5 Common Myths Surrounding UX Design

5 Common Myths Surrounding UX Design

Debusting UX Myths


You have a stunning website out there to promote your services and products. You design it in a unique manner and wish to attract visitors thus converting them into leads. However, even with these efforts your site isn’t able to do so. One reason may be the UX design behind it. Unimpressive and ineffective UX designs can hit you hard! If your visitors don’t like he appearance of your site and don’t get the desired experience, they will simply move on. Here’s a stat to prove it!

A whopping 79% of visitors will abandon a site and move on to another if they don’t like its content or fail to find the desired information. UX design is of paramount significance, and there are no ways site owners can ignore it.

5 Common myths surrounding UX design

The ambiguity and misconceptions in UX Design

In spite of its widespread usage, the term ‘UX or User Experience Design’ often gives rise to confusion. Don Norman was the man behind the invention of this term, and he introduced ‘UX’ during the mid-90s. Although User Experience Design is at the core of numerous design processes today, some companies still haven’t opened up to it.

A lot of confusion and misconceptions have come up, which is challenging the true nature of the term. Here’s a small effort to demystify User Experience Design:

1.     Myth 1: UI and UX are identical

The complete process that determines the experience of a user is known as UX. While User Experience is the entire process, UI is just a part of it. User Interface design is a crucial element in UX which plays a major role in enhancing User Experience. Right from strategizing to design production, UX involves quite a few steps, and interface design happens to be one of them.

2.     Myth 2: UX is all about designing and not analysis

Although the term UX Design talks about ‘Designing,’ there’s a different side to it. UX designing involves critical analysis which is the reason why site owners need UX specialists. These specialists will perform market research and find out what makes user-centric designs.

5 Common myths surrounding UX design

3.     Myth 3: UX embraces fancy components

UX is not about how much you decorate and design your site. You might keep on adding fancy elements which will enhance the appearance of your website. However, if the operations aren’t smooth and functionalities aren’t streamlined, there’s simply no use of incorporating such fancy components and design elements.

4.     Myth 4: UX is always the second priority

No, it’s not! Whether you create UX designs for tangible items like an automobile vehicle or intangible ones like mobile apps, User Experience will be at the heart of the entire process. Knowing your consumers, their purchase behaviors, and preferences will help you nail down the right decision and make informed moves about UX design process.

5.     Myth 5: Testing is not an important part of UX

While creating UX designs, specialists have to test the design, iterate it, and make alterations as and when required. The process undergoes stringent testing, where user feedback and initial experiences are taken into account.

These are some of the common UX design myths that every design specialist should know and be aware of.

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