Top 5 Reasons to Choose React JS for Development

Top 5 Reasons to Choose React JS for Development

Why choose ReactJS for Development

ReactJS is gaining popularity these days and here we are to tell why?

Let’s begin with what is ReactJS?

ReactJS is an open source JavaScript library pioneered and made available in the market by Facebook. It is mainly intended to create rich and engaging web apps speedily and efficiently with minimal coding.

React JS provides the liberty of working on individual components instead of an entire web app which in turn helps them to provide the best feasible rendering performance.

With its extra flexibility and simplicity, ReactJS has arisen as the future of web development. It is estimated that over 94000 sites utilize ReactJS and more than 1300 developers are using for development currently.

Most popular examples of the use of ReactJS are PayPal, Facebook, Uber, Instagram, and Airbnb. These corporates use ReactJS to fix their interface related issues.

Now, that you know the potential of ReactJS in frontend development, let’s discern the point by point reasons to essentially adopt it.

React JS development

1. Rich user-interfaces

With the liberty to work on individual declarative components, ReactJS is the first choice of developers to bring out coolest UIs and reap the cream of the market.

Also, rich user-interfaces are the USPs of any web entity and hence, it will be smart to use ReactJS as it is used by industry leaders. The best part is that with this technology, you can come up with interactive and user-friendly user interfaces at a very fast pace.


2. Speedy learning curve

Unlike Angular, this one is very easy to learn and use. If you already have JavaScript skills, learning ReactJS will be easier for you. An already Javascript developer can pick up the basics and start developing an impressive web app only in a couple of days with any ReactJS tutorial.


3. Reusable Components

As said before, ReactJS provides a distinct component-based development approach. First, you begin with developing tiny components called lego pieces like checkbox, button, dropdown and then wrapper components are created, which are composed of those smaller components. Once done with wrapper components then higher-level wrapper components are written. This pattern goes on until you have one root component in your hand which is your app.

In this way,  each component has been rendered properly and constitutes of its own internal logic. This approach yields some outstanding results as follows:

a) You can grow your codebase by re-using code and also, it is easy to maintain.

b) Your app carries a uniform look and feel.

c) It is super-easy to develop and conclude your app.


4. Quick render with Virtual DOM

In developing a web application, high user interaction and viewing updates are involved and possible performance issues ought to be considered.

Though Javascript engines these days are very fast, DOM manipulations are still lagging in speed. ReactJS caters to the long-standing issues of updating DOM with virtual DOM which is a DOM kept in memory.

Virtual DOM adopts an efficient way to accommodate the updates which reduce the read/write time which in turn enhances ReactJS performance.


5. Clean Abstraction

Clear abstraction means that ReactJS does not reveal any complex internal functioning to the user and keeps it smooth on the surface.

In Angular, you need to learn complex internal processes such as digest cycles while in ReactJS you only need to comprehend the states, component’s life cycle, and props to achieve what you desire.


6. Robust community support

ReactJS enjoys a very strong community support with a trail of 82,50,0000 search results on ‘react tutorial’. Developers around the world are upgrading their skills and are helping freshers to learn ReactJS. This contribution shows how crucial this technology is for today’s tech world.

The rising competition from other frameworks namely Vue.js is crucial. New render types can be expected in the future release like the ReactJS team is going to add a unique fragment syntax to the JSX that doesn’t need keys and with this error handling will be improved at developers’ end. In past, working on ReactJS was not this easy as runtime errors require regular page refreshing. The present version of ReactJS has come up with a completely rewritten server render which makes it very fast and ideal for streaming.


Why ReactJS is recommended?

For a business to have a competitive advantage the entrepreneur and developer are always looking for better techniques in today’s tech world. ReactJS is one of the greatest technologies for the frontend. ReactJS is a step towards better user engagement, higher click-through rates, and conversions.

Also, the updates of DOM is prevented with ReactJS which means the app will be faster and deliver better UX. This technology was first developed to improve website server’s total rendered pages. It is highly efficient with the capability to modify built tooling and maintenance budgets.


Final words

To get the desired performance from the professionally crafted business apps the best practices are important to be used. At GoodWorkLabs, we have a team of highly experienced ReactJS developers who can assist you in developing your customized web app.

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