4 Skills Every AI Company Should Invest In

4 Skills Every AI Company Should Invest In

Skills Artificial Companies should invest in

If we take a look at the present market trends, it will be easier to get an idea of immense growth of AI . This growth spans companies across industries, maturities, and competencies. With many startups, established ventures, and tech giants gearing up to embrace AI technology, there’s no denying its bright and promising future.

Amidst all this hype around AI, one can identify its rapid adoption. It’s true that a lot of companies belonging to diverse sectors have adopted AI methodologies.

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Let’s take a look at some market stats that explain the situation better!

Market statistics

According to reliable market reports, 38% of ventures are already leveraging AI. This is done with a goal to accelerate growth and development. By the end of 2018, the figures will rise to 62%. That explains why AI is important and crucial for ventures across the globe.

However, with the ever-growing importance of Artificial Intelligence and increasing market demand, it’s high time to identify ways to improve it.

The top 4 AI skills

If you are running an AI organization, you must be aware of the skills that empower ventures across the globe. Here’s a quick look at the top four skills every AI Company should invest in:

1. Natural Language Generation or NLP

Natural Language Processing is an innovative technology that helps machines to understand language the way it is spoken or understood by humans. Different approaches like distributional, frame-based semantic analysis, or interactive learning will help upsell your NLP experts’ skills within the AI ecosystem.

2. Chatbots

When it comes to ensuring excellent customer service, most of the ventures opt for chat bots. Chat bots can connect with human intelligence thus helping organizations develop a unique relationship with their customers. Knowledge on AWS S3, AWS ML, jQuery, JavaScript, SQL, and PHP will be vital in developing chatbots.

3. AI-centered hardware

Appliances, graphic processing units, and other hardware units should be designed, developed, and created with AI in mind. Companies should develop hardware systems that are appropriate to perform AI-centered computational tasks. Hardware units are as important as software skills. Quite naturally, it becomes imperative to develop and design them with AI in mind.

4. Biometrics

You must have heard the term ‘biometrics’ while checking out the staff attendance systems in enterprises. AI is growing and that too at a rapid pace. Quite naturally, organizations should enable increased interactions between machines and humans. The ideas shouldn’t be only restricted to speech, body language, and touch recognition. Biometrics encompasses a broader perspective and positive interaction is a crucial part of it.

Final thoughts

Artificial Intelligence processes, technologies, and methodologies are talks of the town. There’s no denying the buzz they are creating in the professional arena. AI companies should strive hard towards developing skills that empower organizations. This will help them deliver immense business value.

You have to identify development opportunities and incorporate the right strategies for the right set of business needs. Develop these skills if you are running an AI organization; they will take your venture to unsurpassed heights!

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