Top 8 Reasons To Outsource Your IT Project

Do you lack the technology stack needed to complete your IT project?

Is there a gap in the talent pool of your company that might impact the project?

In that case, outsourcing the IT project is an excellent idea. Basically, outsourcing is the externalization or usage of contracts to hire other companies for different services. That way, you can gain access to various resources, and get expert suggestions while saving money and time. However, for the best result, you need to choose one of the best Contract Staffing companies in Bangalore.

Why should you outsource your IT project?

There are various reasons that explain why opting for staff augmentation services is a great idea. Take a look at some of them listed here –

1. Easy hiring

Hiring professionals for every aspect of your IT project is not an easy feat. You need to check out the expertise, and skills and ensure good working conditions. Moreover, you must also offer them the resources necessary to complete the work. With outsourcing, there is no such stress.

2. Budget-friendly

It is true that outsourcing can aid in saving a significant amount of money. For instance, you don’t have to invest in the latest tech or train your employees for upskilling. Besides, the lack of employee benefits saves money. Getting in touch with the best contract staff Bangalore is an excellent decision.

3. Excellent services

It is without a doubt that outsourcing is a cost-effective option. But, you must also concentrate on hiring experts that can offer top-rated services. That is the best way to strategically optimize your business. Keep in mind that the primary aim is to increase productivity.

4. Time optimization

Meetings, discussions, and training take up a significant amount of time. That delays the start of the project and leads to customer dissatisfaction. However, outsourcing allows you to start the IT project right away. You just need to share the details, discuss the end goals and state the deadline.

5. Reduction in workload

Outsourcing your IT project leads to a considerable decrease in the massive workload. Now, you can focus on other core activities of the company. The increase in work productivity and efficiency will ultimately increase the revenues. Besides, the reduction in resource consumption will save money too.

6. Access to global talent

Can you imagine hiring IT support from across the globe? That increases the success ratio of your IT project. The option of recruiting talented professionals from different parts of the world makes outsourcing a feasible option. Now, you are not limited to the local talent pool.

7. Lower risks

Risk mitigation is perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of outsourcing. When you outsource your IT project to other companies, you don’t have to worry about competency or limited performance. Usually, you will get access to a team of expert developers adept at using the latest technologies.

8. Flexibility

One of the most beneficial aspects of outsourcing is flexibility. The company has the liberty to choose developers as per the needs of the IT project. For instance, if only IT support is needed, that can be arranged. Moreover, outsourcing is great if the project duration is short or there are massive gaps between the different stages.


Though the path of IT project outsourcing is not yet prevalent, it is gaining traction. However, it is vital to weigh the benefits and risks before you make a decision. Keep in mind that outsourcing offers specialized experts providing efficient services at cost-effective price rates. Hire the top-ranking contract software development company for exceptional yet reliable services. At GoodWorkLabs, we assess the needs of your project and provide assistance accordingly. Contact the GoodWorkLabs team here


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Which One You Should Learn? Flutter vs React Native

 The debate between React Native and Flutter is never-ending. The aspirants who show a keen interest in mobile app development usually get confused about which one to learn. Well, both frameworks are the hot topic of app development and come with their own perks and limitations. Finding out which framework is more demanding among the app development companies in Bangalore should be your primary concern! To ease your decision-making, here we will be having a discussion between the two frameworks.


Flutter vs. React Native in terms of development

Both the frameworks work amazingly in developing cross-platform applications. Before comparing their benefits, limitations, and compatibility, let’s learn what React Native and Flutter actually are.


What is React Native?

This cross-platform mobile app development framework was introduced by Facebook. The software developer, Jordan Walke, who developed the framework, was deeply inspired by HTML and XHP.


What is Flutter?

Google released Flutter as a flexible cross-platform mobile app development framework in 2017. The mobile app development companies in Bangalore use this framework to create both Android and iOS apps, using a single codebase.


The difference between the two frameworks

As now you have a brief idea about both the frameworks, let’s see how different they are from each other, and which one is more beneficial to learn.


As a programing language

Flutter uses Dart language, which is considered much easier to learn, especially when you are accustomed to object-oriented programming.

