The future of Artificial Intelligence in 2018

The future of Artificial Intelligence in 2018

Artificial Intelligence Trends in 2018

Artificial Intelligence (AI) has soared to unbelievable heights in recent times, and even today, with tech giants like Google and Microsoft making constant advancement in this field, AI is almost everywhere. Needless to say, there will be many things that AI will learn to do in 2018, and make the lives of people much easier than it already has. Though we don’t yet have flying cars and floating buildings, like in movies, we do have some great AI like Alexa and Google Assistant.

So, the question that arises now is – what is the future of AI in 2018? Well, some mighty intellectual people may think too much into the future regarding what things AI will be able to do, but for now, let’s you and me focus on what we can expect from AI in 2018.

The future of Artificial Intelligence in 2018


1. AI will become more Human-Like

In today’s busy world, where manpower itself is not enough to handle the ever-increasing customer demands, many companies are using AI in the form of chatbots and automated answering machines to make their institutions run smoothly. Customer assistance is a major field where AI is said to make a huge progress.

However, it is likely for some people to feel weird listening to a robotic voice talking to them, which is why Artificial Intelligence companies have been working towards making their products more and more human-like, so as to encourage people to use it. AI’s like Amazon’s Alexa is a great example of a personal assistant.

2. Voice Recognition will become much Better

Almost all the smartphones today have a voice recognition technology installed in them, which enables you to talk to the AI and set appointments, call someone, set alarms, and much more. Siri and Google Assistant are some good examples.

However, it becomes irritating sometimes, when the voice recognition doesn’t hear you correctly when voice typing, and you have to edit the whole message again. This is said to change in 2018, as AI companies and their voice recognition tech is said to improve by folds.

This means that your smartphone assistant will hear your commands better, and type your voice message better.

3. Machines will be Data-Driven

Machine Learning has become necessary in today’s time. The immense growth in AI and the IoT (Internet of Things) has made companies invest capital and workforce towards advancing their AI functionalities.

This may sound crude, but AI has become essential for companies to maintain their data flow and important company data, and an AI functionality has become a vital part of every company’s functionality, and that will continue to grow in 2018. Artificial Intelligence functionality has been broadened to new horizons by all the data provided by Internet Of Things, and it will continue to grow exponentially.

In 2018 and beyond, there are a lot of advancements in AI to look forward to. While it may go mainstream in many sectors, others will have a more cautious approach before embracing the technology.

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