The Importance of UI and UX Design for Mobile Applications.


No one likes to interact with an application that takes up too much time to load or doesn’t look appealing, or is just too complicated. And the result is the customer is lost and would indeed uninstall such apps from their smartphones. So what should you do that your application does not end up critiqued in the same way? The solution is to hire an expert team to build your application! UI/UX design studio that has experienced UI and UX designers and has been in the market for a long time should be the ideal choice for you.  

Let’s get deeper into the importance of UI and UX design for mobile applications. 


Captivating  the customers

Whenever a user visits your mobile app, the first few seconds while opening the application are crucial. Those few seconds decide whether your customer will stay or leave. If your design is good and the app is loading correctly, the customer will continue, otherwise, just drop it after a few seconds.  


Catchy Design

An impressive design along with powerful content, layout and easy navigation will decide how long the customer will stay on the application. If the customer likes to navigate your application, your UI/UX designers have done the job perfectly. The longer the time the customer stays, the better loyalty you can expect and it will fetch you an increase in ROI. 


Boosting your brand

The result of investing in the best UI/UX Design Services is it increases customer retention and satisfaction. Users like to engage with the brands that make them satisfied and gives something worthwhile investing their time in it. You can roll out the beta version to know the customers’ feedback as to which areas that can be upgraded. This feedback helps in enhancing the application. 


The simplicity of the app

A simple design without much confusion always works best. The formula is also simple, the design should be such that the customer does not have to search where it is and can flow from one page to the other seamlessly. This is what will make our app stand out from the crowd. It would help if you also be careful not to make any silly mistakes such as spelling mistakes or adding an irrelevant link. 


Conserves time and cost

If you hire the best UI/UX design company that is experienced in developing such applications, such as GoodWorkLabs, the best UI/UX design studio in Bangalore. Then the chances are you will rarely face any serious trouble with the application. As our expert developers and quality checks will remove all the bugs that can hamper your brand. Otherwise, a lot of time is wasted in renovating the app again and again.


The Final Words

The role of UI and UX design is crucial in the success of your application. Now must be thinking, how will you get the best UI and UX design for your audience? The trick here is to know your audience well and how you can provide them the solution in the simplest form. Furthermore, you can get the best UI and UX design team in Bangalore; reach out to us at [email protected] or call +91- 9863077000 and our creative UI and UX design team will build an efficient and practical application for you. 

Why Should Your Business Embrace AI? Read Details

Artificial intelligence (AI) is the most revolutionary technology in today’s world and has the ability of machines to interpret data and act intelligently. AI can carry out tasks, based on data, similar to how a human does it.  We use AI in our daily lives, such as asking Alexa for the weather report and even social media platforms rely highly on AI. buying something that Amazon recommends, and unknowingly we have made it a part of our lives.


Large corporations have already leveraged AI but the major challenges come for the small and medium-sized enterprises. In the coming days, AI is bound to play a dominant role in our lives. Many artificial intelligence companies have understood AI’s potential, and have incorporated it.  GoodWorkLabs, an artificial intelligence company in Bangalore has a team of experts who are skilled to incorporate AI into your business systems.


You must be thinking, why should your business embrace AI, and how it will help you?


Here are the top five benefits of AI that makes it beneficial for businesses around the world – 


1. Automates Customer Interactions

AI enables companies to automate any repetitive tasks many customer interactions that require human intervention. Artificial intelligence companies leverage AI to program the computer so that it responds to customers by using previous details accurately. This includes communicating via email, social media conversations, telephone calls, and online chat. Furthermore, by combining AI with machine learning, the platforms interact even better. Thus the regular tasks that can take up a lot of time and workforce are simplified by leveraging AI in the business process. 


2. Gives personalized solutions

AI helps in personalized marketing and gives preference to each customer.  A personalized approach to consumers increases engagement, customer loyalty and results in brand promotion and improving sales. AI also helps to identify patterns in customers’ buying habits and behavior. This further allows companies to craft specific offers for individual customers. Cloud-based AI apps can even find out relevant pieces of information while processing big data. 


3. Stay ahead of the competition

With AI becoming a part of our daily lives, every business in the coming days will implement it and AI will become a more affordable and common technology. So now is the right time for your business to implement AI It will not only give you immense benefits but also will attract customers to your business and build your brand.


