Top 5 Things You Should Look For In a Games Development Company 

Do you have a game idea going on in your mind? If yes, you must be keen to turn your idea into a real game that is played across devices. With technology on the rise, the gaming industry is expected to reach USD 295.63 billion by 2026 as per reports. Now is the time to enter this market and let your idea rule! But the question arises here, how to choose the right company to develop your game? Well, while on a search you will come across the various options of games development in companies. But the key element here is to choose the right company that will work on your dream project. 

So, how will you choose the ‘one’? 

Here are the Top 5 factors that you should look For In a Games Development Company, before outsourcing your project – 

Company’s Portfolio 

Getting a synopsis of the company’s profile is crucial. You must go through their past projects, client reviews and of course social media channels to get a better understanding of the types of projects they develop. For how long they are in this industry is also a vital aspect. These are the first steps before appointing any game development company. For example, you can check out the radiant portfolio of GoodWorkLabs here. GoodWorkLabs has worked with premium clients across the industry and developed amazing applications and games that are played by millions.

Range of Game Development Services 

There are diverse games development services in companies such as Android game development, iPhone/iPad game development, HTML5 game development etc. So, you need to check whether their service fulfils your requirement or not. It’s even better if the company specializes in what you need! 

Working Process 

Choosing a company that discusses every single detailing with you will help you in the long run i.e following the agile method. Giving an overview of every step of development, keeping you updated while working and adhering to deadlines are the signs of a successful games development company. Before assigning your project, discuss all the points with the team and then go ahead. 

Technical Expertise of the Company 

While discussing your project with the potential games development company you should consider the technical expertise of the team that will work on your project. Gauge and understand whether they have hands-on experience in different frameworks, stacks, game engines etc. You should have one-on-one session with the team that will work on your project to get better understanding of their expertise, working methodology etc.

Games Development Cost 

Along with other elements, the cost of your complete project is an important factor before choosing the games development company. Well, no way the quality should be compromised in lieu of low cost. But the charges should be in accordance with the services offered. You must be having a budget in mind for your application development and that should match with the company you are thinking to liaison.

Choose GoodWorkLabs – games development company in bangalore

Considering the above mentioned factors will help you to find an ideal game development company. A good company can turn your ideas into reality, played by millions of users. So rather than going with just name, study the company profile understand their working methods and then finalise. You can checkout the portfolio of GoodWorkLabs and talk to our expert team to discuss about your idea. For more details. reach us out here!

What Makes A Mobile Game More Engaging?

With the change in the gamers’ demographics, mobile games have gained massive popularity. Gone are the days where games were restricted to young males who had little else to do in life. That is exactly why launching an engaging mobile game app can make you huge bucks. But, there is a twist. You must be able to retain user attention and make sure that they pay for your offerings. In order to attain that, you need to brainstorm strategies and choose the best ones during game development. 

Tips to make mobiles games more engaging

Making a good game is simply not enough. You need to make it more exciting in order to retain user attention. Here are some pointers that you can keep in mind to make mobile games more engaging. 

  • Create a unique story

It is without a doubt that a good story serves as a great motivator. Users want to know what is going to happen next. This will encourage them to continue playing the game. As a result, you will garner more usage, leading to an increase in revenue eventually. 

  • Add more levels

One of the most innovative strategies to keep the players interested is to add more levels. You must challenge the gamers while arranging the level in the order of difficulty. Start with easy ones and then add a little bit of difficulty with each stage. It will keep the users hooked. 

  • Easy to learn

For your mobile game to be successful, you need to integrate an excellent learning curve. That means that the first few levels need to be tutorial-types. After that, you must increase the level of difficulty. It is foolish to think that your audience can master the most difficult levels at once.

  • Encourage exploration

Plant surprises within the game and encourage users to click in random places. Make sure to place some rewards and bonuses in strategic positions. This will motivate the gamers to explore the game and pique their curiosity in playing the game.

  • Offer incentives

You can make the mobile game even more exciting by adding some incentives within the game. For instance, you are developing a racing game. Apart from dodging blockades, you can intrigue the users by placing some coins on the road. You can then let the users pay the coin for more lives. 

  • Integrate customization

Customization in the game can make it even more appealing to gamers. For instance, you can allow them to dress up their characters in various clothing styles. In the case of cars, you can offer different models with variations in colors.  It is the best way to grab user attention and retain it.

  • Play with friends

Make sure that your game has the option to include other people while one person is playing the game. It will encourage users to invite their friends to play the game. Moreover, it is one of the most efficient means for growing traffic organically. 


These are the tips that you can follow to develop intriguing mobile games. It is vital to understand the needs of your target audience and keep that in consideration while developing the game. Apart from making the game interesting, you must also focus on the graphics quality, placement of ads, and addition of music. But, to gain success, you need to choose the best game development company. Checkout GoodWorkLabs, based out of Bangalore, India. Their amazing team develops awesome games, for more details contact the team here. 

