Free Sites Or Web Development Company: Which One Should You choose?

Searching for “Free websites” or “Free website builder” is popular in the Google search engine. If you have finally reached the point where you think a website can help your business, you are probably searching for website development companies or builders. It is natural that during the research, you will come across free sites or builders providing free services. However, it is vital that you understand the difference, pros, and cons before making any decision. What appears lucrative might not actually be a profitable decision for your company. 

Free sites



Free sites are exactly what they mean. Here, you can develop your own website for free. Building professional sites is now easy and simple. 


There are some advantages of free sites. These are – 

  1. The foremost advantage is the free charge. There is nothing cheaper than a free service. 
  2. There are some websites that offer different pre-existing layouts that you can customize.
  3. In most cases, you can see the preview of your website appearance before opting for it.



It is vital to keep in mind that free doesn’t always mean completely free. Confused? Check out the cons listed here. 

  1. You cannot use your domain name. Free sites will give you a URL that contains their URL plus your business name. 
  2. There is a limitation in the number of website pages.
  3. Ad placements are frequent, and the integration of affiliate links is not far-fetched.
  4. There is a distinct lack of professional appearance and impression. 
  5. Hidden fees can make an emergence. 

Web Development Company

Definition: What is a web development company?

A web development company is one that offers a wide range of services that primarily includes building websites. Here, you will have professionals working tirelessly to provide you an attractive and desirable site. 


There are numerous benefits that you can gain from hiring a web development company. These include –

  1. Apart from looking professional, the websites are reliable. Moreover, the experts will design it in a way that will attract clients and customers equally. 
  2. The professionals offer tech support in case the website crashes.
  3. It saves your time as building a website will take a considerable amount of time.
  4. Moreover, it is also cost-effective. The amount of money it will take to try and test your own designs and then discarding them will impact your budget.
  5. You can have the latest technology on your website
  6. Professionals offer quick loading screens for efficient services. 
  7. It saves you alot of time that is wasted in doing the stuff yourself.
  8. No matter how much you try, let’s be honest that you cannot match the work of professionals, who have been doing it for long.

However, there are some cons(not exactly cons, but checks) that you can get from a web development company. These are –

  1. They will charge a substantial amount of money. 
  2. You might make the mistake of hiring incompetent web developers.
  3. Miscommunication between you and the web developers can cause issues. 
Final Conclusion

In essence, understanding the needs of your company is a vital factor while making the decision. For instance, you can try out the free sites to see how the process works. However, thinking of it as a long-term solution is not an ideal option. It is completely unrealistic if you think you can gain a professional-level website for free of charge. 

Keep in mind that building websites are not easy and that you will need to dedicate substantial effort and time if you want to do it yourself. That is why most business organizations opt for professional services. And the cons can be eliminated if you do substantial research and hire the best web development company, who can exactly deliver what you need. 

If you want to have an attractive website, you can always get in touch with the best web development company based out of Bangalore, GoodWorkLabs! Being in the web development space since long, our team has extensive experience and we have an amazing portfolio of work. Check the clients we have worked with and shoot us an email to discuss your project now!

Native Or Hybrid App Development: Which One Should You Choose?

With the prominence of smartphones, the number of mobile apps has increased significantly. Brands have realized the importance of launching applications and are eager to leverage it to gain more revenues. Still, there are some apps that fare better than others. Are you wondering why? Well, the fundamental reason is the approach for app development. In essence, there are two vital options that businesses consider – native or hybrid.

Native v/s Hybrid app development

There are several factors that you can keep in mind before choosing the app development approach that is the best for your business. Check out the parameters listed here.

  • Definition

Native apps are the applications that are built to operate on a specific OS or platform. These will not function on any other platforms. Programmers generally use SDK or software development kits to build these apps.

Hybrid apps are basically web applications but have the functionality of a native one. These are developed with the assistance of JavaScript, HTML5, etc. Moreover, these are not restricted to any one platform or OS. They have the cross-platform compatibility that the native apps lack.

  • Platform

Native apps can run on only one platform. It can be Windows, Android, or iOS.

Hybrid apps can run on multiple platforms. It means these apps can operate perfectly well on all the platforms – iOS, Android, and Windows.

  • Language

Native apps are built with the usage of native languages such as Java, Ruby, etc.

Hybrid apps can be designed with both native and web languages.

  • Performance

When it comes to performance, native apps are much more efficient.

Hybrid apps are a tad slower when compared to native apps.

