GoodWorkLabs Recognized as a Top Mobile App Developer in Bengaluru

GoodWorkLabs rated as Top Mobile App Developer in Bangalore by Clutch

We are pleased to announce that GoodWorkLabs has been ranked under the top iOS and Android app developers in Bengaluru!

Clutch is an independent research firm based in Washington, DC, which conducts independent reviews for tech companies like ours. Analysts rank companies that provide similar services using a unique algorithm which allows potential clients find their best possible partner.

While Clutch provides rankings on IT categories ranging from cloud storage providers to digital marketing agencies, their most competitive category is app developers.  

Among the ranking matrix, GoodWorkLabs has been ranked as the third best mobile app developer in Bangalore with raving client reviews from clients globally.

Top mobile app developers in Bangalore

In a recent review, the founder of a startup gave us a glowing five-star review for our prototype of his iOS ride sharing app:


GoodWorkLabs Client Testimonial

We are happy to add Clutch’s award to our growing list of recognition american companies such as Deloitte and Google.  

top mobile app developers in india - goodworklabs

Please check out our profile on Clutch if you would like to read more reviews.

Clutch identified the best agencies and developers in India based on a long-standing proprietary research methodology that evaluates each company on its market presence, demonstrated by the services offered, clients served, and quality projects.

We are super happy that GoodWorkLabs is part of this prestigious ranking and has been trusted by users globally.

You can read the entire press release here.


Importance of Angular Js in mobile application development

Right from the time of its launch, Angular JS has been ruling the open source app development world. As a feature-rich and highly advanced client-side framework, Angular JS is widely adopted and used by web development companies as well as individual developers globally.

Designed and launched by Google in the year 2009, Angular JS framework makes front-end development easier than ever! With numerous plug-ins and features, this particular framework can improve HTML codes, thus simplifying app development and testing across scale and complexity of the project.

Importance of Angular Js in mobile application development

With the latest Angular JS 2.0 version making its debut in the tech arena, possibilities for mobile app developers are endless. Let’s dive deep into the topic, and find out the reasons for this unsurpassed significance and importance of Angular JS.

Why can’t you ignore Angular JS?

Proficient and highly efficient app developers rely on Angular JS while developing highly scalable, feature-rich, and stable mobile applications. The architecture of the framework happens to be a crucial reason for its unprecedented popularity. Check out the following factors to know more.

Proximity to the MVVM architecture

Angular JS does not integrate or implement the MVC model in the traditional manner. Its architecture shares a striking similarity with the MVVM or Model-View-View-Model pattern. Let’s break it down into individual concepts:

  • ViewModel: $scope happens to be JavaScript object having a simple API, specifically designed for the effective detection and broadcast of changes. ViewModel is one such $scope existing within the Angular JS framework.
  • View: Once Angular JS undergoes parsing and compiles HTML to include bindings and markups, you come across an HTML known as ‘View.’
  • Model: As a straightforward and traditional JavaScript object, ‘Model’ happens to be a highly significant data in the entire framework. Developers will no longer require inheriting from framework classes or use special getter methods.

With these features, MVVM serves as a solid foundation for application designing. The following reasons will explain its importance even better.

I.            Mobility-driven: While designing and developing Angular JS, Google had mobility in mind. With performance tuning, low memory, and touch support features, Angular JS promotes mobility like never before. Enterprise mobility will reach new heights, and BYOD trends will get a boost.

II.            Easy application and implementation: Although the framework contains intricate features and specific functionalities, Angular JS is no rocket science. Especially, the latest version will come up with some of the greatest opportunities for creative developers.

III.            Less coding: Angular JS needs less and simplified coding, which turns out to be highly beneficial for developers. They can track functions systemically and methodically without creating exclusive pipelines.

IV.            Dependency injection: The presence of built-in dependency injection in Angular JS happens to be another significant highlight. These subsystems will provide users with development dependencies, as and when required by them. In a nutshell, they will not require creating it all by themselves.

Concluding note

With these unique features, Angular JS has emerged as a reliable option for mobile app development projects. In case you too want to bring aboard this technology powerhouse to your company, do connect with us at Goodworklabs.

How Mobile Apps Benefit Skill Development

By the end of 2016, average income for mobile app developers in the US will experience a massive hike. We can no longer deny the fact that robust and scalable mobile applications have taken the entire world by a storm. Look around and you will find almost every business and enterprise embracing mobile app technology as a core technology strategy.

mobile apps for skill development

Highly scalable mobile applications built on intuitive and interactive interfaces can take your dream venture to unparalleled heights of success. However, it’s here that we come across a crucial question.

What is the real objective of mobile application development? Is the app revolution only meant for the business world? Or it has other uses or applications as well.

Let’s find out.

Identifying prospects

Apart from the business world, you must have heard about the significance of mobile apps in various areas. Today, mobile application development has become the prime requisite for every single sector. Be it education, retail, manufacturing, and engineering, or media, mobile app development happens to be a crucial necessity for every single sector.

It is here that we discover a completely new prospect for mobile apps. With diverse range of functionalities, mobile applications also offer ample opportunities for skill development.

From basic cognitive skills in children to advanced analytical skills in grown-ups, mobile apps ensure comprehensive skill development for numerous individuals.

And how do mobile applications do that?

Let’s have a look.

What is skill development?

Before we move on to talking about the significance of mobile applications in skill development, it is highly imperative to develop an idea of the term ‘skill development’. The concept of skill development refers to the idea of developing skills that help you make a value addition to your organization. Some of the critical parameters in this regard include:

1.      Skills from action learning

According to market conventions and expert predictions, the major share of your skill development endeavor must encompass on-job activities such as project development, communications with teams, workforce management, and several other functions. You should develop 70% of skills from these sources.

How apps help: This is an area where mobile apps prove to be highly beneficial. Highly interactive and scalable mobile apps offer a robust communication platform for both entrepreneurs and their employees. You will develop and fine-tune your managerial skills, thus making it big in your respective professional arena.

2.      Striking communications and interactions

Developing communication skills will be an integral part of your skill development endeavor. According to expert suggestions, 20% of your skills must include communication capabilities, leadership capacities, and mentorship qualities.

How apps help: Today every business relies on the most efficient thought leaders and policy planners. If you wish to enter into that league, there’s no other way than to develop these skills. Highly interactive enterprise applications will help develop these communication and leadership skills.

The bottom line

Skill development is not just a simple business need. Rather, it’s the cornerstone towards embarking on a successful career. And interactive and scalable mobile applications will make the process highly entertaining, comfortable, and convenient for you.

Ready to start building your next technology project?