On the other hand, React Native is a built-in Java script that is popular among mobile application development companies due to its wide usage. If an individual has in-depth knowledge of JavaScript, he or she can learn to develop applications using React Native easily.

To put it simply, both the languages are easy to learn and access, and widely accepted by several machine learning companies in Bangalore.


The installation process

While comparing React Native and Flutter, speaking about their installation process is a must. Usually, an app developer can install Flutter just by downloading binaries that are suitable for his/her respective platform. After that, the developer needs to follow a few simple path variables. In the case of React Native, one, especially those who have a JavaScript background, can easily install it with the help of NPM. And when using Mac OS, the developer needs to download it from HomeBrew.

In short, both frameworks are easy to install. However, Flutter has more steps.

The features

The biggest limitation that a cross-platform framework comes with is the inability to access different native features, including Bluetooth.

With Flutter, the API lets an e-commerce web developer uninterruptedly access all these native plug-ins. Moreover, Flutter is embedded with API access, UI components, testing, navigations, and several libraries. So, while using this framework, the app development companies do not need to rely on any third-party tool as it has everything inbuilt.

React Native, on the other hand, comes just with UI rendering and a few device access controls. So, you might need to use third-party modules and libraries.

Community support

When it comes to community support, both frameworks give a tough competition to each other. Being relatively new, Flutter unquestionably has a limited community, but that doesn’t make it any less productive than React Native. The two frameworks are equally potent for quickly detecting bugs, troubleshooting technical glitches efficiently, offering best-fit solutions, and coming up with innovative features and ideas.



As a concluding note, a software development agency prioritizes both Flutter and react-native frameworks. It is because the demand and necessity of the discussed frameworks solely depend on the projects and clients an organization serves. So, learning either of the frameworks can be winsome for you as both bring with them endless business intelligence opportunities in the IT industry. Get in touch with GoodWorkLabs to get big data solutions and take your business to the next level! Our experienced team will make sure you get the best out of your data. Contact the GoodWorkLabs team here

The Future Of Work: Remote Hiring Trends

With the lethal Covid-19 spreading terror and taking lives, the job market, as we know, has undergone a tectonic shift. At the present, remote work is not a “may-be” option, but rather a conscious choice made by companies to maximize productivity. Several surveys state that remote work is not going anywhere anytime soon. While 2020 may have set remote work on trending, 2022 is here to declare some massive changes in remote hiring. In this article, we will discuss trends related to remote hiring.

Top remote hiring trends in 2022

While the vicious pandemic has retreated, work culture has changed tremendously. It seems that business organizations across the world have finally realized the advantages of remote work. Take a look at the top trends related to remote hiring here –

  • Virtual onboarding

One of the most talked-about remote hiring trends is virtual onboarding. Onboarding is mainly the procedure of ensuring that the new employees understand the layout and work culture of the company. Similarly, virtual onboarding implies the completion of the procedure online. Not only is the process efficient, but it also saves a great deal of money. You don’t actually have to invest time to personally show them the office. If you use reliable software, the new employees won’t need to come to the office to understand the work.

  • More productivity

Unrecognized beliefs led businesses to think that remote working wasn’t all that productive. Contrary to those beliefs, remote work has proved to be more productive than in-office work. That is mainly due to the fact that employees worked from the safety of their homes without worrying about the outside world. Moreover, the ability to take breaks when needed and lack of constant supervision does wonders for work efficiency. Some employees thrive when they are given a certain amount of freedom while working.

  • Vaccine mandates

Covid-19 vaccine mandates for offices were not an easy decision. Business organizations took a great amount of time to deliberate if taking vaccines would be a compulsory rule. However, due to the emergency of different variants of the virus, businesses were unwilling to take any chances. That led to the establishment of the vaccine mandates. Now, companies are focused on adopting multiple measures to keep the workplace safe and secure. Lately, there has been a decline in the vaccine mandate declaration.

  • Online skill testing

With remote working comes the process of digitized hiring. The inability to conduct face-to-face interviews in the pandemic has led to the emergence of online interviews and skill testing. Numerous employers use a wide range of assessments and tests to evaluate the expertise and skills of potential employees. In order to understand the competency of the employees, tests that can measure software knowledge, language skills, aptitude, and other soft skills are conducted. Using online tests to evaluate the skills is an easy, hassle-free, and efficient procedure.