  • Cost

Native apps are much more expensive in comparison to hybrid apps. That is why most startups prefer hybrid apps and then switch to the native ones in the future.

  • Estimated time

Native apps take a lot of time to develop. You can expect more than six months to launch a native app.

However, hybrid apps are easy to develop and thus are launched within six months.

Advantages of native apps
  • These apps have high in-built interaction competency.
  • It supports graphics, HD animations without any hassle.
  • The user experience is much better when compared to hybrid apps due to the robust features and quick performance.
Disadvantages of native apps
  • Native apps are extremely costly, and you will have to create multiple versions, increasing the budget.
  • It is not easy to maintain native apps as you have to devote resources and time to multiple codebases.
Advantages of hybrid apps
  • These apps are easy to maintain and update.
  • You will only need to develop a single codebase.
  • Hybrid apps are easy to develop and are relatively low-maintenance.
Disadvantages of hybrid apps
  • Hybrid apps are dipped on different plug-ins and perform slowly when compared to native apps.
  • It is tough to implement personalization.

It is true that both hybrid and native app development approaches have pros and cons. Moreover, it is tough to decide between the two. However, there are several factors that you need to consider before making a decision. The foremost thing that you need to keep in mind is the needs of your business, the budget you have, and the vision for the future. To make the best decision, you can always consult professionals. Reach out GoodWorkLabs, the renowned mobile app development company based out of Bangalore. Their expert team will help you to have an amazing application for your brand. Contact GoodWorkLabs here!

Launching GoodWorks Angel Fund – Early Stage VC Fund

GoodWorkLabs co-founders Vishwas Mudagal and Sonia Sharma announced the launch of GoodWorks Angel Fund, a seed/angel investing venture to invest and support startups & entrepreneurs who want to redefine the world. This initiative will help us create a solid ecosystem in the industry, after the success of our group of companies GoodWorkLabs Technology Services & GoodWorks Cowork. 


Through the GoodWorks Angel Fund, it will be our humble attempt to shape the future, to make this world a better place for everyone. We intend to fund 8-10 high-potential startups every year in their early stages & help them realize their visions. 


Being a sector-agnostic fund, the investment ticket size per company will typically be from INR 10 Lacs to 1 crore ($20k to 200k USD). Along with the investment, portfolio companies will get a host of support in terms of office space, technology, operations, marketing, and other support services that are critical to scaling up startups.


Furthermore, it will create an entrepreneurial spirit and framework to incubate, fund, and scale up innovative business and tech ideas internally at GoodWorkLabs. We would encourage entrepreneurs and professionals with an entrepreneurial mindset to join GoodWorkLabs to realize their dreams.


If you are an entrepreneur/startup who intends to ‘Dare Mighty Things’ and scale-up world-changing products/solutions, do contact us ([email protected])


We would like to thank everyone who has made this great journey of ours possible. 


Thanks for your support!  

GoodWorks Group of Companies 



Top 5 ECommerce Trends To Watch Out in 2021 and Beyond

In 2020 the pandemic had accelerated the growth of the eCommerce industry exponentially. As per research, it is predicted that the revenues for e-retail will cross $6.54 trillion by 2022. Now, the eCommerce market is increasing at a remarkable growth rate. However, it is vital to note that the trends here are ever-changing. The only way to become the ideal e-commerce company in India is to be aware of the trends and incorporate them in time. 

Ecommerce trends to look out for in 2021

The only way to ensure that you are ahead of your competitors is to understand the latest eCommerce trends. Check out some of them listed here so that you can know what to expect in 2021. 

1. Brand video ads

Indeed, the usage of social media is not going to decrease anytime soon. Brands have already realized the potential of using video ads on various platforms such as Snapchat, Instagram, etc. The best way to take advantage of this trend is to make videos of the top-selling products and put them on different social media platforms. You can develop videos such as tutorials, unboxing, step-by-step, etc. If you are into service-related work, then also you can utilize video advertisement for promoting your services. 

2. Rise of omnichannel shopping

The growth of voice assistants and mobile devices has influenced omnichannel selling. The usage of different marketing channels ensures that the customers receive a seamless shopping experience. According to studies, omnichannel shoppers will increase in 2021 even more. To make sure that you take the right steps, you need first to understand the behavior of your customer base. Then, you can use that data to develop personalized content. 

