Top 5 Things To Include In Your Fitness Application


Owing to the fast-paced lifestyle, more and more people are finding it difficult to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is where the fitness applications come to the rescue. They offer a wide range of features, making it easy for individuals to stay fit and healthy. For instance, some fitness apps track the intake of nutrition in foods consumed throughout the day, while others read the water intake. Moreover, there are numerous fitness apps that focus on counting steps, calories, etc.

Must-have Features in your fitness application

Nowadays, fitness applications boast a wide range of features to entice users. However, we have made a list of the features that you must include in your fitness app. It will help you to attract more users with ease. These are –

  • Set goals

The main purpose of fitness applications is to make sure that the users are able to obtain desired results. With the feature of setting goals, you can attain results with ease. Moreover, you can set up small goals, achieve them, and then set up bigger objectives.

Apart from this, you can also track metrics. The data will definitely motivate the user to attain their goals.

  • User personalization

Customization is one of the most vital features of a fitness app. Here, the application collects information such as gender, height, age, weight, etc. This aids in the development of a perfect workout or nutrition plan. Apart from increasing profit from the app, it also maximizes user experience.

Moreover, if the app is capable of addressing the needs of the users, then you count on the users to come back again and again. Integration of beneficial features can enhance the popularity of the app significantly.

  • Device integration

Availability of multiple devices is normal in today’s world. That is exactly why synchronization with more than one device type is absolutely essential. To make your fitness app a hit, you must ensure seamless integration with wearable watches and smartphones.

Apart from this, access to basic information must also be available on laptops or computers. It indicates that some data has to be stored in cloud storage space.

  • Push notifications

Another essential feature that has found its way into a fitness application is push notifications. It is true that the right usage of notifications can aid in improving customer engagement rate considerably. In the case of a fitness application, these notifications serve as a reminder to the user to start the exercise regimen or have a glass of water. Marketing automation can assist in making sure that the push notifications have an effect.

  • Activity summaries

One of the most crucial features of a successful fitness application is activity details. With this feature, the user can get an overview of the activities on the basis of months, days, or any other stipulated time period. The main functionality of this feature is that users can track their progress and set goals for the long term. Apart from motivating the user, activity summaries can also make you understand what you need to do to achieve your goal.


These are some of the characteristics that you must incorporate in your fitness application. Apart from this, you can also include other features that separate your app from others in the market. However, if you want to launch a successful fitness app, you must get in touch with one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore, GoodWorkLabs. Being an expert UX design studio they will make sure that your application stands unique and fascinates users. To discuss further, contact here!

Top 5 Advantages Of Hiring Remote Developers

The lethal pandemic has transformed our view on work culture completely. Owing to safety issues, most businesses are shifting to the work-from-home model. Launching a new mobile or web application requires the assistance of skilled developers. In this case, hiring remote developers is an excellent idea. IT professionals have the unique advantage of being able to complete their work with only a laptop or computer and a high-speed internet connection. Though remote working has faced numerous criticisms in the past, it seems that this is the new norm right now.

Benefits of recruiting remote developers

There is a wide range of advantages that you can gain from hiring remote developers. No wonder it is fast becoming one of the new but efficient working concepts. Here, check out the various benefits listed –

  • Increases scalability

One of the major advantages of recruiting remote talent is quick scalability. Moreover, business organizations also stand to benefit from reduced overhead costs and a decrease in risks. Companies can hire specifically skilled professionals and fill deficits in their ranks.

  • Aids in continuous development

It is not possible for an in-house team of developers to work 24/7 but with remote developers, you can achieve this. Offshore developers work in various time zones, meaning that there is continuous development round the clock. However, regular meetings are essential to make sure everyone is on the same page.

  • Improves flexibility

By hiring remote developers, you can now concentrate on other aspects of your business. For instance, you can focus on marketing or client relations while you let the professionals handle the development area. Now, it is possible to invest time in other crucial business activities.