  • Sitting ordeal

It is true that the pandemic has made a huge impact on the working culture. Due to the work-from-home concept, professionals had to work long hours sitting in one place. The absence of commuting is a reason for the rising back and shoulder problems. Ultimately, it has led to an increase in various health risks. In order to prevent the situation, active steps need to be taken. For this, employers often provide standing desks or compulsory stretch breaks for keeping the employees healthy.


These are the top trends that are ready to redefine remote work and hiring. As remote work gains more prominence, more and more companies and individuals are favoring it. We can definitely expect more changes to reshape the working culture in the upcoming years. It’s not just about including individuals from the broad spectrum but also, developing a company mentality that willingly accepts different people and voices their opinions equally. Diverse leadership can provide training programs for the team members to help them understand diversity, formal approaches, and tools to respond to each other’s differences.

GoodWorkLabs is a leading company in India that provides high-end digital platform strategy and services to customers, it is our responsibility to have a diverse, knowledgeable team with equally diverse leadership. GoodWorks is working on a hybrid model since the onset of the pandemic. To learn more about us, head over to our homepage at:

Is PHP Still Relevant In 2022?

For a digital business to succeed, one needs a strong web presence, meaning a functional, faster loading, and user-friendly website. And such a website comes with picking the correct programming language. In fact, the moment web developers from any software development agency think of web development, they have this common name in their mind, – PHP.

While many of the newcomers in the industry might doubt its efficiency, others consider the language to be the basis of web development.

But is it true?

Is PHP still relevant in 2022?

Let’s find out in detail!

The use of PHP

PHP, being the most popular programming language, was first introduced to serve as a web visitor counter. But with the passing years, the scripting language has been modified dynamically with new added features and updates. It has gradually become the basis of web and app development and a top favorite of e-commerce website developers.

With this scripting programming language, web and mobile app development companies in Bangalore write HTML codes, develop API and CRM systems, and generate XLS, XML, and CSV files. And the best part is that PHP is well-compatible with every web browser and platform. The most advanced PHP version has double-layer security, and optimal loading speed, and is best known for its low maintenance and high-quality performance.

Benefits of using PHP programming language

PHP comes with endless benefits and advantages, and due to this reason, most web and app development companies use this programming language to develop websites, apps, and web apps. Here is a list of the top-notch advantage:


Flexible Open source tool

Developing a website or app in PHP is totally free. Moreover, the programming language works amazingly with several databases such as PostgreSQL, and Apache. The foremost reason why the language is widely popular among the developers is that it’s easy to learn, compatible with multiple OS, including Linux, Unix, Solaris, etc., and very flexible to adapt to changes and alterations in an ongoing or a complete project.



Do you know that PHP employs its inbuilt memory? It, in turn, reduces both the loading time and workload. And owing to this reason, the processing ability of this programming language becomes immensely high. It works as a two-way process benefiting both the app development companies and their clients. To put it simply, the companies can accomplish the project faster, whereas the clients can receive it without any delay.



Websites that are developed with PHP programming language are SEO-friendly, which is a roundabout way that is beneficial for your business’s marketing purposes.

In fact, the scripting programming language is capable of developing any website and app in 2022. Be it simple WordPress sites, website landing pages, or web apps like Facebook, anything can be framed conveniently with PHP.



Even if PHP is an open-source tool, many believe it to be not secure. However, any programming language is vulnerable to threats. The safety and security totally rely on the developers and the agile software development scrum he uses. And as mentioned earlier, the latest version of this scripting language is way more secure and encrypted.



Without a doubt, PHP is massively dominating the whole web technology. The constant modifications and improvements in the programming language make it even more demanding, competitive, and efficient. Most machine learning companies in Bangalore are continually upgrading the scripting language, its functionality, and performance, creating tools to support it, adding libraries, directories, and so on! So, unquestionably, PHP is still in the game in 2022, and probably there will be no such change in the coming years.

So what are you thinking? Consult GoodWorkLabs and solve all your queries with a consultation call with our team. GoodWorkLabs is based out of Bangalore and Kolkata, India, and San Francisco, USA. The company has an experienced set of team that will work on your application and will deliver the best solution to you.  Contact us now!