3. Cryptocurrencies will make an appearance

Often, the option of various payment modes can make your brand more popular than others. Giving more options to your customers is a great idea. Nowadays, most of the eCommerce platforms accept debit cards, credit cards, cash, and other digital wallets such as Google Pay, Phone Pe, etc. However, with the emergence of cryptocurrencies, there is a high chance that they could be integrated with ease. There are numerous advantages that e-commerce platforms can get from adopting cryptocurrencies.  For instance, the transaction fees are relatively low. 

4. Increase in mobile shopping 

With the rise in the sales of mobile phones, it is no wonder that mobile shopping will increase even more. As per Statista, 2019, 73% of retail shopping will be via mobile phones by 2021. The best solution is to ensure that the customers have a seamless, hassle-free mobile phone online shopping experience. If you can offer the customers an unforgettable experience, you will observe a dramatic increase in sales. 

5. A step towards green consumerism

Corporate social responsibility is no longer something that is read on reviews. In fact, research suggests that 88% of customers would become loyal if the platform supports environmental concerns. Most of the major brands have committed to reducing waste and saving mother Earth. You can start assessing your business and see how you can make it even more sustainable. However, you must ensure that your customers know about it. This will aid in boosting your reputation. 


These are the top five eCommerce trends that you can look out for in 2021 and beyond. With such an incredible growth rate, eCommerce is likely to rise even more. Knowing about the trends will definitely aid your business in becoming one of the largest e-commerce companies. 

Want to have your ecommerce website or application? Consult our expert team at GoodWorkLabs and our dedicated developers will build a fantastic application for your brand. Contact us here!

Top 5 Ways AI Is Transforming The Healthcare Industry

AI or Artificial Intelligence has changed the world in ways that we couldn’t have even imagined. Such unpredictable and quick growth of AI in various sectors has led to the usage of innovative technology on a greater level. However, the one sector that seems to have benefited the most is healthcare. Did you know that the global revenue for AI in the healthcare industry is expected to cross USD 45.2 billion by the year 2026? 

Different ways AI is changing the healthcare market

With the assistance of AI, both patients and doctors have gained a wide array of benefits. Check out the five different ways that AI is transforming the healthcare industry as we know it. 

  • Medical diagnostics

Infusing AI in diagnostic machinery has improved the chances of getting accurate results to a great extent. It has essentially eliminated all the shortcomings. It has also made it easier for doctors to come up with a suitable treatment plan. With deep learning codes and algorithms, it is now easy to differentiate between clots and tumors. Moreover, this has led to the reduction of medical diagnostic errors by almost 50%. Furthermore, with smart diagnosis, healthcare is expected to improve even more. 

  • EHR or Electronic Health Records

The manual handling of patient health records is a tedious and time-consuming task. With a comprehensive volume of paperwork and the effort needed to ensure there are no errors, EHR has surely changed the scenario completely. Electronic Health Records or EHR automates the recording process with ease. With AI, it is now easy to identify the voice and interpret different languages. It leads to the saving of time and effort. Now, it is easy to gain access to information such as allergy details, medical history, etc. 

  • Digital assistants

Following up on appointments is not difficult anymore. It is understandable that doctors work round the clock tirelessly to offer healthcare services. With virtual nursing assistants, you can now ensure that you get the basic check-up. The AI-based systems will ask necessary health questions and then make a diagnosis depending on the symptoms you describe. Moreover, nowadays the chatbots can even assess handwritten images and texts without any issue. 

  • Surgical robots

AI-based robots have aided surgeons in operations successfully. Now, robots can ensure that there is exceptional precision while conducting surgeries. With these robots, patients can now expect better outcomes due to the availability of data. Fewer errors and increased efficiency make it easy for surgeons to treat patients. Moreover, it also offers real-time data to healthcare professionals during complex surgeries. Now, doctors don’t have to worry about trembling hands. 

  • Virtual consultation

With AI, digital consultation is easy and simple. Now, patients can interact with doctors without any hassle. Deep learning ensures that the user can make accurate decisions. Moreover, with the natural learning process, AI can help in answering the various queries of the patients. With the understanding of complicated sentences and other information, the virtual system can offer a genuine medical suggestion. 


It is without a doubt that AI has changed the healthcare industry massively. Now, medical professionals can opt for suitable treatment plans with the assistance of advanced diagnosis. Moreover, patients no longer have to wait in hospitals just to make appointments. With Chatbots and other technological innovations, patients can easily interact with healthcare professionals in times of need. Want to know more details about how AI can help your business to grow? Get in touch with our in-house AI experts at GoodWorkLabs, who will guide you through the benefits AI can bring when incorporated into your business processes. Contact here!