4.AI will help in conducting market research

As AI has the ability to predict outcomes based on data, it will help in both the present day and for future needs. By implementing an AI strategy in your market research, businesses can benefit from the data procured of the market trends. If you want your business to stay ahead of the competition, you must implement them and use AI to grow.


5.AI fuels other technology trends

AI is the base on which various other technology trends are built, such as virtual reality, chatbots, facial recognition, autonomous vehicles, etc. Without AI, all these advances were not possible. AI, along with machine learning, has brought about a significant change in the technology industry. 


Now Use AI In Your Business Process. Contact GoodWorkLabs

Whether you are in the eCommerce business or any other product or service-related work, you must know how AI can help you succeed further.  Talk to our experts and understand how artificial intelligence can help you grow. GoodWorkLabs, a renowned artificial intelligence company in Bangalore, will help you figure out where to apply AI. Shoot us an email at – [email protected] to discuss further.



Sonia Sharma, CEO – GoodWorkLabs Awarded with ‘Economic Times Now – Business Leader of the Year 2021’



We are honored to announce that Sonia Sharma, CEO, and co-founder of GoodWorkLabs, is awarded the ‘Economic Times Now – Business Leader of the Year 2021’! The whole team of GoodWorkLabs is proud of her vision, passion, and grit to achieve tremendous success for the company.

GoodWorkLabs, based out of Bangalore and Kolkata, India, and San Francisco, USA, is a leader in the technology development & outsourcing space globally. This award is a testimony to the leadership position that GoodWorks has established and maintained in the industry.



On receiving the award at the ET event in Mumbai, Sharma said ‘This award is a testimony for the exceptional brand building, customer service, project delivery, and operational excellence we have achieved at GoodWorkLabs. I thank our customers and partners who stood by us all these years. Last but not the least, this award goes to all our GoodWorkLabs family and team members who made this achievement possible.’


Heartiest Congratulations to Sonia on behalf of the GoodWorkLabs team! We wish you many more awards in the future.

What makes iOS Applications More Secure Than Others?

Smartphone applications have become a part of peoples’ daily life. Security isn’t the first thing we think of while purchasing an application, but it is a matter of concern. iOS users stand at an advantage here. Though Android also has the required security protocols in place, but it is iOS that has the upper hand in terms of security. iOS applications mitigate the risk of data leakage and security harms. The apps developed in iOS are much more secure than the Android application. 


So are you thinking, what makes iOS applications so secure?


Here are the top features that make iOS applications so secure – 


Data Protection API: All versions of iOS, after iOS 4, have an inbuilt security feature of Data Protection. The feature allows the iOS app to encrypt and decrypt its files automatically. This feature is by default activated in iOS apps, but you can configure it as per your need. 


KeyChain API: Keychain is a hardware-oriented secure data storage that stores small data such as passwords, certificates, and credentials. The iOS has its own dedicated space in the Keychain that does not allow access to other apps. This way, the system provides you the highest level of security.


CloudKit: The CloudKit allows you to store data in Apple’s iCloud by using your Apple ID. It enables the security feature by which your app and the server’s commutation can be done using Apple’s client-side CloudKit framework. 


Verifying Signature: iOS applications use verified signatures. Before sending a message, you need a private or public key pair. This signature is then sent together with the receiver’s actual data, using the public key to validate the signature.


Encrypted Data Transfer: The airdrop got introduced with IOS 7. It allows you to share files with just a tap. The files are encrypted, but this service lets you be visible only to your contacts by default. If you require, you can change the settings. 


Highly Secure Authentication: iOS is known for its authentication feature. Face Recognition, fingerprint authentication, and eye recognition are some of the features that iOS bought it first in the industry. 


HTTPs: iOS launched a new feature called App Transport Security (ATS) that improves the security of the connecting network by blocking HTTP connections. Otherwise, HTTP connections are not that firm.  


Why iOS?

Nowadays, many entrepreneurs and businesses are investing in iOS app development for a secure and reliable mobile application. The primary reason being the security features. But there are much more benefits of the iPhone Operating System. With every new launch of iOS versions and updates, its security features are becoming more sturdy. Leading the way with innovation, iOS focuses to make data encrypt and firm. Though the iOS devices come with high prices than other operating systems, their users know its value and are ready to pay for it. 

Creating a reliable, secure, and powerful iOS is not an easy process. Data security is the highest priority & iOS always tries to perform in terms of safety. 