What Is The Need For Good UX/UI Design In An Application?

The UX/UI plays a major role in the success of any application. The UX/UI can make or break the application. No matter how useful the app is but until it does not engage the users, it is of no use. User Experience or UX Design measures the effectiveness and utility of a website or application. Whether it is in-house software, websites, mobile applications or games, UX design is a critical factor. 

How GoodWorkLabs can help you?

GoodWorkLabs have made a name for ourselves with our creative, cutting-edge work in the field for being a stellar quality UI UX design studio in Bangalore. When the competition is so high, your application must be built with an appealing design that influences the customers and gets things done quickly. Choosing the best UI/UX design studio is an important step, as UI/UX design of mobile apps plays a key role in your mobile app’s success. Make sure to provide users with a fantastic UI/UX. The rating and reviews of a satisfied customer will bring your mobile app to the top, and getting featured on the top list will get more users to your app.

Choose GoodWorkLabs, the UX/UI design studio in Bangalore

The best companies in the world have hired GoodWorkLabs to design the UX and visual design of their products, apps and games. GoodWorkLabs is now known to help innovative startups to come up with path-breaking design and UX. GoodWorkLabs is one of the best UI UX Design Studio in Bangalore, which the best companies in the world have hired to design the UI UX of their applications. 

Based out of Bangalore, India, we have expertly dealt with the UX design requirements of many reputed companies. Our clients have reached new heights with their business with our services, drawing in new customers and creating effective two-way communication platforms with customers using our detailed yet minimalist UX design solutions.

When you invest in a UI/UX design development company to make your application, you are investing in your brand value. Users tend to stay with brands that provide the best value. A good relationship between your organization and customers will increase your business’s plausibility and create good brand value.

If you want to leverage the immense potential of the internet medium and the app economy and want a platform to reach out to potential customers and provide them with some great UX, we are just the right people for the job. Get in touch with us and tell us your requirements, and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote to get things started. Get your application built with the best UI/UX design company in BangaloreGoodWorkLabs and take your brand to the next level. Contact us now. 

How Does Diverse Leadership Plays An Important Role In An Organization?

“A diverse mix of voices leads to better discussions, decisions, and outcomes for everyone.” – Sundar Pichai

For decades, discussion about Diversity, Inclusivity, and Equity (DIE) has been ongoing, but only a few organizations have championed it. Thanks to the pandemic, many companies are now re-evaluating their leadership teams on a different set of criteria. But what is Diverse Leadership? Diversity leadership involves recognizing the cultural differences and adapting strategies and processes that work for a wider variety of people. Diversification is one thing – distribution is another matter. To build an inclusive culture, companies should have a diverse leadership team. The categories for diversity, on a broader spectrum, are gender, race, age, religion, sexual orientation, economic background, and so forth. 

How does Diverse Leadership play an important role in any organization and how to execute and build on it?

Read below to know more –

  • Enhanced Company Culture

A diverse leadership opens up avenues for better employee-employer relationships. Employees feel important and witness their representation, which in turn builds trust in the organization and the leadership. Employees are more likely to stay longer in the firm as they envisage their future there.

Seeking out diverse candidates isn’t hard. Recruiting those candidates and placing them in an environment where different backgrounds, cultures, and experiences are appreciated is more difficult. If companies have done this correctly it should be reflected in the makeup of the management team. Once a company has this kind of environment, diverse candidates will come and stay.” – Donald Hatter, founder, Donald Hatter Inc.

  • Wide Range of Knowledge

It’s our experiences that teach us the most — the way we witness and engage with the world around us is unique for one another. So with a diverse background of employees, the world’s insights are boundless. The range of skill sets and the awareness of the team increases which in a way, help create better customer solutions, social impacts and global opportunities.

We are building products that people with very diverse backgrounds use, and I think we all want our company makeup to reflect the makeup of the people who use our products.” — Sheryl Sandberg

  • Innovation at Best

A diverse leadership, as mentioned above, opens up platforms for open and enhanced communication. This leads to more dialogues, the incessant flow of ideas and discussions, and boosts innovations. It requires discipline, conscious listening without bias, and courage from the leadership to build a responsive and cohesive work environment to reap real benefits.

