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OGoodWorkLabs provides reliable temporary staffing services that allow to spur your staff requirement without keeping them on a full-time payroll. We help you unburden overloaded employees during crunch situations, and keep the business flowing. We are one of the most trusted temporary staffing solution providers in India.
We are cost-effective and highly efficient temporary staffing service providers to organisations that may not have the necessary infrastructure and resources to perform such tasks. We have an efficient and time-tested recruitment model and workflow which allows us to recruit the perfect candidates for your company. We have professional outreach all over the country which enables us access to a huge database of potential candidates. Our experience allows us to screen the deserving profiles and further choose the best among them.
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Unburden the Admin

There are various laws that Indian companies have to follow – minimum wages, gratuity, ESIC, and PF .just to name a few. We lessen the burden of all administrative operations by acting as the epicentre for all temporary staffing requirements including their law compliance.
Team Extensibility

Hiring Process

We follow a very rigorous and intensive screening process before hiring any candidate. Firstly, we check if the skills sets are a perfect match for the requirement. Then the candidate goes through multiple interview rounds such as an assignment, problem-solving abilities, domain knowledge, programming skill sets and finally an HR round. After all these rounds of filtration, you can rest assured that the best candidate will be handed over to you.
Staff Augmentation

A large pool of resources

Our HR team works day-in and day-out to find talented and hardworking candidates in the market. We have a large pool of resources whom we can deploy at your project or can even build a team of resources if required.
Revenue-Enhancing Models

Effective Leasing

Our temporary staffing service functions by transferring employees from a company onto the payroll of our employee leasing services, and then releasing them back to the company on a temporary basis. This facilitates us to become the legal employer, thus it us who handle all the legal and financial aspects for your employee indirectly.
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Bench Strength

We have a huge bench strength at GoodWorkLabs, which means that we can have resources sent across to you on an immediate basis and that too cater to different technology requirements simultaneously.

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