Economic Times features GoodWorkLabs on Making Great Apps

The Economic Times featured an article today on the 10 Steps to make Great Apps. Fueled by GoodWorkLabs thought leadership the article goes on to talk about the crucial steps one needs to take to ensure the success of their Mobile or Web Application.

Mobile and Web Apps have taken over the tech space and now contribute to a large chunk of the information exchange online. At GoodWorkLabs we help companies evolve by developing insightful and prognostic mobility strategies. We are the architects of some of the most user experience driven apps and mobility solutions in the market.

Read the article here to know more about the ten steps we follow and ascribe to while developing the perfect app strategy!


Top 5 mobile app development trends of 2015

The mobile industry doesn’t just continue to thrive but has been evolving with each passing year. 2014 saw the world inclining more towards tablets and wearable technology. Internet of Things (IoT) is a practical concept in our everyday lives. Over the past few years, mobile applications have laid an increased focus on analytics and marketing. Now that we are in the middle of 2015, here’s a list of trends that mobile app developers have recently adopted.

8-Top 5 mobile app development trends of 2015

1.       Platform wars

Basically, the tussle is shared between two key players – Apple and Google. While Apple’s iOS provides high end functionalities, Android dominates the rest of the market. Another growing player is Windows with a 15% share and rising. Now, every platform brings its set of advantages and disadvantages. This also splits up the mobile app development stats. Since Android has a greater market share, 40% of developers are targeting the Play Store while only 37% incline towards iOS. The majority of app developers are focused upon Android development because that’s where the traffic is. iOS devices are unaffordable for many and don’t provide the right mix of audience. Some developers on the other hand choose to be comfortable by developing app versions for both platforms.

2.       Data quality becoming a priority

Today, consumers have more alternatives than they ever had. If one app isn’t working, they will immediately turn to another. This ensures that app developers and app development companies focus on the quality of apps they provide. Now, quality in the modern era is driven by data. Developers are using intensive analytics to bring out apps that are intelligent, unique and convenient. There is no room for error.

3.       Cloud technology

The future of technology will take a drastic turn as we move into the realm of cloud. In the near future, we won’t be needing storage spaces on our computers but will be able to put on everything on a highly encrypted cloud platform that could be accessed through voice recognition and similar logins. This would also be true to the mobile app development technology. Applications of today are more focused on integration and syncing, allowing the end user to access the functionalities from anywhere, anytime and from any device.

4.       Focus on app security

Mobile app developers in 2015 are paying more attention to application security than before. As technology will be more dependent on cloud and mobiles become a central part of our living, it would be necessary to safeguard every bit of information we pass on through our devices. Even in 2014, there have been several reports of hacks and information leaks through apps. Gartner predicts that 75% apps developed in 2015 will fall short of adequate security measures. However, developers are getting more conscious and we can expect some intelligent security features in future applications.

5.       Wearable technology / Internet of Things (IoT)

It’s just the beginning of IoT. In the near future, we will see more of wearable replacing our smart devices. Internet of Things too will rapidly replace our existing system of activities to make life more convenient, efficient and profitable. Mobile application developers will thus focus more on wearable platforms in this latter half of 2015.

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