Scaled Agile For Enterprise(SAFe): Know How It Can Benefit Your Business

The scaled agile framework also referred to as SAFe, is a set of methodology and organizational patterns that allows organizations to implement agile practices on an enterprise scale. The complete formation consists of structured guidance on individual responsibilities and roles, like how to plan, manage and synchronize work, and promote alignment, collaboration, and delivery across multiple agile teams. 

Scaled Agile Framework is an Agile methodology that allows companies to implement Agile practices at an enterprise level. SAFe is similar to other scaling agile frameworks, but what makes it stand apart is that it constitutes Lean thinking in its Agile practice. The addition of Lean thinking in the agile practice makes sure that the software development process is going ahead with agility in minimum time. 

Why should your business decide to scale Agile?

Enterprises looking forward to a better way to manage the complex, ever-evolving challenges they face, look for ways to scale Agile. It will help them to track and measure the various processes and initiatives that run the business and gain insights from it. 

Going Agile will help businesses deliver projects faster & better, beat the competition, and seize opportunities. The scaled agile framework method is not just for the IT team but for other departments as well. 

Few other reasons why organizations decide to scale Agile are:

  • To synchronize the team towards a common goal.
  • Manage incoming projects better to manage work. 
  • To set well-defined team roles. 
  • Better communication within the team 
Top 5 ways through which SAFe will benefit your business –


1. Improving quality

Scaled Agile Framework has built-in quality practices that ensure that quality is maintained and followed across all levels and teams. Maintaining quality in all work practices and deliverables is crucial for organizations and it will eventually reduce reworks.

2. Increased level of Productivity

Scaled Agile Framework ensures that all the teams are well-aligned and works with collaboration until project completion. A clear understanding between stakeholders, team, and even customers increases the quality of work delivered and thereby overall productivity.

3. Shorter time-to-market

With scaled agile frameworks, organizations are able to deliver value to the market quickly. Delivering value in less time will ultimately lead to improvements in customer satisfaction and team engagement.

4. A specific set of practices

Scaled Agile Framework offers a specific set of practices, mainly agile and lean practices that are utilized by teams to develop software. This aligns the teams towards a common mission and results in producing high-quality software.

5. Offers complete transparency

Scaled Agile Framework offers complete transparency in the software development process from the beginning to the end. This level of clarity generates confidence for both the internal team members and the clients. 


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Applying Scaled Agile Framework helps organizations deliver value and even increase customer satisfaction levels. It also creates a more productive environment for the team.  

Organizations look forward to scaled Agile to increase visibility across the enterprise. When a greater level of transparency and clarity is there, it helps everyone in the organization to identify opportunities to accelerate delivery. It also increases product quality, and space for continuous improvement, creating overall a more sustainable system. Various top brands like FitBit, Accenture, Sony, Cisco, etc has made SAFe a part of their journey.


Wrapping Up

Summarizing all the aspects that we have discussed so far, adopting the scaled agile framework for your organization will be fruitful in many ways. Be it higher productivity, increased quality, better team collaboration, and shorter time to market, SAFe is making the software development process easier and faster. 

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Watch the video – “Ideas to Inception – Lean Startup Philosophy”

Watch the video of the session “Ideas to Inception – Lean Startup Philosophy” held at Nasscom Product Conclave 2014 at Kolkata, India. Vishwas Mudagal, CEO of GoodWorkLabs, shares insight into the practical implementation of the lean startup philosophy, tips on how to build customer focused B2B products/ applications, how pivots can help rejuvenate revenue models, importance of UX (user experience) in mobile apps and products, and so on.


GoodWorkLabs Working Model

GoodWorkLabs has a unique way to help companies build new products and enter the market. We only take few select customers at one point in time and fairly dedicate our entire time on building one product.

There are two aspects to build the product –

#1. Product Consulting

#2. Product Delivery


#1. Product Consulting involves the product requirements refining, defining the product priorities, identifying right technology, building a good UX model, speaking to clients to get feedback and finding right talent to work on the particular deliverables. Here we take over the role of a Product Owner and define user stories for every sprint, and make sure they are done according to the set standards.

One of the primary objective of the Product Owner is to save cost and quickly get the product built. For example, is it possible to use Sencha or PhoneGap framework and bring out iPhone and Android version at once? This will cut our development cost significantly. But what will be the long term impact? What is the trade off? Such inputs are never given by typical services companies, because they want to increase the billing.

The consulting aspect is absolutely required for the success of the product and it will ensure you save time/cost in product delivery.


#2. Product Delivery – Here we will work with the tech architects to come up with effort estimates and timelines. Also the budget for the team monthly against the deliverables. We want to help you with quick iterations (with sprints) and working models for you to showcase it to your customers to win business. We have an excellent team of software developers, UX/UI designers, architects and business analysts who are the best at what they do. We ensure your product will be top-notch and your customers will love it.

The third step would be to build a team and move out, whenever you want us to. This is something we have successfully done for number of companies, so we can do it for you. This is significant different from other services companies who work on piece meal projects and get out after delivering without understanding the customer go-to market and long term requirements.

GoodWorkLabs’s objective is to hand hold product development from scratch to go-to-market and beyond.

Take a look at our technology services – we work on mobile apps, software products, enterprise solutions, CMS/web projects and anything that need cool and solid tech.

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The Advantages of Agile Software Development

Agile software development is a software development method based on iterative and incremental development, where requirements and solutions evolve through collaboration between self-organizing, cross-functional teams.

There are many agile frameworks and they all follow the following statements of value:

  • We value individuals and interactions over processes and tools.
  • We value working software [or any product] over comprehensive documentation.
  • We value customer collaboration over contract negotiation.
  • We value responding to change over following a plan.

At GoodWorkLabs, we always follow Agile Methodologies of SCRUM and Extreme Programing for all our projects. It gives our customers a number of benefits that include quick time-to-market window, saving costs building only essential features to go to market, control of the roadmap and ability to change the direction of the project every sprint, measure quality at the end of every sprint, better risk management because you see a potential deployable product every sprint and so on.

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