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GoodWorkLabs intends to give your company the opportunity to follow the footsteps of the big boys and develop software under Scala using the open-source web application framework Play 2, inspired by the popular Ruby on Rails and Django, as well as many other frames.
Using our Scala development services, your company can save both invaluable times. By applying the Play Framework to your project, we ensure that productivity is guaranteed and maintained and that field testing is fast and painless. Our expert developers have significant programming experience in Scala and are always excited about the simplicity and vast possibilities it offers. We are committed to making your software bug-free and disruptive.
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Scala is a purely object-oriented language where each value is treated as an object. The behaviours and classes of the object are described by classes and traits. Multiple inheritances are supported by mixing a composition-based and extending classes by subclassification.

Statically Typed

Scala applies a type system that provides constraints and abstractions for safe and consistent use. In other words, Scala is a strongly typed language. Type system support includes variance annotations, generic classes, upper and lower limits, explicitly typed automatic references, views, and polymorphic methods.


Scala is a functional programming language in which each function is a value. Each value is an object, so each function is an object. Scala supports nested and superior order functions and provisions for defining anonymous functions.


cala provides unique language mechanism combinations that facilitate the integration of new language constructs into libraries. Closures are automatically built on the expected type and any method can be used as an infix or post-repair operator. New instructions can be made easier without having to extend syntax and macros such as meta-programming.

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