Contract Staffing Experts

Some companies prefer to have a highly variable workforce. This allows them to grow or reduce the size of teams rapidly based on project needs. But it is fairly difficult to find good and talented resources who are ready to work on a contract basis.

GoodWorkLabs can help you recruit and on-board talented resources on a contract basis and help you fill your temporary requirements. As a product development company, we possess the key eye for detail in finding and recruiting the best resources for your IT requirements.


Why Contract Staffing?

– Contract Hiring helps in saving a lot of business resources, time and money and is ideal for companies who constantly work on time and cost saving constraints incurred on permanent hire thereby increasing hiring flexibility.

– It is a great option when the company has an immediate need for more employees for current project or when the company has a hiring freeze but has deadlines to meet for their project.

– Most of the professionals wish to take up new challenges, enabling them to gain a wide range of experience in a variety of business environments. Through contract assignments, they are able to improve their skills and maximize their resume qualifications.

– Contracting also enables better risk management in terms of roll offs and projects ramp down and other unforeseen circumstances. It helps in eliminating payroll accounting and maintain budget controls .Also, eliminating bad press from layoffs during recession.

– Contract hiring also relieves you from the hassle of managing salaried employees who are not required at the moment. Having a mostly-contracted force of programmers means it’s far easier to bring in new people.


The GoodWorkLabs Advantage

Having a flexible workforce that has the right skills when you need them and can hit the ground running is where temp, interim and contract staff really come to the picture.

Whether you need people for a specific project, require particular expertise or are looking to meet a peak in your resourcing requirements, recruiting contractors and temporary staff can offer the perfect complement to your permanent workforce.

GoodWorkLabs assists you in recruiting contractors and temp staff to benefit your business by providing:

  • Flexible and specialist capabilities at critical times, enabling a high level of market responsiveness

  • Assured productivity from day one

  • High quality transferable skills; contractors and temporary staff bring an entrepreneurial mind set and wide-breadth of experience

  • Budget certainty – you know the costs and time frame from the outset


Also, these four critical factors account for GoodWorkLabs being one of the best contract hiring /contract staffing companies.

  • Availability – Most of our contractors plan their end dates strategically. They know 4 to 6 weeks before end date if they are getting an extension. Therefore start date is a specified date rather than a notice period. This is great for project work.

  • HR issues – If for whatever reason, the contractor is not working out then you have the flexibility to end the contract.

  • Budgets – We work based on your budgets for resources hiring. We are completely flexible and ensure that you get the best and talented minds to work on your projects.
  • Hiring process – We follow a very strict and thorough hiring process. It starts with screening resumes that enlist the perfect skills and match the job requirements. This is followed by multiple rounds of interview where we check for the applicant’s technical knowledge, domain experience and expertise, problem solving abilities, programming skills, attitude and aptitude etc. You can be rest assured that the best candidates will be deployed to work on your project requirements.


The business world is changing and along with it are the hiring trends. Companies and employees are both becoming flexible on their own terms and hence allowing introduction of new hiring methods. Contract Hiring can be favorable in many ways to your firm as explained above in detail.


Consult us today and obtain a hassle-free operational force without the usual employee related issues!


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