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GoodWorkLabs wins the Clutch Global Champion and Clutch Global Leader Awards 2023

GoodWorkLabs wins the Clutch Global Champion and Clutch Global Leader Award for 2023 for our outstanding service and client dedication! 


As a double award recipient, GoodWorkLabs ranks among Clutch’s elite, placing in the top 10%. This award recognizes GoodWorkLabs as a top-rated leader in the IT outsourcing, consulting and staff augmentation space based on our clients’ satisfaction and high-quality service ratings.


“This year’s honorees represent the best of the best on our platform, and I am thrilled to celebrate and commend these champions for their ongoing achievements and dedication to consistently exceeding their clients’ expectations. The companies named to this list continue to set the bar high. Their devotion has not only enriched our platform but has also inspired others to strive for similar levels of distinction. We are grateful for their partnership and look forward to witnessing their continued success in the future.” said Sonny Ganguly, Clutch CEO.




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Seize the opportunity to work with an award-winning team! Explore GoodWorkLabs’ comprehensive IT consulting and technology development services:

  • iOS and Android App Development: Craft innovative, user-centric mobile applications that stand out in the digital landscape.
  • Software Development: Build robust, scalable, and customized software solutions tailored to your business needs.
  • UI/UX Design: Create captivating and intuitive user interfaces that enhance user experiences.
  • AI and ML Development: Harness the power of artificial intelligence and machine learning to drive intelligent business solutions.
  • Game design and development including AR/VR: Build engaging and immersive games  across diverse platforms such as iOS, Android, Windows, Mac, and Web with us
  • Cloud adoption and DevOps: Our structured DevOps solutions include continuous integration, continuous delivery, automation, cloud infrastructure management, containerization, and more.

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The New Indian Express: The Power Couple Of Tech In Bangalore.

The New Indian Express showcased the accomplished co-founders of GoodWorkLabs, Vishwas Mudagal & Sonia Sharma, in recognition of their status as eminent figures within the tech industry of Bangalore. The article provided insight into their entrepreneurial journey, detailing their growth within the burgeoning startup landscape of India. The article also talks about NetSKill, the latest venture by Vishwas and Sonia built towards creating the next-million-engineers at the grassroot level and help organisations to upskill their talent pool.


Vishwas Mudagal & Sonia Sharma The Tech Couple of Bangalore

In addition, the article highlighted Vishwas Mudagal’s literary prowess, underscoring his success as the celebrated author of two bestselling books, “Kalki, The Last Avatar” and “Losing My Religion”. Furthermore, the piece captured the impressive growth trajectory of the GoodWorks group of companies, which has expanded its reach from IT services to real estate and VC funding. This remarkable achievement has earned GoodWorkLabs the distinction of being one of the fastest growing companies in India, as attested by the Deloitte Fast50 awards. The article provides an insightful portrayal of the exceptional talents that have propelled the GoodWorkLabs brand to the forefront of the industry.

Times of India: Vishwas Mudagal Shares The Secret Behind His Stories

The Times of India featured serial entrepreneur and bestselling author, Vishwas Mudagal for his remarkable work and outstanding contribution to the realm of fiction writing. His books, which span across genres such as thriller, romance, and fiction, have been well-received by readers and critics alike. His thought-provoking stories have captured the hearts and minds of readers everywhere and have left an indelible mark on the literary landscape.


With his unique blend of business acumen and creative talent, he serves as an inspiration to all those who strive to pursue their passions, regardless of the challenges they may face. His success as an entrepreneur and a writer serves as a model for his teams at GoodWorkLabs, encouraging them to strive for excellence in their own work and pursue passions/hobbies beyond work.

Sonia Sharma – CEO & Co-Founder of GoodWorkLabs Featured in Indian Express

Sonia Sharma, Co-Founder of GoodWorks group of companies, is one of the most influential technopreneurs. Her views on entrepreneurship got featured in India Express news. During the interaction, Sonia summarised her favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur – “My favourite aspect of being an entrepreneur is the satisfaction which I draw from the fact that products made by us are uplifting, impacting and touching millions of lives all around the world.”


Here’s a glimpse of the coverage.