  • Company Portfolio

A company’s leadership team reflects itself. So a diverse leadership speaks for itself that the company is an all-inclusive and nurturing work environment. It also announces that the company is well-equipped to cater to any customer, as the solutions will come from a place of genuine knowledge and experience. It also enhances the company’s global engagement and impact, with well-balanced, nuanced conversations. And the most important point, the company is genuine, far away from the everyday brouhaha.


It’s not just about including individuals from the broad spectrum but also, developing a company mentality that willingly accepts different people and voice their opinions equally. Diverse leadership can provide training programs for the team members to help understand diversity, formal approaches, and tools to respond to each other’s differences.

As a leading company in India that provides high-end digital platform strategy and services to customers, it is our responsibility to have a diverse, knowledgeable team with an equally diverse leadership. To learn more, head over to our homepage at:

Top 5 Difference Between iOS and Android App Development

One of the most crucial factors that one needs to consider while developing apps is the platform. It is vital to decide which platform – iOS or Android, you want to choose for your app project. Both platforms have their unique pros and cons. That is why it is vital to know the difference between them in order to make the right choice. If you are still unsure, you can always consult the experts. For that, you need to hire the best app development companies in Bangalore to give the right advise and guidance by understanding about your business, the audience you are targeting, demographics etc.

Major differences between Android and iOS app development

There are several differences between Android and iOS app development. Take a look at some of them listed here –

1. Programming languages

Android and iOS apps use different programming languages. For efficient iOS mobile app development, the ideal programming language is Swift. It is easy to learn and doesn’t take much time to build the app. You can complete the app project faster. Android app developers often opt for Kotlin or Java to create dynamic applications. Java offers a wide range of benefits that include web and server development. Moreover, it is the best option, if you want to develop a cross-platform application.

2. Marketing models

There are different types of marketing models that apps use to generate revenues. However, there is a distinct difference between Android and iOS apps. That is because iOS apps focus on in-app purchases while Android apps opt for ad monetization. Here, knowing more about the target audience is absolutely essential. If you are opting for the monetization strategy, choose the premium option. Nowadays, free content is getting much more traction. You need to make a mark on your customers before you can expect them to pay for the app.

3. Target audience

One of the most crucial aspects of app development is the identification of the target audience. If you know whom to target, you can get answers to other questions with ease. For instance, iOS customers tend to be loyal, but the section is relatively small. It is vital to understand that not all can afford iOS devices. However, the Android customer base is large and affordable. You can get a high market share with android app development.

4. App store validation

Developing the mobile application is not the end of the task. The app must be released to the respective app stores. iOS apps take more to get launched on the Apple App Store. That is mainly because Apple conducts extensive verification before giving the green signal. On the other side, it is relatively easy to release an Android app on the Google Play store. Here, automated tests are done, and hence it takes less time to get the app on the app store.

5. Development environment

One of the primary points of difference between Android and iOS development is the development environment. iOS developers use the widely prevalent XCode tool. Here, you can obtain a wide array of features and easy to use framework. You can get support for different iOS devices. On the other hand, Android developers use the Android Studio. Google introduced this excellent proprietary tool in 2013 which contains an extensive list of features. It offers cross-platform compatibility, debugging features, readability, etc.

Choose the best app development company in India – GoodWorkLabs

These are the top five differences between Android and iOS app development. While Android is cost-effective, iOS platforms offer a loyal target audience. It is vital to understand the end goal of your app in order to choose the best platform. Choose one of the leading app development companies in Bangalore. At GoodWorkLabs, we offer excellent yet cost-effective app development services with the aid of a team of experienced app developers.

GoodWorkLabs, the IT solutions provider in Bangalore, the 3rd Fastest Growing Tech Company in India (FT1000) can be your preferred IT partner to turn your product dream into reality. Want to know more about it? Talk to us and get your solutions here.

Hiring Remote Engineers Can Benefit You. Read Here

Digital transformation is on the rise and as a result, the demand for technical engineers has also risen. Everyone wants the best talent to work on their project hence choosing the right talent becomes all the more difficult. For startups and companies, it is important to hire the right engineers for their success. Enterprises across the globe have adopted the model of remote hiring for various reasons.

