multiple places), test first, and agile – are quickly becoming pervasive throughout software development” he said.

It’s Rails that provides Hulu with a large and enticing library full of content along with easy navigation on various platforms.



3.     SoundCloud

SoundCloud is the world’s leading platform for users to create and share their music everywhere with everyone. This makes it easy for anyone to record and self-promote their music on various social networks and blogs.



With $60 million in recent funding, SoundCloud is all set to become a key competitor against paid platforms such as iTunes and Google Play.



4.     Groupon
Groupon, now a global pioneer of offering great discount deals in the local commerce business, initially founded in 2008, has shown tremendous growth.



With RoR, the developers got the site up and running with the advantage of easily adding new features. The company’s front-end began to thrive with this implementation.



5.     GitHub

If you are a programmer or a developer then you are bound to know about this amazing platform. The social networking hub for software developers allows them to store previous versions of their projects (lines of codes and all) to allow them to revisit the entire code and make changes to release new versions and updates. With GitHub, developers can work together to make the changes and upload the latest version of their projects in the most efficient manner. And networking with likeminded people is of course, a plus!

Built entirely on RoR, GitHub allows programmers to create a brand-new project based off pre-existing projects by forking, make changes to existing projects so they can be recognized by the original developers and lastly, access changelogs so everyone is informed in the loop.
Ending Remarks

These projects demonstrate tremendous caliber and creativity on varying levels. It is evident how Ruby on Rails has allowed them to kick start their venture and support it in becoming a popular resource used by millions. And who knows, perhaps you will build the next Airbnb or Hulu of our generation.

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