  • Boosts the in-house team strength

Business organizations can add to the strength of their in-house team by hiring remote developers. By choosing specific developers, they can bridge the gaps. That explains the high demand for remote development teams in various sectors. Moreover, with experienced remote developers, you can expect them to share their expertise and guide your in-house team.

  • Access to numerous talents

The availability of numerous talented professionals means that the companies can choose the one that aligns with their needs the most. For a project to be successful, an agile yet focused development team is of paramount importance. This way, you can improve work productivity significantly. Most remote developers are either retired or have plenty of experience. Having such talent in your business is a boon.

  • Decrease overheads

One of the massive benefits companies can gain from hiring remote developers is the low overheads. Here, businesses can save money in the recruitment process. Moreover, they also don’t have to spend on building the technology infrastructure and other benefits. For a business looking to upscale, this is a major decisive factor.

  • Enhances work productivity

With remote developers, companies can take more projects. This will inevitably increase the profit rates and, in turn, benefit the remote employees too.

What’s more?

Apart from continuous development and enhanced flexibility, hiring remote developers also assists in adding scalability to your project. Moreover, you don’t have to worry about any situation having an impact on the work. That is mainly why most business organizations are embracing this new work culture with zeal.

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Importance of Designing In Mobile Application Development

The development of an efficient mobile application is not enough to make it popular. There are various other factors that you need to consider. One of the main criteria that can grab user attention is the UI and UX of the mobile app. The app needs to be well-designed in order to gain mass approval. For that, you need to get in touch with experts to help you build the best applications. Such as goodWorkLabs the renowned UI & UX studio in Bangalore. GoodWorkLabs’  team of experts can handle the intricacies of app development, while you deal with other aspects of the business. The team will offer you valuable suggestions and make your dreams a reality. 

Reasons why designing is the most significant factor in mobile app development

There are billions of mobile apps out there in the market. But, only a few witness immense success. So, what distinguishes successful apps from others? One of the primary reasons is the design, i.e look & feel of the app. If it’s not attractive, unique, and appealing, and easy to navigate your users will lose interest easily.

Check out some of the basic reasons why designing is considered the most vital criteria in mobile app development – 

  • Attract consumers

The main reason why design is so utterly crucial is due to the fact that it can grab the attention of the consumers. If your app has marvellous visuals and an intriguing theme, you can keep the interest of the users. Moreover, soothing colour palettes and infographics are also a huge help. If the first few minutes do not intrigues the user. they are unlikely to use it a minute longer. 

  • Cater to all customer base

Attracting customers is not enough for the growth of a mobile application. You need to work towards building a customer base that becomes loyal with time. A responsive UI and an easy-to-navigate user experience can help you reach this goal. For this, you must ensure that there are no unnecessary complications. Keep in mind that not all customers are tech-savvy. You are likely to lose more customers than gaining if you use a complicated UI. 

  • Enhance the brand image

In order to get ahead of the competition, you need to have an incredible UI/UX. It is vital to remember that the app is a reflection of your brand image. If the design is sub-par, it will automatically pull down the reputation you have worked so hard to cultivate. That is specifically why you need to make sure that the design is unique but eye-catching. 

Are UI and UX the same?

No, absolutely not! UI and UX are totally different factors that are vital in the development of a mobile application. UX is the acronym for User Experience. In layman’s terms, it is the experience that a user has when they use the app. It must be simple, easy, and exciting to grab user attention. On the other hand, UI or User Interface refers to the various pages, screens, and other visual elements that allow the consumer to use the app. Though UX and UI are distinct factors, these need to align in order to offer the best experience to the users. 

For complete details on UI & UX, you can check out this blog post – Why Is UI/UX Important In An Application? Read Details 

Final words

These are the reasons that explain why designing is the most crucial factor in mobile app development. Only by hiring the most skilled professionals can you get high-quality services! If you want to launch an app that can instantly attract users, you must get in touch with one of the best mobile app development companies in Bangalore, GoodWorkLabs. Being an expert UX design studio they will make sure that your application stands unique and fascinates users. To discuss further, contact here!