So if you are struggling in getting the best talent and want to know the full-proof method of hiring the best people, in this article, we will give a detailed view of how to hire remote engineers – 

Firstly you need to decide whether to hire remote engineers or full-time ones so if you have finally decided that you will 

Time and cost are two precious assets for any tech startup. from a product idea to its development, deployment, and launch, it is always possible that someone else does it earlier. In that case, there is a risk of losing the first movers’ advantage. Further, hiring at an optimal cost will also be an important factor that ensures that a tech start-up can break even as soon as possible and start to make profits at the earliest. 

The decision of whether to hire remote engineers or full-time engineers remains an important question. You need to decide from the very beginning the factors such as cost, space allocation etc. Ideally for startups hiring remote engineers can help them save time and cost. However, at what stage of the product development should remote engineers be hired? This is an important decision. To sort it for you, the best thing you should do is ascertain your current team. If you already have a team of technical people then you can just outsource the specific work that your team is not experienced to do. On the other hand, if you do not have a team,  then rather than hiring the whole team it’s better to outsource the entire work to an external agency. It will benefit you in more than one way.

Have clarity on the tech skills required

Developing a complete application requires multiple technologies and is not a single person’s work. You need to understand the tech skills required at every stage of product development. In this way, you can plan ahead and make arrangements. You need to find the right partner for outsourcing your tech needs. GoodWorkLabs a renowned software development company that will take care of your technology needs. Our staff augmentation services will provide you with the best talent!

You need to set out clear guidelines 

Hiring remote engineers is a time-consuming activity, hence you have eto plan everything strategically to get the best in less time possible. You also need to keep other factors in mind such as time zone, communication, soft skills etc. As the remote engineers should be able to align well in all terms with your current team.  Make sure to interview the candidates well to hire the best! Know the past project they have worked on and the clients they have worked for till now. All this will help you shortlist the ideal candidates.

Having a clear set of guidelines for everything will really help you in the long run. The remote team must be aware of the working hours, processes, communication platform and more such things. Also, you need to assign work and keep track of milestones achieved this will help you know the work done and the progress.
At Supersourcing our 360-degree coverage of vetting companies is based on several critical parameters. Our guided approach towards project management helps enterprises hire and work with the agency in a streamlined and seamless fashion.

Keep proper alignment between teams

The remote team that will work on your project will be somewhere or the other a part of your team till the project gets completed. Hence it is critical that they are aligned with your vision and align with guidelines that are set. This will help you get your project done on time without any problems in between. You need to find the ideal tech partner that is perfect for your enterprise’s cultural fit as well. 


Hiring a remote engineer or a complete team for a particular project can help companies save costs and time. In addition to that, you don’t have any location constraints while choosing talent. Choose GoodWorkLabs’ expert team of technical people to do your work! We will assist you in every step of the project till delivery. For further details, contact our team today! 

6 Best Programming Languages For iOS App Development

Did you know that 27% of online connections are established via iOS devices?

That clearly indicates the popularity of the platform and why investing in developing iOS apps is an excellent idea. In order to increase online visibility and expand the existing customer base, it is essential for companies to launch efficient mobile applications. However, you need to partner with one of the leading iOS app development companies in Bangalore to get the best application developed with the desired results. At GoodWorkLabs, we offer excellent iOS app development services with our robust team of skilled app developers.

Top 6 languages to develop iOS apps

There are different languages one can use to develop iOS applications. However, you need to think about your long-term goals before choosing any of these languages. Here is a list of the best programming languages you can select for your iOS app development project. Take a look-


Developed as an object-oriented C programming language, Apple has often used it for different operating systems. The beneficial aspects of Objective-C include good scalability and dynamic typing. It is much more stable when compared to Swift while being compatible with C++ and C libraries. If you want to develop an iOS app for older devices, choosing this programming language makes sense.


Apple introduced Swift to the world in 2014, and it has gained immense popularity over the years. The language is compatible with different frameworks such as Cocoa Touch, Cocoa, etc. Excellent scalability and constant updates make the programming language even more appealing to developers. It is also easy to use, stable, and offers exceptional performance.


