What Led to the Downfall of the Windows Mobile?

The Mobile That Went Out Of The Window


Microsoft, one of the most iconic names in software, suffered a setback as a mobile phone and Windows OS manufacturer even after unveiling a slew of mobile phones. Was it because of its juggling merger with Nokia? Or because of its fussy updates? Or did it execute a wrong decision to appoint Steve Ballmer as Microsoft’s Chief Executive?  Well, in this blog post we examine the reasons why Microsoft struggled to build a sustainable place in the market in Windows mobile and phones.

What led to downfall of Windows Mobile

  • Not responding means no response

Contrary to its personality, Ballmer proved himself to be a laggard. He didn’t respond well enough to the market changes.  While Apple and Google were taking up the lion’s pie by updating and bringing new mobile applications and devices in the market, Microsoft remained surprisingly slow.

  • Sometimes things don’t go right

Though a lot of hopes were pinned on Microsoft and Nokia’s merger, the deal proved to be a nightmare.  Instead of becoming a financial milestone, it axed down its profitability substantially.

  • Google’s salvo

Google had a strong head start in this space and soon it captured the heart of millions with its “over to you” strategy. This strategy not only lowered the cost of operations, but also helped the users to make applications as per their own convenience.

  • Missed the Windows Mobile ‘update’ and ‘release’ bus

“Run, run, the lion comes in the village” and when it actually comes, no one believes you. Yes! The same happened with Microsoft. It announced its launch date and kept missing it and finally when the D-day arrived it totally missed the mark in getting significant worldwide coverage.

  • Apple created a halo effect that was difficult to break

Microsoft and its associates over the years have delivered a range of nice looking products, but still, no one of them has been able to get it right the way Apple has. Apple, coupled with its IOS platform, has created a strong fan base in the market, but even after consistent efforts, Microsoft has not been able to build the same momentum. It has definitely failed to move the needle.

what led to downfall of Windows Mobile

  • Windows failed to build on apps

It is said a well-constructed mobile app helps the customer to interact with the mobile devices effectively- it helps you to pin point the user requirements and demands and better serve them. Windows, failed on this front too. The company took much time to release its apps, thus leaving the ball in the court for Google and iPhone.

Does that mean Microsoft can’t succeed?

Well, all these factors created a bruise on Microsoft’s reputation as a mobile phone maker, but it doesn’t mean the story has ended. Microsoft’s new CEO Satya Nadella is still adamant to accept the failure. He hints that with his statement, “So when you say ‘when will we make more phones’ I’m sure we’ll make more phones. But they may not look like phones that are there today.”  These statements definitely make us believe that Microsoft has some ace up its sleeve, but whether that translates to a successful product – only time will tell.

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