Tips To Help You Determine The Best Outsourcing Company For Your Project

Making the right decisions matters a lot in any business, especially if it is related to hiring or the workforce. When choosing an outsourcing partner for your business it becomes all the more difficult. 

You must have various questions in your mind such as – 

How to know if the company is legitimate? 
Will the external employees be serious about the work? 
What if I lose my money and time?

It is obvious to have doubts if it is the first time you are outsourcing your work or hiring virtual employees. But as per statistics and current trends, you should know that more and more companies are going this way due to the tremendous benefits they get. So why should you lag behind? 

To understand the amazing benefits outsourcing provides, let’s delve into some common questions that come across the minds of business owners when they think of outsourcing their work to an external company.


Should I outsource the work or hire more internal people to do it?


It is completely fine to check the pros and cons of both before you take one decision. But as a business owner or head, you play a number of roles and have pressure on your shoulders to get everything done and take your venture ahead, so you need to get things done in the easiest way possible. In that case, outsourcing the work to an external agency is a far easier and competent thing than hiring a full-fledged team for a specific work. Consider the cost associated, and time and other things before making the decision. 


Advantages of Staff Augmentation –


1. Business Continuity

Staff augmentation is the ideal solution for organizations at all times. They do not need to commit to employees and thus stay away from the pressure of commitments even during tough times. It allows enterprises to hire professionals with hands-on experience in the technologies they need currently, but it also helps them prepare for the future.


2. Staff Augmentation is not Hiring Freelancers.

Don’t confuse staff augmentation with hiring random freelancers to do the task for you. Rather Staff Augmentation is a much wider term.  With it, you get the whole team of developers to work together to deliver a software solution within the deadline. You can completely rely on the team to get your work done and not leave ou in despair. Like GoodWorkLabs expert team of developers are skilled and determined to deliver the work within deadline. Staff Augmentation can help you achieve your goals and meet client deliverables in time.


3. Cost Optimization

Hiring staff as per the work needs will reduce the employee cost significantly. Even training new employees is not needed as you get to hire skilled candidates and you pay them for only the work done. Further, hiring permanent employees also has other cost associated with it. Staff Augmentation services can help enterprises eliminate these costs rather than completely focus on the deliverables and satisfying the client.


4. Scale As U Wish

Staff Augmentation gives you to scale up or down with your staff needs based on project requirements. The liability is not the same as hiring a full-time employee hence saves you time and cost. This also gives enterprises the freedom to experiment too, without having to expand their teams.


5. Saves You Time

Staff Augmentation helps organizations innovate faster with the right team. The staffing company will take care of all the legal responsibilities and thus you can focus solely on getting your work done. With less administrative work and distraction, your work gets done on time.


6. Hiring is Easier

With the Staff Augmentation model, both are possible. While enterprises can hire resources that can help them save costs. Owing to a location advantage, they can also leverage the benefits of exploring new territories with local resources in untapped markets.

Summing Up

Staff Augmentation will prove to be a critical element of workforce planning. Get the best Staff augmentation service from GoodWorkLabs based out of Bangalore, India. Our dedicated team and expert group of developers will take up and complete your project within the specified timeline that too efficiently. Contact us with your requirement here!

Scaled Agile For Enterprise(SAFe): Know How It Can Benefit Your Business

The scaled agile framework also referred to as SAFe, is a set of methodology and organizational patterns that allows organizations to implement agile practices on an enterprise scale. The complete formation consists of structured guidance on individual responsibilities and roles, like how to plan, manage and synchronize work, and promote alignment, collaboration, and delivery across multiple agile teams. 

Scaled Agile Framework is an Agile methodology that allows companies to implement Agile practices at an enterprise level. SAFe is similar to other scaling agile frameworks, but what makes it stand apart is that it constitutes Lean thinking in its Agile practice. The addition of Lean thinking in the agile practice makes sure that the software development process is going ahead with agility in minimum time. 

Why should your business decide to scale Agile?

Enterprises looking forward to a better way to manage the complex, ever-evolving challenges they face, look for ways to scale Agile. It will help them to track and measure the various processes and initiatives that run the business and gain insights from it. 

Going Agile will help businesses deliver projects faster & better, beat the competition, and seize opportunities. The scaled agile framework method is not just for the IT team but for other departments as well. 