Google launched Flutter in 2017 as a reliable SDK or software development kit. It offers a wide range of tools and widgets. App developers use Flutter to create cross-platform apps. It is free, easy to use, and quickens the app development process. To get your desired iOS app, it is essential to choose one of the top-ranking mobile app development companies in Bangalore.


Python is a widely known programming language known for its extensive range of advanced features. It is a high-level, dynamic languagethat aids in the development of stable and high-quality web-based applications. It is easy to learn and use. Moreover, you can create apps using Python quickly, leading to saving time and money. The availability of libraries is a bonus.


Known as the most recent HTML version, HTML5 is, without a doubt, one of the most prevalent markup languages. It is easy to learn and offers excellent page ranking. Besides, it comes with a wide range of features such as data, summary, command, audio, etc. You can also use HTML5 to develop offline applications. If you want speedy results, using HTML5 is a good idea.


Created by Microsoft, C# is one of the most popular high-level programming languages. Its integration with the .NET platform makes it an ideal choice for iOS app developers. It is an open-source language that offers scalability and an extensive library. You can use C# to build Android applications too.

Choose the best app development company in India – GoodWorkLabs

These are the top programming languages app developers can use to build your iOS application. It is vital to note that choosing the correct language is of utmost importance. Keep in mind that you will need to integrate more features or make changes when the app is released in the market and feedback is obtained. The language must be suitable for your long-term goals. That is why you need to choose one of the best app development companies in Bangalore. At GoodWorkLabs, we offer top-rated app development services to different industries. Get in touch with us to know more here.

Benefits Of Outsourcing Software Development Projects

Having a software-enabled business model has become a vital need for companies to survive in today’s globally competitive markets. Firms all around the world are outsourcing their software needs to external agencies to reduce cost & time to market and gain expertise, which is hard to recruit internally. Firms prefer to choose the software development company that can design, develop and maintain their software over the long term to ensure their businesses flourish.

When deploying a comprehensive IT team does not seem feasible for your organisation, the next best solution is to outsource to a software development company.  But then what should we look for in an IT Outsourcing Service Provider?

Here read out in this blog post – 

It’s just not about the reduced cost; rather there are benefits beyond cost in having a committed team with the required expertise to work for you. The major benefits are – 


  • You can better focus on your core business

Outsourcing your software development allows you to focus more on your core business ideas and activities. As the work is not completed with making the software, there are other steps associated with it such as branding,  research and development, sales, etc. So the technical part is better left to an external software development company. They can even guide you through the technology trends to implement the best solution to your software. 

  • It is time and cost effective

Time & Cost are both simultaneously valuable for any company. Outsourcing the software development process is not only cost-effective, but it also saves time for the company. Deploying an entire in-house team involves a lengthy recruitment process; moreover, it is too costly compared to outsourcing the whole process. So why go a long way when you can get your things done the outsourcing way easily. 


  • You get your project delivered on time

The end-to-end product development cycle can take a lot of time. For example, a cross-platform hybrid app might take less time, and solutions with AI and Machine Learning implementations take considerably longer. But outsourcing the development part to a reliable and professional software development company will save you time than deploying an in-house team. The reason being they would have an integrated team of Tech Architects, Subject Matter Experts, QA Experts, Project Managers with better technical knowledge and required experience.  


  • You get the latest technology

Technology is changing at a fast pace, and a business should always bear in mind to be future-proof to any changes that come up. An experienced software development company builds software with a futuristic approach, to meet any unexpected consequences. They are also well aware of the latest technology that dominates the market and thus your product stays at a safe hand. 


  • You get the best technical expertise

A software development company, whose work is to develop software for businesses day and night, has much more technical expertise than you. Yes, that is the hard truth. Being experienced, they will have the solutions to your problems. And that gives you the advantage of having your software built through the best technical minds.


Choose the best software development company in India – GoodWorkLabs

Software development companies in India are major outsourcing destinations for companies around the world. The reasons are many, but the major ones are sound technical knowledge and cost-effectiveness of India’s software companies. In a nutshell, outsourcing possesses immense advantage and lets you hire the best talent which you would not have got otherwise. 

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