How Artificial Intelligence is creating an impact in Social Media Marketing?

How Artificial Intelligence is creating an impact in Social Media Marketing?

Artificial Intelligence in Social Media Marketing

It is increasingly being proven that AI is helping marketers find leads and engage like never before through social media. Targeting social media users over the online space is a highly specialized and complex field. Artificial Intelligence (AI) can be a potential catalyst that can drive the fortunes of digital businesses across the globe.

Artificial Intelligence

Why the need to introduce AI into marketing?

73% of B2B users need to be nurtured for quite some time before they are converted to active leads for the business. In a traditional ecosystem, marketers simply cannot keep pace with the lead management scenario that evolves daily for each and every enquiry. AI can help devise and deliver personalized content to nurture leads to a better degree.

How does this happen?

Marketers can leverage the basic principle of AI to understand human psychology and its implications in the real world scenario. When marketing automation uses AI, it helps understand and monitor various aspects of customer behaviour like –

1 – How they spend their time online

2 – What posts or products get the most visibility from them on social media

3 – What do they use the social media for

They combine this with past marketing campaign data and then build appropriate marketing messages that have good potential for success. Here are some ways in which this can be done.

1. Better insights on CRM

Bits and pieces of useful information may lay hidden in plain view in various mediums like emails, phone calls, or social media posts/comments. With Artificial Intelligence, you get the right hints about what steps can be taken to subtly induce the prospect to move up the sales funnel towards successful conversion.

With the presence of sufficient amount of data, you can also configure a sentiment analysis activity to grasp the purchase goals/motivators behind the words used by the prospects on social media.

2. Align social media content with buyer persona

With a structured buyer persona, a marketers’ targeting efforts yield better fruits. AI can help smartly segregate customers into personas for a better level of personalized marketing. AI can also learn about which type of content (blog posts, whitepapers, videos, case studies, or other marketing collaterals) will help which type of personas at a particular level in the sales funnel. This way, customers will find only the content which is relevant and timely to their particular need.

3. Social sentiment analysis

With continuous social media analysis a viable brand analysis picture can be formed. However, keeping track of all the posts and ads and analyzing these on different platforms can be complex.

It eats up a lot of time for the marketer which could have been otherwise used to push fresh and unique content for the readers. This is where AI comes in. Take NY Times’ case – it has been using chatbots in innovative ways to create a deep one-on-one experience for its readers.

Thus, with astounding levels of competition to capture eyeballs on the social media, these advantages prove that AI adopters will have an upper hand in this regard.

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