What Makes iOS Applications More Secure Than Others?

Smartphone applications have become a part of peoples’ daily life. Security isn’t the first thing we think of while purchasing an application, but it is a matter of concern. iOS users stand at an advantage here. Though Android also has the required security protocols in place, but it is iOS that has the upper hand in terms of security. iOS applications mitigate the risk of data leakage and security harms. The apps developed in iOS are much more secure than the Android application. 


So are you thinking, what makes iOS applications so secure?


Here are the top features that make iOS applications so secure – 


Data Protection API: All versions of iOS, after iOS 4, have an inbuilt security feature of Data Protection. The feature allows the iOS app to encrypt and decrypt its files automatically. This feature is by default activated in iOS apps, but you can configure it as per your need. 


KeyChain API: Keychain is a hardware-oriented secure data storage that stores small data such as passwords, certificates, and credentials. The iOS has its own dedicated space in the Keychain that does not allow access to other apps. This way, the system provides you the highest level of security.


CloudKit: The CloudKit allows you to store data in Apple’s iCloud by using your Apple ID. It enables the security feature by which your app and the server’s commutation can be done using Apple’s client-side CloudKit framework. 


Verifying Signature: iOS applications use verified signatures. Before sending a message, you need a private or public key pair. This signature is then sent together with the receiver’s actual data, using the public key to validate the signature.


Encrypted Data Transfer: The airdrop got introduced with IOS 7. It allows you to share files with just a tap. The files are encrypted, but this service lets you be visible only to your contacts by default. If you require, you can change the settings. 


Highly Secure Authentication: iOS is known for its authentication feature. Face Recognition, fingerprint authentication, and eye recognition are some of the features that iOS bought it first in the industry. 


HTTPs: iOS launched a new feature called App Transport Security (ATS) that improves the security of the connecting network by blocking HTTP connections. Otherwise, HTTP connections are not that firm.  


Why iOS?

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and businesses are investing in iOS app development for a secure and reliable mobile application. The primary reason being the security features. But there are much more benefits of the iPhone Operating System. With every new launch of iOS versions and updates, its security features are becoming more sturdy. Leading the way with innovation, iOS focuses to make data encrypt and firm. Though the iOS devices come with high prices than other operating systems, their users know its value and are ready to pay for it. 

Creating a reliable, secure, and powerful iOS is not an easy process. Data security is the highest priority & iOS always tries to perform in terms of safety. 


Choose GoodWorkLabs

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Top 10 Tips To Follow While Redesigning Your Website 

A website authorizes the online presence of a brand. Every business should have a good responsive website which they should keep updated. Redesigning the complete website is also an important factor that plays role in the success of your site. There are various factors that are important for the success of your website such as page load time, navigation, amazing visuals, responsiveness, etc. Without an excellent website design no matter how good your product or services are, it will be of no use as the customer won’t navigate the site. 

One of the major concerns during redesigning a website is that you need to be even more careful than you were while designing the website for the first time. As any mistake now will lead to even more downtime and you could lose your current customers instead of gaining more. So in this blog, we will discuss the top ten tips that you should follow while redesigning your current website. Read on – 

1. The UI/UX matters 

Make sure to redesign your site in a way that it becomes even more engaging to customers. The site must be easily navigable and have a good layout. You also need to ensure that your site is functioning properly and the UI/UX further enhances the whole thing. The website also needs to be simplistic for visitors and they get what they are seeking instantly.   

2. Page load time

The page load time is an important factor that brings in new visitors to your site. While redesigning make sure not to overboard with images and pages or you will surely lose visitors if your site loads slowly. A slow load time can impact your SEO also. Hence, you should ensure that you work on decreasing the load time or atleast do not slow it.

3. Know the pros and cons of your website 

Before delving into the work, you must do a thorough analysis of your website. This will give you a clear picture of what you are looking for and how your site should appear after the redesign. You should know what you have to work on and what is fine. You can also compare with another site to know what you want and do not want. Make sure to share it with your website design company. 

