Vishwas Mudagal’s talk on lean startups at Nasscom Product Conclave Kolkata

The Nasscom Product Conclave 2014 Kolkata, the mega event conducted by the IT-BPO body Nasscom, was a great success and has given a push to the IT industry in Kolkata, especially the startups from the region. Vishwas Mudagal, the CEO of GoodWorklabs, spoke about Lean Startups at the event. He highlighted the growing popularity of Lean Startup philosophy, the need to build products iteratively using the MVP (Minimum Viable Product) model, acquiring ‘validating learning’, experimenting with pivots and various other tricks entrepreneurs could use while starting up or scaling companies.

Below are few pics from the event –

Vishwas Mudagal in a panel discussion on Lean Startups.





‘Losing My Religion,’ the best-selling novel written by Vishwas Mudagal was showcased at the event. It is now seen as a book that is a preamble to entrepreneurship and startups, as it exposes the reader to the life of entrepreneurs, and their struggles and glory.







GoodWorkLabs becomes a member of Nasscom

We are pleasured to announce that GoodWorkLabs, the leading outsourced-product-development and innovation firm, is now a proud member of Nasscom.



Nasscom is the trade association of Indian IT and BPO industry and sets the tone for public policy for the Indian software industry. Becoming a part of Nasscom is a milestone in GoodWorkLab’s rapid growth story, making our brand more established and well-known world-wide. We hope to play an integral role in the future of technology industry alongside Nasscom.

GoodWorkLabs team at Nasscom Product Conclave 2013


GoodWorkLabs team attended the Nasscom Product Conclave 2013 at Bangalore. The conclave was buzzing with entrepreneurs and product guys showcasing their products and exchanging ideas. With 1600 attendees this time around, it was the biggest conclave till date. We met many talented and passionate folks, who are pushing India to become a product and innovation hub.

It’s estimated that Bangalore will be the single largest IT cluster on the planet by 2020, with 20 lakh IT professionals, 60 lakh indirect employment and Rs 4,00,000 crore exports. GoodWorkLabs is proud to be headquartered in Bangalore. We are proud to be playing a role in making Bangalore the No.1 innovation hub in the world.

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