Few other reasons why organizations decide to scale Agile are:

  • To synchronize the team towards a common goal.
  • Manage incoming projects better to manage work. 
  • To set well-defined team roles. 
  • Better communication within the team 
Top 5 ways through which SAFe will benefit your business –


1. Improving quality

Scaled Agile Framework has built-in quality practices that ensure that quality is maintained and followed across all levels and teams. Maintaining quality in all work practices and deliverables is crucial for organizations and it will eventually reduce reworks.

2. Increased level of Productivity

Scaled Agile Framework ensures that all the teams are well-aligned and works with collaboration until project completion. A clear understanding between stakeholders, team, and even customers increases the quality of work delivered and thereby overall productivity.

3. Shorter time-to-market

With scaled agile frameworks, organizations are able to deliver value to the market quickly. Delivering value in less time will ultimately lead to improvements in customer satisfaction and team engagement.

4. A specific set of practices

Scaled Agile Framework offers a specific set of practices, mainly agile and lean practices that are utilized by teams to develop software. This aligns the teams towards a common mission and results in producing high-quality software.

5. Offers complete transparency

Scaled Agile Framework offers complete transparency in the software development process from the beginning to the end. This level of clarity generates confidence for both the internal team members and the clients. 


Read more: AI Trends in 2021 – Read Details

Applying Scaled Agile Framework helps organizations deliver value and even increase customer satisfaction levels. It also creates a more productive environment for the team.  

Organizations look forward to scaled Agile to increase visibility across the enterprise. When a greater level of transparency and clarity is there, it helps everyone in the organization to identify opportunities to accelerate delivery. It also increases product quality, and space for continuous improvement, creating overall a more sustainable system. Various top brands like FitBit, Accenture, Sony, Cisco, etc has made SAFe a part of their journey.


Wrapping Up

Summarizing all the aspects that we have discussed so far, adopting the scaled agile framework for your organization will be fruitful in many ways. Be it higher productivity, increased quality, better team collaboration, and shorter time to market, SAFe is making the software development process easier and faster. 

Want to know more about how your organization can benefit from it? Get customized solutions and a free consultation with GoodWorkLabs, the renowned software development company that develops world-class products through Agile methodologies. Contact us now!

How To Select Remote Developers for Your Web & Mobile Application?

COVID-pandemic has brought both health and humanitarian crises. Several companies have adapted to the situation to safeguard health and find new ways to ensure business continuity. Across industries, there is a need for transformation & reimagine new ways of working. Hire remote developers is one such way to ensure continuous development, scalability, and quick ramping of teams.

If you plan to launch a web or mobile app, it is important to hire dedicated remote developers. Skilled and expert developers play an important role critical to the success of your project. Companies and critics skeptical of remote developers due to long-held assumptions are now embracing the hire developer model. This model gives companies the flexibility and agility to scale teams.

Here are Advantages to Hire Remote Developers for Your Project
Continuous Development

Offshore Dedicated development teams work in different time zones, giving your business continuous and much-needed development support. This ensures that you have a quicker time to market. While it might not be possible to deploy an in-house team that works round-the-clock, it is possible to hire remote developers offering continuous development support, integration, maintenance, and strategic support related to deployment. Regular meetings with remote teams with overlapping schedules will help meet development and immediately solve the technical glitches.

Enhances Scalability

Hiring remote developers offers quick scalability to businesses with relatively fewer risks and overhead costs. With remote developers, you can hire experts with a background in niche technologies to bridge skills deficits. Whether there is a seasonal peak, change in business realities, or stringent deadlines, you can ensure quick scalability or ramp down the team.

A dedicated team of developers can manage a suite of tasks ranging from the web or mobile app development, theme customization, plugin development, or a new mobile app.

Access to Global Talent Pool

A dedicated development team consists of an agile workforce quickly learning new technologies in the tech world and constantly upgrading skills to meet different project needs. The dedicated offshore team also solves these problems by embracing change and allowing the creation and implementation of innovative training programs.

When you hire remote web or mobile app developers, you can multiply productivity with access to skilled talent and re-align resources to activities related to revenue generation.

Ability to Focus on Your Core Business

For a non-technical founder or an entrepreneur, the option to hire remote developers, designers, or QA professionals offers the much-needed flexibility. Owners can focus more on growing their venture and other critical aspects such as sales, marketing, business development, and client relations. Hiring remote mobile and web developers allow founders to invest more time in critical business activities. It reduces stress as experts handle development activities.