4. Fix the mobile website experience

Most people use their mobile devices to navigate and do work. So it is an important factor to consider in your website designing strategy. You must know whether your website is responsive or it has any flaws and then works on it in your redesigning process. Give priority to mobile-friendly websites first. 

5. Fix an accurate budget

Fixing a budget prior to delving into the process is a major step you need to take up. If you are of the view that redesigning will cost you less than what you paid for in the first place then probably you are wrong. As with time technology changes, labour cost changes and there are various other things that come into play. It also depends on the different features and functionalities you need to integrate into the website. Hence, keep your budget in mind and then move forward. 

6. Analyze your site

Before delving into redesigning you must analyze all the outputs of your current site. In this way, you can later compare between the new site and the older one. This will give you an insight into ROI and the improvements your business has made after the upgradation. Hence, ensure to ask for these metrics from your web designing agency. 

7. Hire the right team for Website Redesign

It is really important to connect with a good website designing company, who will perform your website redesigning. The company should have experience in similar work and make sure to check out their portfolio before signing the deal. After all, your website is the face of your business on the internet and you cannot trust any random one for revamping it. 

8. Market it properly

Just redesigning the website will fetch you nothing if it is not marketed properly. Yes, you need to do this work again and relaunch your updated website. As you already have a customer base hence it will be easier this time but you need to inform your current and potential customers. This will give a boost to your site and more leads to your business. 

9. Provide a Proper Contact Information

Call to Action or CTA is a very important addition to your website that will direct your visitors to contact you. But one more thing that you should ensure is error-free, that is the contact us page. Your clients must get to connect with you easily. Display your contact information on almost every page so that clients can connect with you instantly. It is also advisable to have multiple ways of contacting you. 

10. Rethink your Brand’s voice

As soon as a user’s lands on your site they make an opinion about it in just a few seconds to you need to make an impact immediately otherwise you’ll lose the attention. For that rethink your brand and what exactly you want to portray yourself to your customers. Hence, make sure to add the USP, the CTA and your products or services alongside testimonials in a clear view.

Wrapping Up

All the above ten points are a basic checklist that you must follow while redesigning your site. By avoiding the mistakes and working on pain points will help you accomplish whatever you have strategized for your website. But the foremost thing you need for it is a good website designing team that will do the work for you. Do thorough research before assigning the work and discuss everything in detail. This will ensure there are no problems later on. 

You can connect with GoodWorkLabs for all your website development and revamping needs. Connect with the expert team here. 

Top 5 Ways You Can Increase Your Brand Visibility Through A Mobile Application

In this era of technological advancement, smartphones have reached billions of people. It is no longer a luxurious commodity. In fact, statistics indicate that there are more than 6.378 billion smartphone users across the globe in 2021. The number is only likely to increase with time. With numerous people having access to mobile devices, applications have gained massive popularity. Most business organizations understand the opportunity to get close to customers and thus, use their app to do so.

Can your mobile application assist you in marketing your brand?

While the question is valid, the answer is yes if you conduct your due research. With the right mobile application, you can reach more customers and thus, increase your brand visibility with ease. Take a look at the reasons that indicate the importance of an application in marketing –

  • Increase in customer retention

An attractive but easy to navigate mobile application will definitely grab the user’s attention. Now, if you add value to the app and actually resolve the issues of the customers, then you can increase customer retention with ease. For this, you can also start loyalty programs. With this, you can soon gain a loyal customer base.

  • Direct communication with customers

Improving direct communication between the customers and the brand plays a major role in increasing brand awareness. The mobile application offers detailed information to consumers and sets up a path for effective communication. Moreover, the personalization of the app as per the users makes them feel more valued.

  • Having an edge over other competitors

In this era of fierce competitiveness, having an edge over other opponents is a must. To make sure that you retain your consumers, you need to focus on communication speed. The quicker you resolve issues and listen to the complaints of your customers, the more satisfied they will be. With more satisfaction comes the need to stay with your app.

