How Fonts Can Influence UI/UX Design

How Fonts Can Influence UI/UX Design

There are quite a lot of thoughts and emotions that we possess as human beings which are an integral part of all our creative decisions. This is why having a close observation of our feelings can help us to understand some interesting choices which we tend to make in our creative work fields. Over the last few years has been the selection of fonts in UI/UX Design is becoming more critical With the creative world constantly changing and adapting to those changes, there has also been a regular flow in learning about the methods to understand and execute typography in different kinds of environments.

UI and UX are two terms that include a lot of things, which is easy to observe because their definitions tend to vary according to the people you talk to. In the simplest terms, UI embodies the whole layout of the website or app, while UX sums up the feelings and emotions of a user when interacting with the different components of the design.

The link between UI and UX is pretty direct, with the UI exerting a lot of influence on UX and the same holds vice- versa.
People also have become more aware of the design, typography, and ways of how the world around them looks. When you become involved with a digital marketing agency for your requirements, it becomes essential that you prepare at your end for discussing fonts at the time of creative processes.

Quite a large number of people are aware of color psychology, and how some particular shades influence the behavior and the thought process of people. What is not known to many is that fonts also have an enormous impact on our overall psychology.

Associating with different methods of typography can help initiate powerful emotions and ideas. In the context of companies, it translates to selecting the right kind of fonts for a logo design which can help you fill the void in your entire brand personality.

Fonts are pretty useful tools for brand recognition. From getting a logo designed that has a sober and severe typeface or taking up something more edgy and vibrant, it becomes easier to define a ‘formal’ brand.

Selecting the right kind of font can have a significant impact on the overall feel of your website or app. The correct font, letter, size, color and the lack of unwanted distractions make it easy for the user to read and go through the content available on your website or app.
If you can understand that every font has a unique set of characteristics, you can finalize the best collection of fonts which act as the best representative of your business.

The choice of font you wish to include will depend a lot upon the overall emotions that you want to convey to your target audience, and this involves getting a little into the psychology behind font selection.



Humans have an automatic reaction to the style in which a particular kind of text gets written. For instance, if you want to convey that you have a business that is pretty well-established and imbibed in tradition, you are more likely to go for a font style which reflects the idea of heritage.

In another case, if you are looking to make people perceive your business as a welcoming and stable venture, you can go to a less formal kind of typeface.

Here are a few types of typography that are known around in the design industry-



This is the most generic kind of font option. Serif fonts help convey the feelings of heritage and class, making them a great opportunity when you want to create for a company that gives out a vibe of being well-established.

They have a very artistic nature, and this is why Serif fonts bring with them the emotions of respectability and trust, making them the perfect choice for brands who want to have identities that move around grandeur and authority.

The serif fonts are best informal situations, and work best with the companies who are looking to create solid brand awareness among the target market, and portray a genuine nature.

The fonts are suited for finance companies, editorials, academics, and broadsheets.

Times New Roman, Garamond, and Georgia are popular choices in serif fonts.



The Slab Serif typefaces are often regarded as a subset of serif fonts as they are pretty similar in their appearance but have pronounced slab sections present in them. These typefaces are more often than not associated with solidity, confidence and a bold feeling of attitude.
Slab Serif fonts are perfect for the companies that are looking to make a significant impact in the market with either a very unique product or idea. Technology and automobile companies make free use of these fonts as they want to fill in their customers with a feeling of trust and confidence and not compromise on the new creativity part of it.
Their favored options include Rockwell, Courier, and Museo fonts.



Simply put, the Sans Serif fonts are modern, clean and pretty engaging. These fonts are utilized by companies who believe in demonstrating a simple, straightforward, and no-nonsense attitude.
When things come down to logo design and typography, the sans serif options bring about a sense of sensibility and honesty. There is no decorative element that could distract the eye or divert the objective of delivering a message through fonts.
This simple yet practical nature of sans serif fonts attracts such brands to them who put clarity as to their priority when they get their company logo designed.
Some of the best sans serif font options are Century Gothic, Arial, and Helvetica.



The Script fonts are way fancier than their serif counterparts. The fonts promote ideas of elegance, femininity, and creativity, which is because of their handwritten nature. If you are someone who wished to make their company look more personal to get that customer loyalty, then the script typefaces can serve your purpose without a doubt.
The script fonts are the ones that are likely to encourage more creative and emotional ideas. However, script fonts demand a lot of caution. They may look artistic and fancy, but specific contexts also make deciphering them a challenging task.
Lobster and Lucida Script are two options that are great for use.

If you wish that your brand name has a separate and explicit entity apart from the logo, it is essential to understand that the way a word appears has the same amount of utility as the word itself. Your name plays a part in generating brand awareness, but if the shape and style of your font cannot boost a customer’s curiosity, then you may be losing the kind of brand recognition you are looking for.
Choose your font type wisely, and you will see a significant impact of your brand on customers, undoubtedly.

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