Augment In-House Team

Remote developers can augment and expand the strength of in-house teams. After all, remote developers provide the critical skills and technical expertise required in the project when they’re needed most. Remote developers can bridge the knowledge gap existing in the in-house team, and in some cases, remote developers complete repetitive tasks so that in-house teams can focus on complex issues. Demand for dedicated development teams is increasing exponentially across different domains, especially high-growth industries such as retail, real estate, manufacturing.

Lower Overheads

Cost arbitrage is one of the key benefits for businesses ranging from startups to mid-size companies. It saves companies from investing in technology infrastructure, recruitments, benefits, training & development, and more. This could be a decisive factor or breakthrough for companies looking to scale.

Process of Hiring an Offshore Development Team for Your Project

Hiring an offshore development team is a daunting task. It could be a challenging and often a daunting process. Here are steps to follow

Be Clear About Your Web or Mobile App Project Requirements

It is impotent to know your project requirement clearly to identify the right talent for your project. The most important step is to share accurate information about the project, tech stack, level of expertise, and attract remote developers.

Check the Developer Portfolio

Evaluate the ratio of completed projects and platforms. Also, try to understand their roles in the app development process. Whether the role was about supporting senior developers or it was all about completing the project single-handedly, answers to these questions will let you know the depth of the experience. Equally important is to know about domain expertise and the ability to work on complex projects.

Interview for Values and Cultural Fit

During your first round of interviews with a developer, know the culture and values. This is a crucial quality fit which is the key to successful remote team players. It is the values, passion for work, and acumen that will make a dedicated team of developers an asset. Also, gauge the developer’s ability to manage priorities as well as work independently in a fast-paced environment.

Questions for a remote worker to understand personality traits

  • Do you have any experience in a remote position?
  • The biggest challenges faced during remote work, how did you overcome them?
  • Are you able to work independently?
  • Familiarity with project management tools, calendar, and task management apps?
  • Do you work independently and troubleshoot problems independently?
  • Can you remember a technical problem in a previous project? What problem was it? How did you resolve it?
  • What is your strategy to overcome problems in web or mobile app development projects?
Technical Screening

Since you are hiring for a technical project, it is crucial to conduct a technical round of interviews to evaluate the depth of a candidate’s technical knowledge. Several Technical assessment tools help you to save time and money by selecting the most suitable candidates. You can assign a trial project to find the problem-solving, analytical, coding, and logical thinking of developers.

Wrapping Up

These are some of the factors that determine the cost of the mobile app design. In order to launch a successful app, why not connect with the best? Contact the best mobile app development company in Bangalore, GoodWorkLabs! GoodWork’s team of expert developers and designers will make sure you get the best application! Contact here

Steps To Launch An eCommerce Store

With the lethal pandemic still looming, people have shifted their focus to online shopping. While the change in mindset was slowly progressing over the years, covid-19 seems to have accelerated it. Now, online shopping has gained immense popularity. Especially for millennials, in their busy schedules, they always prefer to order things online and get them delivered than going out and shopping. If you have been wanting to launch your own eCommerce store, now is a perfect time. An eCommerce store gives numerous advantages to businesses. However, in order to build the best eCommerce site, you must get in touch with experts. Every minute detail matters and can affect sales. 

GoodWorkLabs, one of the renowned companies in Bangalore develops amazing web and mobile applications and has built various leading eCommerce stores.  

With the assistance of an experienced web development company, you can have a successful eCommerce website for your business too.

How to launch an eCommerce store?

Launching an eCommerce store is not an easy feat. There are several steps that you must follow in order to set up a thriving site. 

  • Research and choose the niche

Before progressing any further, you must conduct extensive research on the eCommerce space. Dedicate a substantial amount of time understanding the various aspects. Then, you need to focus on choosing the right niche. For instance, you can sell products to specific niches such as lifestyle, travel, food, etc. 

  • Opt for a business name

Then, you must focus on choosing a business name. You must ensure that the name you opt for is unique and not used by other companies. Keep in mind that using a name that is already patented is a wrong move. It can cause legal repercussions. 

  • Select a legal structure

After this, you need to decide the legal structure of the business. There are various entities that you can choose from such as general partnership, sole proprietorship, corporation, or LLC. In order to make the best decision, you must research all of them and check out the pros and cons. 

