7 tips to become a better JAVA developer

7 tips to become a better JAVA developer

How to become a JAVA Developer 

A lot of people know Java the programming language. What these people don’t know is that merely knowing this programming language is not going to be enough for you in the long run. You need to be very proficient in Java programming and coding if you aspire to create a functional and feasible application. Sitting around with the same level of knowledge is not going to help your case one bit. You can try to polish yourself more in Java programming if you wish to be the best Java programmer.

Java is simply the most popular programming language. A lot of Java developers are already there who have a good knowledge of the recent trends in technology with the willingness to learn the latest developments of Java, which include Java 8, JVM and also JDK 10.

If you want to get hired in a Java development company, you will have to present a considerable amount of difference when it comes to efficiency and skills from your end. 

Read on to know the 7 best tips that can help you become a better Java developer:

java developer tips

1) Learn JAVA 8

There are a lot of Java developers who are backed up with an experience of about 6 or 8 years, but still, they have not got to terms with using features of Java 8 like Lambda Expressions, different default methods and the Java Stream API.

If you can get a good grip on these features of Java 8, you already are ahead of the competition.

2) Good knowledge of Java API and libraries

Being one of the most solid programming languages out there, Java has the second biggest Stack Overflow community, which outlines a crucial role in the development of the entire Java ecosystem. Java APIs and Libraries constitute a big part of the ecosystem. Knowledge related to vital APIs and libraries, third-party libraries, and Java Development Kit is considered as an essential attribute for a good Java developer.

While the knowledge of every single API and all elements in the library is not expected from a Java developer, the refinements regarding crucial APIs and libraries should be there for sure.


3) Learn Spring Framework (Spring Boot)

Now, this is a platform that is essential for you as a Java developer without a doubt. The Spring framework allows a developer to create applications from some pretty old Java objects and is also very useful in Java SE programming as well. Most Java development companies take the help of Spring framework like Spring MVC, Spring Cloud, and Spring Boot to develop a web application and REST APIs.

A good Java developer is also aware of the advantages that the Spring framework offers such as making local Java methods a remote process and also make Java methods execute within a database transaction.


4) Refine your Unit Testing skills

Advanced unit testing skills are to be found in every conditioned Java programmer. This is an essential factor that separates great Java developers from ordinary ones. As a professional Java developer, you should always write unit tests for your code because it helps in the validation of the code at the time of behavior testing or state testing.

Most companies today make sure that as a Java Developer, you have an understanding of the different tools used for automation testing, unit testing, integration testing, and performance testing. 


5) Focus on JVM Internals

Even as a beginner in Java, you are expected to know Java Virtual Machine (JVM), a critical factor of JRE (Java Runtime Environment). Understanding JVM means a much better understanding of Java as a programming language. JVM will assist you in solving complicated issues during the programming process.

As a Java developer, you should also be aware of the JVM restrictions on a stack and the standard errors that a lot of Java developers make.


6) Enhance your knowledge of working around design patterns

The importance of design patterns in software development is surely not hidden from you if you are an object-oriented software developer with some experience. Design pattern helps to depict the relations between the object and classes. If the naming of objects and classes gets done systematically, the recurring issue in these object-oriented systems gets addressed.

Be it a regular employee or even a freelancer, a deep understanding of design patterns is always going to be a big plus.


7) Get acquainted with JVM languages

While learning new languages is always great for you personally and professionally, developing a habit to learn new programming languages apart from Java will help you with the development in Java applications. For instance, Kotlin is a static programming language which operates on Java virtual machines and can be used further for compilation into JavaScript code or LLVM compiler too.

Taking up and learning new languages of programming helps you in making a comparison between the advantages and drawbacks that will, in turn, help you in creating better codes. Help in Android development through it is another plus.


Final Take Away…

If you want to become a pro Java developer and learn new coding and Java programming skills, exploring and showing due diligence to the above tips are bound to take you a long way into the game. Of course, you cannot learn everything all in a single go. Select a particular tip and then proceed towards enhancing it. Be mindful of learning Java 8 as a healthy working experience in Java 8 is essential for developing any application.

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