  • Utilization of social media platforms

It is vital to note that the more time consumers spend on your app, the higher are your chances of making more profits. One of the best ways is to integrate your mobile application with different social media platforms. For this, an effective social media campaign can be helpful. Encouraging users to log in via social media channels can actually help in seamless social sharing in the future. Moreover, you can also have access to feedbacks. Gone are the days where brands had to collect information from third-party surveys.

  • Development of a unique marketing channel

With the mobile application, you can offer a wide array of features to the users. For instance, with the search feature, the user can now easily locate what they want. The extensive information that an app can offer to the consumer makes it all the more useful. Ultimately, it helps the users in buying your products or services.


These reasons clearly explain how a mobile application can aid the brand in implementing a marketing strategy that earns more profit for the brand. Apart from being available 24/7, apps also decode the needs of the consumers and increase the levels of customer engagement. However, for that, you must seek the assistance of the best mobile application development company. Only with the combination of the right features and design can you attract the audience and gain success.

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What Makes A Mobile Game More Engaging?

With the change in the gamers’ demographics, mobile games have gained massive popularity. Gone are the days where games were restricted to young males who had little else to do in life. That is exactly why launching an engaging mobile game app can make you huge bucks. But, there is a twist. You must be able to retain user attention and make sure that they pay for your offerings. In order to attain that, you need to brainstorm strategies and choose the best ones during game development. 

Tips to make mobiles games more engaging

Making a good game is simply not enough. You need to make it more exciting in order to retain user attention. Here are some pointers that you can keep in mind to make mobile games more engaging. 

  • Create a unique story

It is without a doubt that a good story serves as a great motivator. Users want to know what is going to happen next. This will encourage them to continue playing the game. As a result, you will garner more usage, leading to an increase in revenue eventually. 

  • Add more levels

One of the most innovative strategies to keep the players interested is to add more levels. You must challenge the gamers while arranging the level in the order of difficulty. Start with easy ones and then add a little bit of difficulty with each stage. It will keep the users hooked. 

  • Easy to learn

For your mobile game to be successful, you need to integrate an excellent learning curve. That means that the first few levels need to be tutorial-types. After that, you must increase the level of difficulty. It is foolish to think that your audience can master the most difficult levels at once.

  • Encourage exploration

Plant surprises within the game and encourage users to click in random places. Make sure to place some rewards and bonuses in strategic positions. This will motivate the gamers to explore the game and pique their curiosity in playing the game.

  • Offer incentives

You can make the mobile game even more exciting by adding some incentives within the game. For instance, you are developing a racing game. Apart from dodging blockades, you can intrigue the users by placing some coins on the road. You can then let the users pay the coin for more lives. 

  • Integrate customization

Customization in the game can make it even more appealing to gamers. For instance, you can allow them to dress up their characters in various clothing styles. In the case of cars, you can offer different models with variations in colors.  It is the best way to grab user attention and retain it.

  • Play with friends

Make sure that your game has the option to include other people while one person is playing the game. It will encourage users to invite their friends to play the game. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient means for growing traffic organically. 


These are the tips that you can follow to develop intriguing mobile games. It is vital to understand the needs of your target audience and keep that in consideration while developing the game. Apart from making the game interesting, you must also focus on the graphics quality, placement of ads, and addition of music. But, to gain success, you need to choose the best game development company. Checkout GoodWorkLabs, based out of Bangalore, India. Their amazing team develops awesome games, for more details contact the team here. 

How Machine Learning Can Help You Make Better Decisions?

Recent technologies have aided business organizations in retrieving massive data amounts. If interpreted correctly, it could provide valuable insight into consumer behavior, driving up sales considerably. Moreover, it gives the basis to form actionable plans. However, without leveraging the information present in this data, you can’t hope to propel your brand into the path of success. Here, Machine learning plays a significant role. With Machine Learning, businesses can now gain more scalability while improving their operation across the globe.

