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The best companies in the world have hired GoodWorkLabs to design the UX and visual design of their products, apps and games. Some of our clients and partners in Bangalore and India include Apple, CommonFloor, Phoenix Marketcity Malls, Sesame Street, Gali Gali Sim Sim, Knowlarity, Redtaxi,  Must See India, and a host of startups. GoodWorkLabs is now known to help innovative startups to come up with path-breaking design and UX. GoodWorkLabs is the best UI UX Design Studio in Bangalore, that has been hired by the best companies in the world to design for UI UX design services.UI UX design studio in bangalore

For many industries, the measure of the effectiveness and utility of website or application has now come to be hinged solely on one factor – User Experience or UX Design. For many years, the quality of UX has shaped the fate of applications, playing a major role in their success and failure. Whether it is in-house software, websites, mobile applications or games, UX design is a critical factor which companies cannot afford to get wrong. For stellar quality UI UX design studio in Bangalore, we at GoodWorkLabs have made a name for ourselves with our creative, cutting-edge work in the field. Our UX design services have helped companies translate transparently to their target groups, bringing in more business, building reputation and aiding in growth.


The Best UX UI Design Studio Banglaore

It is a matter of great pride for us to be considered one of the best companies providing UX design services in Bangalore, India. Our UX design team comprises of driven, creative individuals who have a clear understanding of what makes good UX. Couple with their innate knowledge of industry best practices and the encouraging work atmosphere at our Bangalore office in India, their skills play a big part in creating effective, compelling UX design services that drive interest and engagement. We have a wealth of experience handling challenging projects, and our vast experience shines through in our work.

Our UX design philosophy is based on a lean approach which involves working in iterations. We devise practical user tests, create real user stories and eliminate all non-value adding elements from our design, culminating in a clean, pleasant and compelling experience that draws in interest and attention. The focus is on catering to the needs of the end-user, without bringing in complexity or repetitiveness in the design.

Here are the phases of UX design  –

  • UX Analysis – Discovery of ideas and brainstorming, after that we analyze your business objectives, requirements, project details and provide our feedback that would help to build a better product. We will capture the user journeys and analyse the user personas.  Deliverable – Information Architecture
  • UI Wireframes – Black & white prototypes of your future project. Wireframes help to solve usability issues, build functionality and interactions. This is when we convert your user journeys into interaction model. Deliverable – UI Wireframes
  • Visual Design – Visual design is a visualization of wireframes. These are the coloured high fidelity mockups. It’s how your future product will look and feel. We know trends, we know everything about colours and identity. Deliverable – Visual Design PSDs (raw/open files)
  • Prototype – We will provide a dummy app that can be used to check all the flows and interactions using an interactive prototyping tool such as invasion tool. This is how the final apps will and should look and feel.
  • UX Testing – We deploy tools and constantly monitor the effectiveness of the UX, UI and visual design, and make continuous changes to ensure great user traction, engagement, conversions, monetisation and other aspects of product/app dynamics. We also do quick tests, including A/B testing.


GoodWorkLabs UX advantage for a wide range of industries

Over the years, we have played a big part in the success of many different brands through our excellent UX design services. We make it a point to understand and internalize the explicit requirements of every product/project in every industry before starting to design the UX. Our success stories range from retail companies and e-commerce ventures to travel, fashion, education, healthcare, hospitality, telecom and electronics sectors of the market.


Go ahead and try out our UX Design capabilities

In Bangalore, India we have expertly dealt with the UX design requirements of many reputed companies. With our services, our clients have reached new heights with their business, drawing in new customers and creating effective two-way communication platforms with customers using our detailed yet minimalist UX design solutions.

If you want to leverage the immense potential of the internet medium and the app economy and want a platform to reach out to potential customers and provide them with some great UX, we are just the right people for the job. Get in touch with us and tell us your requirements, and we would be happy to provide you with a free quote to get things started.

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