Healthcare App Development Services

Healthcare App Development Services

Mobility and Software Solutions for the Healthcare Industry

The demand for fast, accessible, and universally available healthcare is a persistent need for people around the world. And wherever there is a need for effective communication between people in different areas, there exists the potential for technology to efficiently connect them all and simplify the process. Goodworklabs is the best healthcare app development company, develops mobility solutions and apps for the healthcare industry which are highly adaptable and can easily curate to a wide variety of processes.

Even the simplest action towards mobility for the healthcare industries can see a phenomenal jump in the way doctors, patients, and different medical diagnostic services providers interact.  Mobility helps patients avail medical help much quicker than earlier, helps doctors offer better medical assistance, and even lets diagnosticians reduce the time of delivery.

Systematically addressing the efficiency needs of the healthcare industry with the right technology solutions can result in not only faster services provided to patients but also greater financial benefits. The Healthcare Information and Management Systems Society (HIMSS), in their 2015 Mobile Technology Survey found that hospitals and healthcare services providers who have successfully implemented mobility solutions have on average seen a 54% increase in cost savings.

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How Mobility can simplify the Healthcare Industry:


  • Mobile Consulting and Emergency Assistance
  • Increased Patient Engagement
  • Secure and Faster Communication
  • Improved Care Coordination
  • Asset Management and EHR Services

At GoodWorkLabs we believe that Healthcare is an industry that requires an unwavering line of communication between service providers and patients. GoodWorkLabs is one of the best healthcare app development company to meet its needs effortlessly. From safeguarding and making critical patient information available on time to providing immediate healthcare services, mobility solutions from GoodWorkLabs help radically transform the way healthcare professionals offer services.

Though there is a great scope of growth for mobility in the Healthcare industry, the task does come with its own scope of challenges. Here are some of the main factors that need to be addressed before deciding upon a mobility solution for your business:


GoodWorkLabs Solutions for Healthcare Industry:


  • Mobility Solutions with foresight:

Most healthcare mobility solutions help doctors and hospitals solve immediate solutions, this results in technology overhauls every time there’s a need for expansion of the scope of the product. The market severely lacks in its ability to address the changing needs of the Healthcare industry. At GoodWorkLabs we believe we have the mobility solution. As Healthcare Mobility Strategists we are in the perfect position to help deliver curated web and mobile healthcare solutions that are highly adaptive, scalable, and can easily curate to a wide variety of processes.

  • Ease of access and use:

Though app stores are overflowing with medical apps, the number of applications that users find immersive are far too few in between. There is a pressing need to develop easy to use and accessible mobility solutions.

  • Data Security:

According to a HIMSS survey close to 80% of all doctors rely on mobile devices to go through their day to day tasks. But not all of them are connected on to secure platforms or have an established means of data transfer. GoodWorkLabs is the developer of web and mobile solutions that are built to last the test of time. We work on delivering mobility solutions that are highly data encrypted and place the utmost importance on securing patient information.

  • Patient Engagement:

From emergency response services to receiving diagnostic reports on time, the healthcare field greatly lacks in an organized and speedy system that can unify all the data points. We are firm believers that mobility technology can rightfully address the issue. GoodWorkLabs are the developers of cutting edge web and mobile solutions, including a mobility platform particularly targeted towards the healthcare industry. Our comprehensive solutions for increasing engagement within the healthcare industry makes us the best agency to help address your technology needs.

Services provided by GoodWorkLabs to the Healthcare Industry:


  • Mobile and Web Apps:

We are the developers of some of the most user immersive web and mobile applications in the market. GoodWorkLabs has helped companies around the world deliver high-quality web and mobile applications that are rapidly deployable and help clients connect to audiences effortlessly. We are developers of cutting edge web and mobile applications for all major platforms like iOS and Android.

  • Healthcare Mobility Platform:

GoodWorkLabs is at the helm of creating seamless mobility solutions for the healthcare sector. Our state-of-the-art mobility platform is built to outlast the scope of business needs, helping healthcare providers bridge the gaps between medical service providers and patients. From instantaneous Pre-Care Mobility Solutions to providing extensive Point-of-Care and Post-Care Mobility Solutions. GoodWorkLabs is the best Healthcare Mobility Solutions provider in the market.

We are an award-winning UX agency focused on developing products and delivering pioneering mobility solutions that are based on the foundation of design thinking and application. At GoodWorkLabs, we believe that end-users need solutions that can be accessed without untoward complications in speed or usability. As Healthcare Mobility Strategists, we are constantly perfecting web and mobile solutions that can help healthcare service providers effortlessly improve patient engagement.

  • Healthcare IoT:

There are myriad possibilities when it comes to implementing IoT in the Healthcare sector. At GoodWorkLabs, we empower healthcare companies and patients with easily accessible mobility solutions that will help deliver speedy medical assistance, create handy ways to secure medical information, and even help doctors access relevant research material.


Case Study: GoodWorkLabs built technology solutions for Carer Program.

GoodWorkLabs designed and developed a healthcare web application for a healthcare company called Carer Program – a Cancer Recovery and Rehabilitation program. The design team took note of minute details such as color codes, fonts, background textures, etc, in order to create a design that strikes an instant connection with the user. The design had to be soothing and easily navigatable. With the help of lean UX methodologies, we built a web application with excellent user interactions for Carer Program

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We help Healthcare Companies develop essential Apps, Web, and Software Solutions!

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