5 Ways how AMP Pages can boot your SEO

Benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP)

Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) is an open-source framework that allows developers to create mobile pages that load content at lightening speed. It consists of a watered-down version of HTML code known as AMP HTML which helps to load the pages faster including heavy content files such as PDFs, infographics, video files etc.

SEO is a major driving factor for organic website traffic. In this competitive pool of keywords, it is not always possible to rank high or in the top 10 results. As a saving grace, AMP helps you bridge this gap by boosting your site speed and mobile user experience.

Benefits of AMP pages for SEO

In this article, we are going to discuss about the 5 ways how AMP can help you boost your search engine rankings.

1) Quick website loading time:

The most obvious benefit of AMP as discussed above is the quick rendering of websites for mobile users. Today, majority users access a company’s website through their mobile devices. Hence it is very important to keep the website abandonment rates of mobile users under check. Users hate websites that take too long to load. With AMP, unnecessary elements are skipped and the main content is loaded instantly within 1.5 seconds.

2) Improved search and mobile rankings:

Since AMP addresses two major features of SEO ranking such as 1) Page time load and 2) Mobile friendliness, it can be taken for granted that your pages will see a boost in website traffic and search engine rankings. Content still plays a major role to determine the level of engagement and popularity of your article, but websites with AMP will be more responsive and hence are ranked higher.

3) Better server performance

There can be sometimes when your website faces a down-time issue because of excessive load on your server. This can cost you a huge dip in website visitors and page sessions. AMP helps to reduce this stress on the server as it loads the pages quickly.

4) Improved User Experience

AMP supports responsive designs. One of the main factors to improve engagement on mobile devices is user experience. AMP helps to clearly lay out the content in readable formats thus improving user experience and engagements. This means your website will face lower bounce rates which is a great win from an SEO perspective and Google will automatically rank your website better as users increased time on it.

5) Increased user reach and content distribution

In today’s fast-paced environment, there is immense pressure and competition to appear on the top. With Accelerated Mobile Pages, websites can distribute their content to a larger audience as Google displays AMP powered pages as caraousel formats and are also more visually appealing. This automatically improves the user traction on these pages.

Thus, the benefits of Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) are many with proven benefits seen in SEO. Google has happily embraced this technology and is rewarding websites that are soon following suite. If you have a requirement to develop AMP pages for your website, then just drop us a quick message with your requirements.


Are Accelerated Mobile Pages Set To Change Content Creation And Publishing?

In a world where speed happens to be a highly crucial requisite in every individual’s life, Accelerated Mobile Pages or AMP emerges as the right option for content creators and publishers. Since its launch and arrival in the market, Google’s AMP has been creating quite some buzz in the content creation and web development arena. Numerous developers are relying on AMP while creating attractive and responsive sites.

On that note, it becomes highly imperative to understand how AMP works and helps in content creation and publishing.

accelerated mobile pages

The importance of speed

When it comes to site-loading, speed emerges as the prime necessity. Take a look at market stats, and you will get to know the crucial trends in this regard. If the statistical reports are anything to believe, web pages that take minimal time to load enjoy higher conversion rates. According to a reliable study, web pages offering an average load-time of 3.3 seconds experienced a 1.5% drop in conversion rates.

On the other end, sites taking just one second less to load experience a whopping 27% increase in conversions. Quite naturally, statistical insights speak a lot about the importance of speedy websites.

Most importantly, page loading time is also crucial for SEO. With speedy websites, you can take your search engine optimization goals forward. It’s here that Google’s AMP plays a highly crucial role. Let’s check out what it does to revolutionize content publishing and creation.

Checking out the features

So, what it is that makes Accelerated Mobile Pages the best option for responsive web development? The features will surely have an answer.

  • HTML subsets: With HTML subsets and new tags, AMPs accelerates the process of responsive web development.
  • Single JavaScript dominance: A single JavaScript rules the entire set of HTML codes and only a few of them are allowed for further extensions. Google’s CDN delivers all of them.
  • Embedding videos: Embedding videos and images become easy with Accelerated Mobile Pages. Content developers will have the opportunity to create visually attractive contents.

In a nutshell, AMP or Accelerated Mobile Pages comprises of various technologies. When rolled together, these technologies transform content publishing and creation to a great extend. It’s here that we come down to discussing the special highlights of AMP. Effective search engine optimization happens to be an integral part of Accelerated Mobile Pages. Let’s check out how AMP boosts SEO.


Page speed and loading time have always been crucial aspects of search engine optimization. Websites with faster loading surely achieve higher search rankings compared to other sites. Although Google hasn’t made any official announcement about preferring AMP sites over the non-AMP ones, things are quite clear.

According to the most popular search engine and biggest global network, site speed will continue to be important for search engine optimization. Since AMP increases page speed, content developers and publishers can choose to work with it.

Parting thoughts      

Although we can’t say that AMP is here to revolutionize content publishing and creation, it’s here for some purpose. Embracing this new change won’t be a bad idea after all.


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