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Scala is a programming language that integrates the object-oriented and functional language features. This programming language was developed by Martin Odersky and released in 2003. It has been used to develop several scalable concurrent applications in the recent years.

Moving beyond the technical aspects, let’s just say that Scala is usually applied for large online presences, and has been adopted quite rapidly by leading online service and content providers such as the UK newspaper The Guardian, which started switching from Java to Scala in 2011, or everybody’s favorite microblogging network Twitter, which migrated a significant portion of its backend from Ruby to Scala starting in 2009. Other well-known companies which employ the Scala programming language are the Swiss Bank and the online to-do app Remember the Milk, popular with IT experts and non-geeks alike. The efficiency of these companies’ online presences and the functionality of their complex CMS systems and back-ends can only be guaranteed and maintained by using the latest and hottest technologies such as the Scala programming language.

GoodWorkLabs & Scala

 GoodWorkLabs intends to give your company the opportunity to follow in the footsteps of the big boys and develop software in Scala using the open source web application framework Play 2, which is inspired by the popular Ruby on Rails and Django, as well as a variety of other frameworks.

Using our software development services in Scala, your company can save both invaluable times. By applying the Play framework to your project, we ensure that the productivity is guaranteed and maintained and that field testing is fast and painless. Our expert developers have significant experience with programming in Scala and are always excited about the simplicity and the broad possibilities that it offers. We vow to make your software bug free and disruptive in nature.

The GoodWorkLabs Advantage

Working with GoodWorkLabs will give you required technical expertise on Scala Development. We can extract and optimize your company potential. You will also have the added advantage of the following:

  • Object Oriented: Scala is pure object oriented language where each value is treated as an object. Behaviors and classes of the object are described by classes and traits. Multiple Inheritance is supported by mixing based composition and extending classes by subclassing.

  • Functional: Scala is a functional programming language where each function is a value. Every value is an object so each function is an object. Scala supports Nested and Higher-order functions and provisions for defining anonymous functions.

  • Statically Typed: Scala enforces type system that provides constraints and abstractions to be used in a safe and coherent manner, in other words, Scala is a strongly typed language. The type system support includes variance annotations, generic classes, upper and lower bounds, explicitly typed self references, Views and polymorphic methods. Extensible: Scala provides language mechanism combinations that are unique and hence easier to integrate new language constructs in the form of libraries. Closures are automatically constructed upon the expected type and any method can be used as infix or post-fix operators. New statements can be facilitated without extending the syntax and macro like meta-programming facilities.

  • Runs on JVM: Scala runs on Java Virtual Machine(JVM) and when a Scala program is compiled, byte code is generated that is executed by JVM. Both Scala and Java share a common platform and hence Java programs can be converted to Scala.

  • Executes Java Code: Scala can use all the classes of Java SDK, custom java classes or Java open source projects.


Our engineers will evaluate your goals and individual requirements and help you determine which technologies, programming languages and frameworks are best suited to your project. We will make sure that your Scala development project is no more complicated and time-consuming than it should be, by using the latest, most efficient frameworks available in order to respond to your needs within a reasonable time frame.

If it’s good enough for Twitter and LinkedIn, it’s probably good enough for your company.

Get in touch with our engineers and we will do our best to explain the benefits of using Scala.

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