Times Jobs Interviews Founders of GoodWorkLabs on Startup Ecosystems

In an interview with Times Jobs, CEO Vishwas Mudagal and MD of GoodWorkLabs Sonia Sharma got talking about the positive impact of venturing out into the Startup world. Vishwas and Sonia, as some of the most eminent contributors to the Startup Ecosystem in India and USA, believe that entrepreneurs should definitely take calculated risks and venture into alternative industries and fields. Read more about their views on being an Entrepreneur in today’s market here.


CNN IBN Story: Be a doer not a talker! 5 tips to emerge a winner in 2016

Vishwas Mudagal, CEO and Co-founder of GoodWorkLabs, wrote an article on CNN IBNLive.com about what it takes to emerge a winner in 2016! Here are excerpts of the article.

If you ask me what is the secret ingredient to achieving anything of importance in life, my answer would be action. It’s above everything else because you can talk about ways to deal with things, come up with plans, feel bad or good, complain or laugh, dance or limp your way around things but if you don’t act nothing can ever happen. Without exception everybody fails in their lives, but the ones who act are the ones who change the world.

There are broadly two kinds of people in this world—the talkers and the doers. The talkers talk all the way but get nothing done. They always want to do things but never do. They either live in the past or in the future, but never in the present. They have one reason or the other to not do something or postpone things. Action seems to be missing in their lives.


The doers, on the other hand, are the ones who get things done. They don’t like to talk too much but would like their action to speak for them. They go about their life doing one task at a time, and they do it better than anyone else. They don’t care what others are doing or saying. And in the process, they help others around them and become a team player and a go-to person of the group. These are the kind of people you would like to associate yourself with wherever you go, and you must consider yourself lucky to be in the company of doers, because these are the people who run your team, your family, your company and even the world. Talking doesn’t run this world, doing does.

Ofcourse, we have a category who does both, talking and doing. In fact, it’s also important to have effective communication to succeed in a task but the point we are driving home here is action. Whether you can talk or not, doesn’t matter. What matters is, whether you can act or not. The ability or the inability to act, differentiates these two categories.

Here comes the good news! While it’s true that a doer can degrade to become a talker (if he/she loses motivation), a talker can also become a doer if he/she truly desires. How then can one emerge as a winner by becoming a doer rather than ending up a talker? Can 2016 be different for you? Yes, it can. Let’s try to follow few simple and basic steps…

Read the rest of the story here on CNN IBNLive.com


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