Benefits of machine learning in making better business decisions

There are numerous advantages that brands can gain from implementing ML into their business decision-making process. It is true that ML aids in the extraction of useful information from a massive amount of raw data. Take a look at why integrating ML into your business is a beneficial idea –

  • Predict consumer behavior

One of the most advantageous aspects of using machine learning is to predict customer behavior. By having valuable insights on purchasing patterns and behavior of the client, brands can recommend products accordingly.  Moreover, now companies can use the massive amount of store data to get vital information on consumers.

  • Prevent manual errors

Inaccurate data entry can lead to a plethora of issues. Moreover, it is a much bigger issue than you realize. However, with machine learning’s predictive model algorithms, there is a considerable reduction in the chance of manual errors. This way, the employees can use the time saved to carry out other tasks.

  • Aids in predictive maintenance

Predictive maintenance is essentially the discovery of meaningful patterns and analyses that often remain hidden within the factory data. Most often, mining this data becomes exceedingly expensive. However, with the integration of Machine Learning, predictive maintenance is not that expensive or hard anymore. Moreover, you can also reduce the risks of unnecessary costs and sudden failures.

  • Detects spam

Did you know that businesses have often used machine learning to detect spam? With the aid of Machine Learning, it is now used to recognize spam and get rid of them. Gone are the days of using the rule-based technique to detect spam.

  • Assist in financial analysis

Integration of machine learning to assist in algorithmic trading or fraud detection is a massive millstone. Machine Learning can assess the massive quantitative data and offer valuable insights. The inclusion of Machine Learning in Chatbots in the near future is a very real possibility.

  • Helps to create product recommendations

Usage of Machine Learning to create personalized product recommendations can become particularly beneficial for eCommerce websites. Machine Learning uses algorithms to track the purchase history of consumers. Then, it is matched with the product inventory, and the discovery of patterns takes place. After that, these products are listed and suggested to consumers. It will propel them to at least browse your products.

  • Analyzes images

Did you know that you can derive symbolic knowledge by assessing images? With machine learning, it is now easy to get data from image recognition. Numerous industries can benefit from the information extracted from images. Some of these include automobiles, healthcare, etc.


These are some of the reasons why using machine learning is an excellent business approach. It not only analyzes customer behavior and predicts valuable data but also eliminates manual labor. Moreover, keeping up with the latest technology will only aid you to keep your brand ahead of the competition. For the best experience, you must seek assistance from the best Machine Learning Company. You can consult GoodWorkLabs for any queries related to machine learning. Contact the team here.

Top 10 Reasons Why Your Business Should Have An eCommerce Website

In this era of technological advancement, keeping up with the digital space is a must for every business. With the rise in mobile phones and increased interest in online shopping, having an eCommerce website is a boon. If you don’t already have a viable eCommerce site to supplement your brand, you are lagging behind your competition.

With an attractive yet functional eCommerce website, you not only satisfy customer expectations but also draw in new clients. Moreover, you can increase sales revenue and market your products in yet another way.

Why must every business have an eCommerce website?

If you are still not convinced about the need for an eCommerce site, take a look at the reasons explained below –

1. Round the clock assistance

Online stores are never shut down. They operate efficiently 24 hours a day without any breaks. That means customers can place orders whenever they want without having to worry about closing times. This is bound to appeal to customers.

2. Global reach

With a viable eCommerce website, there is a potential to harness the global market. However, for that, you will need to add certain features that allow customers across the world to place orders and get them.

3. Get new customers

Integrating SEO marketing tactics to your ecommerce website can help you to get new customers. If your store shows up in the search engine results, you can expect more consumers.

4. Source of revenue

It is true that having an online store creates another source to generate revenue for your business. In this era, most people prefer online shopping. Your brand is bound to benefit from this modification in consumer behavior.

5. Increased convenience

Perhaps, the most advantageous aspect of an ecommerce website is convenience. Consumers get the opportunity to shop from wherever they want. Moreover, they can shop at all hours.

6. Enriched customer experience

With the option of search and choose products of their liking, online sites can improve customer experience substantially.