Choose GoodWorkLabs

If you are looking for an iOS app development company, GoodWorkLabs is an eminent iOS app development company in Bangalore. We build iOS apps with complete safety and security to give your business a dynamic application. Want to know more details?
Shoot an email & talk to our team, here – [email protected] 


Important Factors to Consider While Developing Your Mobile Application

So, you are on your way to having a dedicated mobile application for your business? A customized mobile app will addon to your brand’s value and give credibility. But there are some factors you must consider while developing your app. The points mentioned below are often ignored, but they are crucial for the success of your application. GoodWorkLabs, a renowned app development company in Bangalore, follows these to develop next-gen applications with all the vital factors in mind. Read the tips below to understand –


High-Speed Navigation 


You must make sure that your mobile application isn’t slow to navigate or reload. Rather, it should be rapid and responsive with a high response time. It is a crucial factor on which the overall success of your application will depend, as a slow application that makes people wait around, resonates with none. 


Hassle-Free Sign Up

You have a limited time to make any user stick to your application.  Make every moment count! Do not let the user struggle to register, sign up, or fill out forms. Try to make the sign-in experience short and crisp & eliminate every possible click from the design to make it quick and easy. Ask for as little information as possible(keeping in mind the security concerns).


Alternate Logins

Along with the usual login/sign-up process, you should also allow users to log in through their social media accounts such as Facebook Connect or their email accounts. Along with it, also dont forget to give a hassle-free way to retrieve their user name/password.  


Feedback system

Your new application must take feedback from its actual users to further enhance and debug the whole application. Tell your app development company to add a way in the app, to take feedback. It will provide you with suggestions on areas to improve and make the app more user-friendly.  Even users will appreciate that you consider their feedback. 


Easy Usability

The mobile application should feature an user interface that focuses more on usability. You can follow the usual application flows of other similar widely-used apps to get an idea for your own mobile app development. A neat and simple interface will speak for itself!


Simple UI/UX

Adding lots of features to your application will not make it attractive rather confuse the users. Let the few basic things be clear for users to do what they want in less time than searching for features and getting lost in them. Delivering a richer experience compactly and effectively, with simple UI/UX, is the key here!


Similar web & mobile version

If you are converting a web-based system to a mobile app, or vice-versa, make sure not to omit any features. The web-based or mobile application should be completely similar in all aspects. What’s even better? Connect with GoodWorkLabs, the Google certified agency in Bangalore that provides Flutter application development services. Flutter uses the same codebase for both web and mobile-based applications, hence the chances of errors are omitted.


Include analytics

One key element that your app development partner should include in your mobile app is analytics. Using the data gathered from analytics, you will be able to track and identify users’ responses, experiences, and actions. This will further help to make better decisions and encourage better updates.  


Include Offline capabilities

Adding something in the application that works even without the internet is not a bad idea! It can be a jigsaw puzzle, or a simple game, or pieces of information. Check with your app development agency, what can be added to make the app more interactive even without any signal. 


GoodWorkLabs, your App Development Partner

Whether you are looking ahead to have an Android or iOS app for your business, keeping the above points in mind will make your app more engaging for users. Want to have an amazing business app? Connect with GoodWorkLabs, a mobile app development company in Bangalore that specializes in Android and iOS applications. The team of developers in GoodWorkLabs is well-versed with the on-going market trends and making the app engaging for users. 

Tell us more about your idea and we will develop a high-end application for you!
Send us a message here –

Why is IoT Application Development Services On The Rise?


With the increasing popularity of smartphones, mobile app development is an emerging trend and is bound to stay in the coming future. Mobile apps offer convenience, making it desirable for customers to access different services such as shopping, ordering food, playing games, etc. This emerging demand for apps has driven companies to build compelling mobile applications that will fulfill consumers’ needs. Mobile app development companies and mobile app developers are leveraging the Internet of Things to develop better applications. As the number of connected devices grows every day, technologies such as IoT & AI open up new opportunities for companies. 


IoT devices come with the privilege of having things connected to each other and various other benefits; therefore, companies are looking forward to IoT to develop applications. As IoT can help companies build next-gen applications, that is why it is on the rise nowadays. Let’s delve deeper into how IoT applications are making lives easier for us –

Increases Efficiency and productivity

Iot brings automation to many redundant tasks. With IoT applications that use sensors, many routine tasks can be automated and optimized. It also allows analytical monitoring in real-time. Customers also enjoy accessibility. The integration of IoT and mobile app development enables consumers to access any interconnected physical object with just a touch of the button on their smartphones. 