Under her guidance, GoodWorks group of companies has established itself as a leader. The three ventures led by Sonia are in the technology, services, coworking and early-stage angel fund segments. 

GoodWorkLabs, based out of Bangalore and Kolkata, India, and San Francisco, USA, is a global leader in the technology development & outsourcing space. GoodWorkLabs is a leading new-age software and design lab that delivers cutting-edge products and solutions for customers globally. GoodWorkLabs also houses a unique UX/UI Design Studio and crafts beautiful and valuable interfaces and products.  

The whole team at GoodWorks is immensely proud of her achievements and success. 


Android Mobile app for Shopping Mall

Phoenix Marketcity – UI and UX design for Android Mobile App

Phoenix Marketcity is a leading shopping mall in India. It is located in Mumbai, Pune, and Bangalore. Taking advantage of digitization of the customers, they launched an android mobile application to keep their customers highly engaged & loyal, and increase sales. With consumers moving online, it was the time for them to foray into the digital or online world to grab the user attention and keep them hooked.


How did GoodWorkLabs build an interactive UI and UX design for their android application? 

GoodWorkLabs is a leading UI and UX design studio in India, US, and Europe. GoodWorkLabs has experience in building beautiful, efficient, and engaging mobile applications with a core focus on UI and UX design. They did not only develop a beautiful UI and UX design for Phoenix Marketcity’s android application but also helped them replicate a customer engagement platform on mobile. The aim was to provide customers with on-the-go updates about the shopping mall. While they offered that much, they did not compromise on the usability of the application. The content, design, UI UX, and features were all given the utmost importance.

Android Mobile app for Shopping Mall


What were the key features of the UI and UX design for their android application? 

While designing UI and UX for android application for e-commerce and loyalty programme it is essential to ace at all the touch-points to drive more engagement and sales. And here is what GoodWorkLabs did:

  • Lined-up sections to display fashion and f&b brands associated with Phoenix Marketcity Mall
  • Introduced a plug-in to display offers and discounts at real-time
  • A special ‘events’ tab was included to cover all the upcoming events at the entertainment hub of Whitefield, Bangalore – Phoenix Marketcity

What were the achievements of this app development?

  • Enabled successful digital transformation of a brick and mortar business
  • Helped the brand to engage with digital savvy audiences and increase their reach

Consulted for

  • UI UX and Design
  • User Research


EkStep Education Mobile App | Android

Ek Step Genie is an education platform by EkStep Foundation a not for profit initiative. EkStep is a platform to create, share, and distribute free, community-sourced educational content for primary school children. Genie gives users access to free educational content from the EkStep platform. Through this collaborative, universal platform Ekstep is recreating learning opportunities for every learner.


How did GoodWorkLabs develop an android mobile app for EkStep Genie? 

GoodWorkLabs is a pioneer in creating state-of-the-art android applications. They have been creating effective and engaging mobile applications since the time Google launched the Android platform. GoodWorkLabs is Google certified agency. Over the years GoodWorkLabs has emerged to be the top android app development company in India, the US, and Europe.

GoodWorkLabs designed and developed the Genie App for EkStep Foundation. During the course of development, the challenge was to make the mobile app interactive and user friendly for children. Hence, GoodWorkLabs’ design experts dived in deep into user research and created designs that would make learning more fun and enjoyable experience for children. GoodWorkLabs’ designs for the EkStep Genie App was also appreciated at the International Design Center in Berlin and were nominated for the UX design awards in 2016.


What were the salient features of the EkStep Genie Mobile App? 

Genie App by EkStep Foundation helps children to:

  • Explore and download free educational content
  • Create and manage multiple users (and group) profiles
  • Consume interactive audio-visual content
  • Use the app in English, Hindi and Kannada
  • Get recommendations for content best suited for the user


What were the achievements of this mobile app development?

  • Increased user engagement and learning
  • EkStep Genie App was appreciated at the International Design Center in Berlin and were nominated for the UX design awards in 2016.


Services Rendered:

  • UI/UX Design
  • 2D and 3D Game Art and Design
  • Software Development


Technologies used:

  • Android Native (JAVA)


mobile app for education


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