7. Decrease in overhead prices

There is little doubt that running an eCommerce store is much less expensive when compared to a physical one. Here, you don’t have to worry about security measures, the rental price for the shop, utility bills, etc.

8. Personalization

Customization can help you cement the loyalty of the existing customers. You can provide order tracking, product recommendations, delivery confirmation message, and more based on the shopping history. This way, you can make customers feel valued.

9. Improved brand awareness

Another great benefit of opening up an eCommerce site is the increase in brand awareness. The more social media mentions you get, the more you can expand the brand visibility. As a result, more people will know your site and come to shop.

10. Saves time

Online stores drive up the delivery time significantly. As soon as the customer places the order, the material is packed, shipped, and delivered. Moreover, the customers can refrain from visiting the psychical store and save a considerable amount of time.


These are the top ten reasons that explain why having the presence of an ecommerce website is an advantage for brands. Apart from keeping existing customers happy, it aids in expanding brand visibility. Moreover, you can promote your products or services while increasing the speed and quality of service delivery. However, to thrive, you need the aid of the best web development company to develop a successful eCommerce website. Consult GoodWorkLabs for all information related to web application development. Contact them here.

How AI Is Transforming The Retail Industry?

The role of AI or Artificial Intelligence in the retail industry is finally coming to the surface. As per studies, presently, the spending of the retail industry is around $49 million. After the inclusion of AI, it is expected to rise to $12 billion by 2023. The AI in the retail industry is estimated to increase more than 200% in terms of spending within 2023. The statistics clearly indicate the prevalence of this technology in the market.

With AI, retailers can gain more information on consumers. It will inevitably change the entire makeup of the retail sector. However, to stay ahead in the game, retailers need to understand, learn and adopt AI into their business. It is vital to understand the impact of AI in retail before using it.

Advantages of AI in the retail industry

There are numerous benefits that retailers can gain from the adoption of AI into their business. Take a look at some of the advantages of having more knowledge.

Better customer experience

With the use of AI, retailers can now offer a smooth and rich shopping experience to their customers. The AI-integrated mobile phones can aid in the sale of products, thereby leading to an increase in conversion rates. Moreover, a more customized approach can sway consumers to shop with you even more.

Optimization of tasks

It is without a doubt that with the integration of AI, routine tasks get instant automation. Moreover, this technology can also assist in highly demanding work. For instance, AI can aid in the scheduling of labor, planning of routes for timely deliveries, tracking of the delivery, and much more.

Enhanced marketing

Leveraging AI to promote and market products or services can eventually aid in the increase of sales. For instance, voice and speech, facial recognition, Chatbots, virtual assistants, and more can assist in marketing. Did you know that the adoption of AI into all customer-related things can lead to the reduction of consumer complaints by almost 15%?

Avoidance of long queues

Equipped with powerful AI, retailers are quickly integrating camera, audio, and Wi-Fi into the shopping experience. It would ultimately lead to the “Connected Shopping” phase where customers don’t have to wait in queues to try products or check out services. This seamless shopping experience reduces the waiting duration drastically.

Accurate forecasting

Accurate machine learning-based forecasting can lead to a massive amount of revenues for retailers. This way, the retailers can gain more margins in terms of profit and meet the consumer demands without any hassle. As per a report, this forecasting backed by ML is estimated to attain revenues of about $3 billion by 2023.

Extraction of valuable data

While collecting data has never been an issue with the retail industry, transcripting data that is valuable was. With machine learning and AI, retailers can now extract customer data and use it to build proper marketing strategies. Most e-commerce giants such as Walmart adopt ML to predict the likeliness of the shoppers in the purchase of a particular product.


The wide range of advantages that AI brings into the fold matters a great deal. From optimization of daily tasks to enhanced promotion, businesses will prosper. However, one needs to understand which aspect of AI aligns the best with the retail business. For that, consultation with the best company that provides Artificial Intelligence solutions is the best idea. Consult GoodWorkLabs for all your AI needs and watch your business grow! Contact the team here.

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