Simplifies day-to-day work 

IoT applications provide many advantages to companies, employees, and also households. In companies, it benefits the employees in things such as remote work management, gathering real-time information, increasing productivity levels, etc. IoT applications and devices simplify the lives of employees and increase the employee satisfaction rate.  


Collects Data that can be used for Future Insights

The IoT devices have sensors in them, with which they can collect a large amount of data in many different areas. The collection of large data helps the company to analyze the trends in the data that can be further utilized to improve the features of the device. Research even suggests the total market value of IoT is set to grow to over $3 trillion annually by 2026.


Forms as a Base to Emerging Businesses

As companies realize the power of IoT, more and more devices are coming into the market. The use of The Internet of Things will benefit the economy in the long run, such as increasing operational efficiency. The arrival of new IoT products in the market will enhance productivity and help solve problems that will affect every person’s well-being worldwide.


Gives Better Quality of Life to the World

All technologies and science are developed to benefit humanity and provide a better quality of life, IoT is one of them. It is great to have someone do regular tasks for you to focus more on important ones. The IoT application development service provided by tech companies aims to improve your lifestyle in many ways. For example, wearable devices track the heart rate, body temperature, etc. that help during exercise and even detect any abnormality in the body.  This is possible only with IoT applications and the IoT application development companies that make such devices.

Want To Build An Amazing Application by leveraging IoT? Contact GoodWorkLabs

GoodWorkLabs mobile app development team has extensive experience in developing IoT-based mobile applications. We understand your business’s needs and IoT application development services by us will deliver the ideal solution for your business.

So, what are you waiting for? Your chance to get the high-end applications built with the power of IoT technology is here. Get in touch with us today to discuss your idea and integrate IoT into your mobile applications.  Explore the limitless benefits of this modern technology and grow your business! Contact us here


Read more: Top 5 Benefits to Outsource your Software Development Project to an External Agency

Top 5 Benefits to Outsource your Software Development Project to an External Agency

Having a software-enabled business model has become a vital need for companies to survive in today’s globally competitive markets. Firms all around the world are outsourcing their software needs to external agencies to reduce cost & time to market and gain expertise, which is hard to recruit internally. Firms prefer to choose the software development company that can design, develop and maintain their software over the long term to ensure their businesses flourish.


When deploying a comprehensive IT team does not seem feasible for your organisation, the next best solution is to outsource to a software development company.  But then what should we look for in an IT Outsourcing Service Provider? Let’s do a deep dive into this blog post. 


“Most progressive entrepreneurs realise the unstoppable power of outsourcing to handle aspects of their business that are essential but simply don’t make sense for them to deal with personally.” – David Walsh.

It’s just not about the reduced cost; rather there are benefits beyond cost in having a committed team with the required expertise to work for you. The major benefits are – 


Focus on Core Business

Outsourcing your software development allows you to focus more on your core business ideas and activities. As the work is not completed with making the software, there are other steps associated with it such as branding,  research and development, sales, etc. So the technical part is better left to an external software development company. They can even guide you through the technology trends to implement the best solution to your software. 

Cost & Time Effective

Time & Cost are both simultaneously valuable for any company. Outsourcing the software development process is not only cost-effective, but it also saves time for the company. Deploying an entire in-house team involves a lengthy recruitment process; moreover, it is too costly compared to outsourcing the whole process. So why go a long way when you can get your things done the outsourcing way easily. 


Fast Delivery of Project

The end-to-end product development cycle can take a lot of time. For example, a cross-platform hybrid app might take less time, and solutions with AI and Machine Learning implementations take considerably longer. But outsourcing the development part to a reliable software development company will save you time than deploying an in-house team. The reason being they would have an integrated team of Tech Architects, Subject Matter Experts, QA Experts, Project Managers with better technical knowledge and required experience.  


Adapt Latest Technology

Technology is changing at a fast pace, and a business should always bear in mind to be future-proof to any changes that come up. An experienced software development company builds software with a futuristic approach, to meet any unexpected consequences. They are also well aware of the latest technology that dominates the market and thus your product stays at a safe hand. 


