Apache Spark web services

Apache Spark Web Services

Apache Spark is a fast and flexible processing engine with elegant and expressive development APIs that allows data workers to efficiently curate machine learning/SQL workloads that require fast in-loop access to data resources. With Spark running on Apache Hadoop YARN, developers everywhere are allowed to create applications that exploit Spark’s power, get in-hand quality insights, and enrich their data science techniques and methodologies.

The Hadoop YARN-based architecture provides the foundation that enables Spark and other applications to share a common cluster and dataset which ensures consistent levels of service and a swift response. Apache Spark consists of Spark Core and a set of libraries. The core is the distributed execution engine and the Java, Scala, and Python APIs offer a platform for distributed ETL application development.

Additional libraries, built atop the core, allow diverse workloads for streaming, SQL, and machine learning. Spark is built for data science and its abstraction makes data science much simpler. Data scientists commonly use machine learning. These algorithms are often iterative, and Spark has the uncanny skill to cache the database in memory which in turn speeds up such iterative data fetching.


The GoodWorkLabs Advantage

With the expert team of GoodworkLabs and the simplicity of Apache Spark, the possibilities are limitless. Your data mining services will transform the good and understanding the entire model will become much simpler with our expertise. We can bring about changes that will boost your data architecture in the following ways:

1. Speed

Engineered from the bottom-up for performance, Spark can be 100x faster than Hadoop for large scale data processing by exploiting in memory computing and other optimizations. Spark is also fast when data is stored on disk, and currently holds the world record for large-scale on-disk sorting.

2. Ease of Use

Spark has easy-to-use APIs for operating on large datasets. This includes a collection of over 100 operators for transforming data and familiar data frame APIs for manipulating semi-structured data.

3. A Unified Engine

Spark comes packaged with higher-level libraries, including support for SQL queries, streaming data, machine learning and graph processing. These standard libraries increase developer productivity and can be seamlessly combined to create complex workflows.


Why choose GoodWorkLabs for Apache Spark?

GoodWorkLabs provides world class software solutions to clients across the globe. From complex software requirements to unsolvable problems, we have delivered answers and innovative products time and again. What makes us different is our innovative approach and out of the box thinking. We understand technology and its associated upgrades. When you hire us for Spark development, we will:


1. Simplify implementation of the software

2. Assist your firm in understanding the complexities

3. Provide maintenance and support services

4. Ensure high quality standards

5. Create and curate disruption methodologies


We understand how software suites are implemented, with years of quality experience on complex SAP and Hadoop problems, we have gained immense knowledge and expertise on technology. We are pioneers in our fields and that is exactly what makes us the best in the business.

Contact us today for Spark Apache Development today!

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