Apache Cassandra
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With the homogeneous node cluster, data is automatically replicated several times to avoid fault tolerance. It also supports data replication across multiple data centres.
Data Science

Linear Scale Performance

Cassandra has a high linear scale performance. It maintains a fast response time even when you add new nodes to the seamless network.
Big data Analysis

Flexible and Durable Data Storage

Cassandra is ideal for applications where data is essential and where businesses cannot afford to lose data or even experience downtime in the data center. It supports all possible data formats and allows you to modify the data structures as needed.

Elastic Scalability

New users and hardware can be easily added in a linear fashion to Apache Cassandra without any problem of downtime or interference with applications already running.
Domain Expertise

No Single Point of Failure

Cassandra’s architecture, which allows all nodes to communicate simultaneously at the same level, guarantees that there is no single point of failure and that it is therefore permanently available for critical business functions. The decentralized network of identical nodes guarantees the absence of network bottlenecks.

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