Benefits Of Lean UX For Startups

Benefits Of Lean UX For Startups

Gone are the days of traditional software development designs. The present times herald the need of for a change, and it is lean UX that is leading from the front on this endeavor. What this particular concept does is brings out the best possibilities in a designer’s toolkit and combines them in a unique manner. And this is where it establishes relevance with the existing trends.

The practice of UX development and design is perhaps impossible, without functional knowledge on the topic. Look around and you will find many designers working on it, but without knowing the nuances of the topic. As the most undesired outcome, they are belting out nothing but poor designs. There is a need of knowing the nitty-gritty of lean UX for using it to the advantage of startups.

Benefits of lean UX for startups.

Read on and discover the benefits offered by this unique concept.

Collaboration and coordination

Lean UX promotes collaboration and cross-functionality to the tee. As a result, software designers no longer have the liberty or luxury of working separately. In the first place, the process demands perfect communication and coordination within the entire production team. Regular team engagement is required on a daily basis. If you are one of those passionate product designers, lean UX will not let you keep your team members waiting for your assistance, each time there is a need of figuring things out.

Stripping away heavy deliverables

Another significant benefit of Lean UX is that it allows the stripping away of heavy deliverables. Improved techniques are adopted, which give designers the opportunity of building shared understanding with teammates. Other than that, lean UX completely transforms the perceptions of designers. Earlier, it was only about the design features and the documents. But, after the emergence of Lean User Experience, Designers think about the workability and functionality of those features.

Reframing according to market feedback

Additionally, designers have perfect access to market feedback. Quite inevitably, it proves to be highly beneficial for them. Market feedbacks render useful assistance by helping designers reframe existing design conversations. Moreover, they can perform this reframing, in complaisance with the objective goals of business. What lean UX ensures is a great way of thinking about software management. And it is easily understandable by designers, which is a major benefit for startups.

The book

Of late,“UX for Lean Startups” by Laura Klein is stirring up great excitement amongst potential UX designers and developers. Some of the major benefits of referring to this book are:

  • Say, for instance, you are a first-time designer and wish to breeze through the pages of a book on Lean UX. Quite inevitably; an excessive amount of technical jargon will make the entire process quite difficult for you. Well, this is where, the book mentioned above stands apart from its contemporaries. Its comprehendible language makes sure that you understand every bit of it.
  • The book also speaks about certain useful methodologies, perfectly usable in the software testing process. These methods happen to be cost-effective as well as quicker compared to the ones that are currently prevalent.

So, if you lack a formal training on User Experience and wish to do your startup alone, this book will prove to be your best investment.


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