Components of Products In Game Development Companies In Bangalore

Mobile and computer games are reigning in the business with a type of game for every age group. There are mind games for the juniors, car and bike racing games for the youngsters and some intellectual and strategic games for the adults. The game development companies in Bangalore use the best artists and developers to produce games for the masses. But what we see and play is not a cakewalk! There are several important components that different artists work on and develop over time to present such masterpieces. If you want to be in the game development business and work for any of the game development companies in Bangalore, you should follow your instincts. Have a look at all the vital components used by these companies to crack your way through it! 

5 Vital Components of Game Development 

Game development companies in Bangalore use five vital components to develop different types of games for a diverse group of people. You must learn everything these components to make your mark. 

The storyline of The Game 

Every game has a story, whether it be racing, planting, memory games or fighting games. The plot of the game is what interests the players to connect with it. You can follow the principles of that goes behind games development to understand what they prefer the most in this aspect. 

Audio Files & Background Music 

Audio files and the background music of the games are what make them captivating. Some developers tend to use mild music, while some prefer funny and impactful sounds. If you can produce new music, you can consult the best game development companies in Bangalore to get the best game.

Characters Used In The Game 

The characters of the game create the essence of it and also the title, sometimes! If you know character sketching and painting, you can try contributing to this industry. Make the most of your talent by letting yourself in this world! 

Graphic Designs & Art 

Graphic designs, background building, sculptures, minor detailings, etc., are the elements of art in the games. GoodWorkLabs, one of the top game development company in Bangalore hires the best talent to do this job! 

Lighting Effects 

Lighting is the final touch that makes everything pleasant to the eyes. It can take some time to master this art form but the benefit will go a long way.


Get The Best Firm To Work On Your Project

GoodWorkLabs, the renowed game development companies in Bangalore have made some great contributions to the entertainment industry. GoodWorkLabs is a full-service game development company that will cater to all your core game components, be it iOS, Android, Windows, Mac or Web. We enjoy aiding our clients to turn their creative ideas into games and remove all hurdles that they may encounter in the development process, publishing in leading App Stores and go-to-market. Producers looking for some impactful contents can positively rely upon GoodWorkLabs to deliver the best game that is played by millions. 

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Virtual Reality Games – Are They Here To Stay?

Ever since its inception, Virtual Reality (VR) has been successful in revolutionizing experiences. By ensuring incredible and larger-than-life human experience, VR helps you take a step ahead in the virtual world. Most importantly, Virtual Reality is stirring up revolutions in the gaming world. With Facebook investing in Oculus Rift in the year 2015, VR gaming has reached new heights.

Avid gamers are no longer left in the worlds of 2D gaming, and new possibilities have already arrived. However, after the initial years of success, Virtual Reality or VR seems to be going through a rough patch. Is it so or there’s more to the story? Let’s find out.

Virtual Reality Games

Uncovering the truth

According to market statistics, nearly 75% of professional game developers consider VR and AR to be long-term investments. On the other end, very few of them believe that Virtual and Augmented Reality will fizzle out in due course and fail to surpass the unprecedented popularity of modern gaming consoles.

Some of the latest developments will offer crystal clear insights into the matter. According to assessments made by ‘Game Developers Conference, 16% of new developers are working on new VR platforms.

While on the other end, nearly 15% of next-generation game developers promise to include VR support in their game development projects.

Taking a look at other aspects

Changing consumer preferences have a great impact on innovations. The need for advanced functionality along with never-ending demands for innovative operations leads to new discoveries. Take a look at your mobile devices and Smartphones. There was a time when advanced computing and tech operations were only possible on your PCs. Today, the Smartphone has almost replaced desktops in several arenas.

Irrespective of their needs, Smartphone users can enjoy uninhibited and unrestricted access to the entire world. Social networks such as Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram have added to its functionality and users can enjoy connecting with numerous people across the globe.

So, is VR going to face similar turn of events? Or future has something else in store? Going by the market trends, it’s impossible to ignore the importance and significance of Virtual Reality. Quite naturally, its future seems to be bright enough.

What’s in store?

As one of the latest, high-performance, and unique devices for human interactions, Smartphones have earned unsurpassed popularity in the market. Try to integrate the smart revolutions with ever-increasing demands of the entertainment industry. That will lead to exceptional opportunities in the global arena. VR games will get a new life with innumerable users welcoming this technology with open arms.

Adoption rates

VR has the potential and the power to lead the tech arena, only if it’s adopted by various users. Only when consumers embrace this new technology, will they get an idea of their significance and VR game developers come to know about the user adoption rates. High adoption rates will in turn, create amazing opportunities for game developers and business owners to develop solutions focusing on this technology.


Ready to start building your next technology project?