  • Get the necessary business licenses and permits

The next step involves attaining the necessary licenses and permits. Keep in mind that different regions require various permits. For that, you must take legal consultation and follow their advice religiously. 

  • Secure a domain name

After you have the permits and licenses, you will need to get an appropriate domain name. It is advisable that you choose the dot-com version. It may be expensive, but it will give you an edge financially in the long term. Moreover, make sure that the site name and the business name are the same. 

  • Select a revenue model

Now, you must decide on the revenue model. There are various ways that you can make money online. For instance, you can choose product sales or advertising sales. You can also opt for more than one revenue model for your eCommerce store. 

  • Design the website

In this step, you must envision the website layout. You need to collaborate with professionals to ensure that your idea comes to fruition. Here, the dashboard must be easy to use and intuitive. Along with that, there are various other things that comes into play while launching a full-fledged store. Consult the expert eCommerce site development firm and they will guide you perfectly. 

  • Market the products

The last step involves the marketing of the products or services in the eCommerce store. For this, you can take the assistance of a marketing expert. A new website will need a reliable SEO strategy to get significant traffic to the site. You can opt for paid advertising to get the best results. 

Final thoughts

These are the steps that you can follow to launch an eCommerce store. However, if you want to establish a successful eCommerce site, you must take the assistance of professionals. They can efficiently transform your vision into a realistic website that attracts a lot of consumers. Contact GoodWorkLabs, they have an expert team of developers and UX designs that will make sure that your store stands out from the crowd and also appeals to the customers. Start your digital journey now. Contact GoodWorkLabs here!

Factors Affecting The Cost Of A Mobile App Design

In this era of digitization, most business organizations opt for a mobile app to retain user attention. With some quick swipes and information at hand, consumers have become accustomed to different types of apps. However, developing these applications is not an easy task. The cost of building an app that can gain mass approval is tremendous. That is why you must seek the assistance of experts, who can make things easier for you. Why not choose an experienced team to do the work for you? Especially when you are unsure about the technical jargons and the various factors that can affect the success of your application. 

One important thing to consider is the cost associated with the development of a mobile application. In simple terms, the more features and advanced design you opt for, the higher is the cost. But there are certainly other factors that play a role in deciding the cost of mobile app development. Let’s discuss in details the major factors that affect the cost of mobile app design – 

  • App type

The type of app you want to develop plays a crucial role. You can choose from – simple mobile apps, gaming apps, hybrid apps, native apps, etc. If you opt for the simple one, the cost will be less and vice-versa.  If you want an app for both android and iOS then going for hybrid app development will be a better option. 

  • Size of the app

Another vital criterion is the app size. These can be categorized into – large, medium, and small. Large apps are considerably complex and have numerous features. Medium apps are built for only one platform but have different characteristics. In the case of simple apps, there are limited functionalities. 

  • Platform

Now, deciding the platform for which the app is built can influence the cost. For instance, if it supports both iOS and Android, then the price will be more. Moreover, developing the app on a hybrid app development model will make it easier to launch on another platform. 

  • Visual designs

Visual designs consist of icons, themes, logos, user interface, and several other pointers. The cost depends on the complexity of the visual designs, the expertise of the designer, and the timeframe of the project. 

  • Features

As a general rule, the more characteristics, the higher will be the cost. You can eliminate features if you think that it is exceeding the pre-set budget. You cannot miss the basic features such as navigation, user login, messaging, payment gateway, etc. but can eliminate the add-ons. 

  • Prototype

Before the actual app is launched, the prototype is made and repeatedly tested. It is to ensure that the ultimate result is free of glitches. 

  • Testing

With the growing features and other aspects, it is vital to test the application. It is to ensure that the users have a hassle-free rich user experience. Moreover, it will also allow the development team to iron out the issues. 

  • Security

Security is one of the most crucial factors that can influence the cost. It is vital to remember that the app will hold critical personal information. You must opt for cutting-edge security features to protect these data. For this, you can use encryption technology. 

  • Maintenance 

Mobile applications need constant maintenance. Moreover, you also need to offer updates periodically. It is vital to address the issues of the customers and resolve them. Furthermore, revamping the app appearance from time to time is essential to maintain & retain user attention. 

  • Marketing

Marketing is also a crucial factor when deciding on the cost of app design. It is vital that you promote your app, otherwise just making an application is of no use. Keep in mind that if people don’t know about your application, they are unlikely to use it. You will have to employ more than one strategy of effective marketing. 

Wrapping Up

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