Get the Best Technical Expertise

A software development company, whose work is to develop software for businesses day and night, has much more technical expertise than you. Yes, that is the hard truth. Being experienced, they will have the solutions to your problems. And that gives you the advantage of having your software built through the best technical minds.


Wrapping Up

Software development companies in India are major outsourcing destinations for companies around the world. The reasons are many, but the major ones are sound technical knowledge and cost-effectiveness of India’s software companies. In a nutshell, outsourcing possesses immense advantage and lets you hire the best talent which you would not have got otherwise. 

GoodWorkLabs, the IT solutions provider in Bangalore, the 3rd Fastest Growing Tech Company in India (FT1000) can be your preferred IT partner to turn your product dream into reality. Want to know more about it? Talk to us and get your solutions here.


How To Choose The Ideal Mobile App Development Company?

Have you decided to launch a customised mobile application for your business? If yes, this is a great step that will take your business to the next level!  As the number of smartphone users is growing exponentially, mobile applications have completely evolved consumer’s lifestyle. Smartphone users utterly rely on mobile apps for shopping and for various other activities like cab booking, playing games, connecting with people etc.  So, if you have a unique idea in your mind that could be turned into an impressive application, you must not delay any more. There are numerous mobile app development companies in the market that can develop your application and turn your idea into a reality!


But the question arises, among these numerous companies, how will you choose the ideal mobile app development company?


To get started, here’s a comprehensive guide to help you hire the right company for your project. Following the points mentioned below, will help you to plan the steps involved in mobile app development and choose the right company. 


Do your HOMEWORK beforehand

Be clear about your idea and what exactly you need from the application before approaching any agency. Having a sound understanding will not only help you in the app development process but also in filtering the mobile app development companies. For example: If you want to develop a grocery delivery app then choosing the company that has prior experience in developing delivery apps will be an advantage. 

Also, you need to identify – 

  • What features you need in the app?
  • How will you earn from the application?
  • How will you market the app after development?
  • How much are you willing to spend?

Know the basics and furthermore, the mobile application development team will guide you. 


Searching the right development company

After you have a basic idea about your application and how things should look like, next is to search for the right mobile application development company that will design and develop your product. Choosing a mobile app development company in India will be more cost-effective than the ones in western countries. Shortlist few companies as per your product, location, cost etc and contact them. Check out their portfolios and get to know their previously developed applications.

Moreover, you also need to check whether they provide customisation for each application they develop, as you would never want to look like any other app already in the play store. 


Check the background of the mobile app development company

Whether you choose a mobile app development company in India, or anywhere else, knowing the background of the company is a must. So, how will you scrutinize it? Check the portfolios to know if they have worked on your business niche. Study the client reviews and the website thoroughly. You will also get a fair understanding of the company from the way it represents itself in its social media pages. These steps will help you know the company better. 


The necessary questions to ask the app development company
  • What are the types of application they develop? There are many types of applications such as iOS app development, Android app development, Web app development etc.  Get to know which one is the best for you.
  • Whether they follow the agile methodology in project management? Staying in constant touch with the development team at every stage of app development is both crucial and beneficial for both the parties. 
  • Is the app development company well aware of the latest trends and technologies? Get to know the knowledge and experience of the developing team as they will be the ones putting the pieces together of your dream project!
  • Will the company maintain the confidentiality of your idea? This is a vital point. Discuss clearly and get the agreements in place, to avoid losing your idea. 
  • Will they help in the promotion of your application? Just developing an app will not work, you also need to promote it vigorously to let the public know that your product exists. So, check with the development company if they provide promotional services too. 

Most importantly, ask whether the app development company is Google Certified or not? Because that will certify whether the company is really good or not. Google certifies only a handful of agencies in the world. GoodWorkLabs for example is a Google Certified Mobile App Development Agency. They are trained on all the latest technologies directly by Google, that’s a big advantage.

Also, check whether they work closely with Apple. Apple helps developers through official training and helping companies make better apps for iOS users. For example, GoodWorkLabs is an Apple partner agency.


Make the final call

After reading the above guide, now you know the initial steps to get the right mobile application development company for your business. Your idea is powerful, only if you get the right hands to work on it. At Goodworklabs, we have dedicated and skilled developers who will understand your idea and create a brilliant mobile application. You can check out our portfolio here. Stay tuned at this space to guide you further in the development journey!  


Ready to start building your next technology project?